Carnation Flower Real Time Beginner Watercolor Pencil Tutorial (Only 4 colors!)

Hi there! Lindsay here, the Frugal Crafter.
Today we’re gonna paint a carnation and I’m going to show you the reference
photo really quick, it’s from this wonderful book, we’re gonna do that one
right there, it’s from this book called “Artist Photo Reference Flowers” and these are out of print, but you can find use copies on Amazon and from
small booksellers, and if I can find a copy I’ll link it up for you, because I
found a treasure trove of the different artist photo reference books on Amazon
around Christmastime, and I’m so pleased that I got them and they’re really
wonderful if you can pick them up. So we’re gonna start off with basic shapes,
okay so I’m gonna do an oval. Don’t mind any cat hair, my cat likes to come up
on my table and I think take naps when I’m not around, you probably can’t see
this – all right now but when we add water you’ll be able to, so I’ve got an
oval, now I’m gonna put kind of like a rectangle underneath for the hip of the
carnation. Remember basic shapes, whenever you get frustrated, go to your basic
shapes. Then into a small rectangle here for another little carnation bud, do the
stem down, and then I love things in threes, in this picture the photo is so
beautiful I’m doing another rectangle here for the base of this other
carnation which is just gonna have some just some petals kind of coming up there.
It’s like it hasn’t fully formed yet and it’ll do a little
bud out there, so I apologize for that being really light but we are gonna
darken it, and we’re gonna go in with some green pencil but the yellow is
just lighter so I know if I make any errors I can correct it. The pencils I’m
using are by Spectrum Noir, the Spectrum aqua blend pencils, they’re
quite inexpensive as far as good quality pencils go,
water-soluble pencils, they’re more of a craft company but I have to say these
have been my go-to watercolor pencils. They’re not so expensive they’re
precious, like I always feel like my Albrecht Durer pencils are
just so precious and they stay in their precious little tin, and they rarely get
used, because heaven forbid I drop one, I might cry. So they stay in their protective little tin, which I’m not very happy about.
That’s definitely a failing of mine, but these are inexpensive enough that
I’m not afraid to use them I guess I should say. So I’m just doing
some detail on the little hips and giving a little shape so
we’re gonna give this flower little curve there, a little curve where it’s
starting to come up around the petals, and we’re gonna do that over here too,
give it a little hip here of the flower, they’ve got these little kind of
thick short leaves, they’re just kind of like an artichoke has those like scales,
that’s kind of like what’s what’s going on here. But I think they’re like just
leaves that haven’t popped yet. I love carnations, they always remind me
of a middle school because like on St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s you could
always buy carnations for your friends. I think, isn’t it the friendship flower, carnations? I think they are, and I’ll do
another little bud just down here, it hasn’t opened up yet, so when I draw it
with yellow I’m very conservative, because I don’t want to to mess anything
up and then I can go in more forcefully with the green, because I’ve got a good
idea of where everything’s gonna be, so now what I want to do is grab some
brushes and when I’m working with watercolor pencils, I like to work with a
stiffer brush, so I could use my Mimic Kolinsky then which is a faux Kolinsky
but it’s a firmer than my Mimic faux squirrel so whenever I refer
to those mimic brushes, they are a faux fur, or my Aqualons which
are a traditional synthetic golden taklon, they just don’t hold that much
water, and that’s kind of what you want when you are working with your
watercolor pencils. So let me bring over my water bucket, so a technique I really
enjoy doing is I like to wet my brush and then I hope that’s not adding too
much of a shadow. I’m gonna move it back just because it was making a shadow on
my paper, and then I’ll use the lead on these pencils, now they have a nice thick
lead and I’ll use that kind of like a pan of watercolor, and so I’m gonna go in and
fill in some of these shapes that I sketched. Now where I have
the sketched grain there from the pencil that’s gonna be darker, and that’s good,
so that’s gonna just almost give me like a natural shading. Now you can use any
brand of watercolor pencils in this fashion, some brands will say oh it’s not
a good idea to get the tip wet, but I think that this is one of the most
versatile ways to use it, because then it’s like you had a little set of
watercolors. Just be careful if you’re gonna dip the pencil in the
water, I typically don’t do that too often, just because if you dip it for too
long you could get that wood wet and when the wood swells it could crack, so
that’s probably something I wouldn’t do with my Albrecht Durer pencils, because they’re too precious, but I’m not as worried with
these because they’re quite affordable, and I’ll link all the
supplies I use in the video description so that you can find it, or at least know
what I’m using, so you know you can shop around yourself. We’re just filling this
in here giving, it a base of color, now another thing I like to have handy when
I’m working is a cut up old gift card or old credit card, and the reason I like to
have that is because I can use that to get really fine lines and it’s a real
big time-saver too, because you could fuss around with a tiny little brush for
a long time to get really fine lines, or you can scrape them with a credit card,
so I always just whenever I’m done whenever I use up a gift card or credit
card expires or debit card expires or whatever, I just cut it up and use that
in my my art, so I’ve got this old gift card here, and I am going to throw in
just some little veining here. You know if your paper starts to dry a little bit
you’ll get a lighter line, if it’s really wet you’re going to get a darker line.
