Candy Cane Stripes Christmas Monogram Cookie Stencils

Start by pressing a sheet of glad press and seal to the surface of your monogram stencil Use a cutting tool like the gyrocut to cut through the plastic in the exact shape of the monogram Gently peel off the top layer to use later Now take your masked stencil and put it into the stencil genie over the cookie Use cookie magnets to hold down the details of the stencil around the cookie edges Now load your airbrush with Red Red Amerimist and test the spray before coloring the background of each cookie Lift the genie straight off each cookie then lower onto the next Remove the mask and rinse off your stencil before putting the press and seal cutout form before Press the original cutout back in place before putting your stencil back into the stencil genie Mask off the pinecones for later Line the design back up and stencil the wreath in Leaf Green Amerimist Lif tthe stencil straight up and repeat the process on all of your cookies Remove the mask and rinse the stencil in warm water before stenciling the pinecones Use your cutting tool and a new piece of press and seal to isolate the pinecones of the design Line up the design then prepare the airbrush with Chocolate Brown Amerimist Stencil all of your pinecones before moving onto the monogrammed letters Use the Isolation Masking Tool with our Antique Christmas Monogram Alphabet Cookie Stencil Stencil the letter through the mask with Amerimist Black Food Coloring Move the Isolation Mask to the next letter and line up on your monogram cookie Now you’ve got a beautiful matching set of monogrammed cookies!

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