Can you make Thermite with an Etch a Sketch?

Hey what’s up guys? So there’s some crazy rumors floating around the internet about different amazing things you can do with Etch-a-Sketches and I wanted to know if that’s true or not. So I got Lincoln and Dan here with me from “What’s inside” and we’re going to bust these things open and we’re going to bust these things open and extract the contents and see what we can do with them because you asked for it and see what we can do with them because you asked for it I’m Lincoln and this is Dan from the channel called “What’s inside”. You may have seen our channel. We cut stuff open to see what’s inside of things And we decided that we wanted to cut open an Etch-a-Sketch because people asked us for it. We actually cut open one of these already and we found a fine silver material inside here so we’re gonna go experiment with this and find out what we can make it do and not do. And you guys; I’m going to be free-reigning my workshop here to cut these things open and show your viewers exactly what it looks like. Now this metallic powder looks really interesting, and it’s hard to tell exactly what it is. I looked it up on the internet, and the common belief is that it’s Aluminum powder Now I mixed these powders together in a ratio of 1:3, which should be an ideal ratio for this kind of composition. But, it’s not gonna be able to light off with a match, or a barbeque igniter. We’re gonna have to use something quite a bit hotter like a regular garden sparkler. Now theoretically, if we touch the lit sparkler right in to the centre of this pile It should, like, ignite and turn into a big ball of flames and fire and all kinds of awesomeness. So let’s see if that really happens or not. Now I can not get this to light up, even with a sparkler but, what’s really interesting is if you look closely down at the pile you can actually see white bubbles and balls starting to pop up out of the metal and, from the smell in the air and how badly this smells I’m pretty sure that those are little Styrofoam balls. Okay, so none of these are working I’ve tried four different ratios and four different compositions and we can’t get any of them to even make so much as a spark Now that does look pretty cool, but even with all that heat and all that fire power this thing is not even so much as making a spark. So if this isn’t going to light off of the blow torch and sparklers I’m pretty sure that there really is no way we are going to make this thing work with Etch-A-Sketch powder. But I’m not going to let you go home empty handed – I do have a backup plan and a whole bag of aluminium so let’s go upstairs to my table where I can show you the real way to make thermite. I got a bag of powdered aluminium off the internet, and I’ve got this bag of rust powder and we’re going to need to mix them together in a 1:3 ratio. So we’re going to start of with a pretty small batch. So lets do 15g of aluminium power and then another 50g of the rust powder. So our total weight should be 65g, and that should be just about perfect. Grant: Alright, here we go… [Blow torch] [Fire crackling] Lincoln: Coool! Grant: First thing I’m going to do is just pluck this off a little bit Grant: Look at that! Lincoln: Woah… Dan: There’s a hole in there… Grant: Yeah, it just totally melted that concrete, didn’t it? Grant: Yeah, There’s a couple more little bubbles. Wow… Dan: It’s just amazing to me how long it stayed hot afterward. Dan: Is it still hot? Grant: Yeah it’s still warm, you wanna feel it? Dan: [Laughs] It’s been about 15 minutes. Lincoln: Oh yeah! Dad, hold this! Dan: …Oh, man. Grant: Yeah. Dan: It’s a little toasty. Lincoln: …hold this… Dan: What does it look like inside of it? Grant: Here we go… Lincoln: What!? Grant: Look at that. Lincoln: Look at those little bubbles! Dan: They’ve got little balls. Are those hot at all? Lincoln: Look how heavy this is. Feel this. Dan: Nice little craters…like a little meteorite. Dan: It DOES look like a meteorite! Grant: Yeah. Grant: We just made a meteorite! Dan: Ooh! It’s hot! We have just created iron…from rust. Dan: Wow… Grant: Sweet. Dan: That’s actually really fascinating. Grant: ‘Kay, here we go! [Torch] [Fire crackling] Dan: Did it get you? Grant: There’s burning glass. I’m sorry I kind of screwed up your shot. Grant: Man, check this out! Grant: Feel that, on the back. Grant: This has been about–what? 10 minutes since we set that off? Dan: Whoa…Yeah. Grant: And that is still very, very warm. Grant: Like, you can’t even hold your hand on it– –without pulling it away. Grant: Look at this! The glass is melted! Look at that! Grant: That is actually– (Dan: Whoa…) Grant: That is all liquid– Lincoln: That’s marshmallow! Grant: Yeah, that’s marshmallow goop… Grant: But, look at that! That is a piece of glass, Grant: and it’s welded straight to the concrete! [Laughing] Dan: That was epic. I mean look at this one! (Grant: Oh my gosh!) Dan: Like, here’s a piece of glass and on the bottom… Grant: Yes! It’s all encrusted with iron. Grant: Wow! Check out the back! It looks kind of like a geode. Grant: …A crystal geode. Dan: It does. Grant: Look at that…right there. Dan: Make your own geodes. Alright so, guys; we tried our best. But we just just could not make thermite out of Etch-a-Sketch powder. We used quite a bit of powder, we did a lot of different experiments… And uh…maybe we just couldn’t figure it out. Maybe one of you is a little bit smarter than us. But we thought to finish off this video, we’re gonna give these Etch-a-Sketches a proper sendoff and we’re gonna put this powder to good use, even though we couldn’t get it to work. We brought some extras. This is definitely gonna be dangerous. I like to call this the Etch-a-Sketch tower of doom. Grant: Alright, I’m thinking this is all the leftover thermite I’ve got. Let’s just dump that down in there. …That’s a good pile. Lincoln: What about THAT one? Then we got this stuff that actually came from the Etch-a-Sketch. We’re gonna do an honorary thermite burning here with that one. This cannot be a safe or good idea. And then just to top it all off… I’ve got a glass full of thermite. We’re gonna set that right in the middle. Lincoln: Oh my gosh! This is gonna be crazy! And let’s see what happens! Dan: Ohh, this is so dangerous. Alright, everybody run away! [Torch] Fire in the hole! [Fire crackling] [Fire cracking and glass shattering] [Fire whooshing] [Lincoln screams] Whoa! Look at that! Here’s my carbon dioxide fire extinguisher that we made dry ice cream with. Wow! [Laughs] That’s pretty hot stuff. Hold on, hold on, hold on… (Whoa!) Oh, nevermind. Okay, well… That fire was AWESOME! It was HUUUGE! It was so mindblowing! Like, this project was so much bigger than I thought it was going to be! And I should have known that because we’ve been watching Grant Thompson’s videos for years. And if you guys haven’t subscribed to his channel, go subscribe, watch some of the videos, ’cause there are some other, crazy things on there. Nice Dan, I appreciate that. And make sure you go check out the What’s Inside channel as well! Because they filmed a whole separate video on the Etch-a-Sketch that compliments this one really well. It’s really cool! You get to see how an Etch-a-Sketch works and what’s inside it. So thanks again for coming out, you guys! Yeah, I had fun. We should do this again! This was an awesome collaboration! You guys are awesome! And looking forward to doing something again with you guys in the future. Alright, thanks for watching, you guys! We appreciate your support! And we’ll see you again in the next video. Talk to you then! Hey, what’s up guys? I made this video because YOU asked for it! And I’m taking more requests right now. So, what do you wanna see me do next? Put your wackiest ideas in the comments and let’s see what kind of fun we can have with the next video! I’ll see you there.


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