Hi guys, so as you might know by now, one
of my favorite craft supplies is colored hot glue gun sticks. I’ve used in them in a ton of projects,
and every time I do, I get comments asking if you can use crayons instead. And I never know how to reply, because to
be honest, I don’t know. So today, I’m going to give it a try and
let you guys know once and and for all – can you use crayons in a hot glue gun? So I grabbed some cardstock, obviously a hot
glue gun, and my crayons. My first instinct was to use a Crayola brand
crayon instead of the other off-brand ones that I had. Obviously you’ll want to remove the paper
from the crayon. But it turns out Crayola crayons are a little
too big to fit into the hot glue gun. So I grabbed my craft knife to shave down
the sides. Once I had it at a size that could fit into
the glue gun, I had to empty out the glue stick that was already in there, and let me
tell you, squeezing an entire glue stick through a glue gun is so satisfying. So when I tried to get the crayon loaded into
the glue gun, unfortunately it broke. But I just fed the broken end back in and
even though my crayons did keep breaking, it didn’t end up being a problem. So once the wax from the crayon got to the
tip of the glue gun, it just kind of dripped out. Turns out melted crayons are liquid, they’re
not nearly as solid as hot glue. You just get drips that kind of spread out. It is easy to make a splatter pattern, so
if that’s what you’re going for, this is a great method. Next I decided to try one of the off-brand
crayons to see if it did any differently, and luckily those are small enough to fit
into the glue gun without needing to be cut down. So I ran another glue stick through the glue
gun just to make sure it still worked, and then the off-brand crayon did exactly the
same thing as the Crayola crayon. Again, you can make a splatter pattern, but
that’s about it. It’s just so liquidy that you can’t really
do much with it on paper. So every so often, I kept running a glue stick
through, just to make sure the glue gun wasn’t getting clogged with the wax. I was willing to sacrifice my glue gun to
this experiment since they only cost like $10, but luckily it’s still working fine,
no permanent damage was caused. So, trying out one more thing, I had an idea
– what if I filled up a mold with the melted crayons? Would I be able to get fun shaped crayons? Filling up these molds is actually really
fun, because you can mix the colors as you go, and it’s just really satisfying to fill
up the entire shape. Once I had made a couple, I let them cool
off completely, and once they solidified a bit, I actually put it in the freezer to speed
this up. Then I could just peel out each of my pineapple
crayons, and I think they’re so cute. I don’t love the green one, so I’m going
to use it as my example to show you that yes, they still work as crayons, and you can draw
from the different points on the shape to get different colors. So I’d say that experiment was a success. It’s not a totally new idea, I’ve seen
people do projects like this by breaking up crayons into small pieces and putting it in
the oven, but if you don’t want to bother with an oven, putting the crayons through
your glue gun is an easy alternate and it works really well. So, ok what’s the verdict? Obviously crayons are made of wax, not glue,
so you can’t actually use them as glue sticks. And the wax doesn’t stick well to paper,
so even though you can cover large areas with color, it doesn’t really stick on there. You can make a splatter pattern, and you can
make new crayons using silicone molds. But for the projects that I’ve done where
you need the colored glue to really have shape and dimension and durability, unfortunately
crayons will not work as a substitute. So I hope you guys liked my little experiment
there. I honestly had no idea what was going to happen,
so that was really fun for me as well. So I’d love to know are there are any other
craft hacks or substitutions that you’ve heard could work, but you’re a little skeptical? Give me some suggestions down in the comments
and I might pick your idea to test out on camera and either prove or debunk once and
for all. Please remember to like this video and subscribe
for a new DIY video every single week. I’ll see you guys next time.

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