Can I use a Graco Ultra or UltraMax handheld gun with a spray lance? SPOILER: Only ONE works!

Short question, short answer Can you use the Graco Ultra & UltraMaX handheld sprayers with a lance? Sure! Here in the front we have a 7/8″ thread, the usual thread for Graco spray guns You can easily remove the tip guard Just like with every other gun And then you take a Graco spray lance, 25 cm, 40 cm You can use other lances too, we have here for example a FARBMAX spray lance, 25 cm The gasket is already inside, generally with other lances too, pay always attention that the gasket is in place Then you just screw on the lance with the gasket Just in case, you can screw it tight with a wrench too Then you just take the tip guard with the tip and screw it on the top of the lance And then you just work with the paint sprayer just as usual With the spray tip in the right position So that you can work with the extension on ceilings With the new Graco handheld sprayers

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