Caran d’ Ache Pablo Colored Pencils

Caran d’ Ache Pablo
is a soft water resistant coloured pencil made with
pure pigments for superb lightfastness
and bright clean colours. As an artist,
what impresses me about them is their
smooth-as-silk ability to sink into
ever fibre of the paper for dense, even coverage without leaving
flecks of white paper. If you look at the cherries
and strawberry in my drawing, you can see what I mean. When used in
multiple layers or heavy application, they can be quite opaque. Since these leads are
resistant to water, they work wonderfully
in conjunction with water soluble crayons
and pencils. They won’t wash away
when you add a wet brush. Pablo pencils can be thinned
with turpentine for a softer,
more painterly look, so you can get some interesting
wash-like effects. In addition to paper they
also work great on wood, or for
colourizing photographs. For more information
on Pablo, and other Caran d’ Ache
pencils and crayons, please visit
the Blick website. Captioned by GigEcast


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