And then you can let that dry and go over directly with your pencil if you
decide you want a darker line, if you go onto the damp paper with your
pencil you can get a more distinct line that’s not gonna blend away, so if you do
this on top of the wet paper, you just want to make sure that it is in a place
where you really want that dark color to remain. Otherwise it will be difficult to
dissolve it, because you’re getting that pigment full-strength and it’s just a
little bit more difficult. So the next technique, we’re going to do the
kind of oval of our flower with a base of yellow, so I’m just going ahead and
I’m just scribbling it in here right off the pencil, now you could take it off the
tip with a brush like we did with a green, but I don’t want to do that,
because I need this to be really wet and because when we go in with
our red, we’re going to be using the wet of the paper to help our technique. So
when I wet this I want to kind of push the pigment around so I get the shape of
those carnation petals, which is kind of pinked at the edge, you know. It’s kind of
ruffled I guess is that is the right word, so I don’t want to make a lollipop up here. I don’t want it to be perfectly round. I want to
get those a little bit of movement in there, they’re not super floppy petals, because they’re packed tightly, but they do have a little bit of fullness, a lot of fullness and a
little bit of movement, so I want to make sure I get that represented in there, and
I want to make sure that I’m leaving the paper wet for this next technique that
we’re going to do with our pencils. I’ve had a lot of requests for watercolor
pencil techniques lately, so I thought this would be really fun because I
didn’t have anything planned today and and I know it’d be kind of a fun easy
technique to do, so now we’ve got our red pencil. It’s relatively sharp, doesn’t
need to be super sharp, but it does need to be fairly sharp and what I’m
gonna do and this is a little scary probably if you’ve never done it before.
I am sketching in the edges of my petals, because this particular carnation had
red on the edge of the petals and going on the wet paper remember how I told you
about the green, to be careful because whatever you do on that wet edge is
gonna be super bold, well I am using that quality of this product, watercolor pencils, for that particular purpose, because I know it’s
going to give me that beautiful pink carnation edge. So I’m just gonna go
through here and sketch up my petals, so you got to really make sure you’re not
fussy. If you’re afraid of this, if you’re afraid you’re gonna make a mistake, you dont’t
have to work on the best quality paper for this because you’re not doing a lot of
scrubbing or lifting. You can work on your cheap practice paper ,it’s
absolutely fine. This is a Strathmore greeting card. I
love to kind of practice and play on these, because I can just send it away
when I’m done, you know. I don’t have to keep it forever, and then I can brighten
somebody else’s day with it. So there, we’ve got our little edges
and we can go in and scrape with a credit card scraper and get some veins,
you’ve got to do that while it’s wet. I’m gonna try keep my hand out of the way,
but sometimes it gets in there, sorry about that. And it’s just gonna give us
some subtle veins that we want. Okay, we’ll come over here to this guy, make
sure that he got a little attention, and then this one down here, and you can always Google images if you don’t have this book, you can look
for carnation photos online, or there’s wonderful websites where you can find
public domain images to use. But I just love these books so much, I urge
people to keep their eyes open for them so that if you know some become available
they can snag them if they’re not too expensive. I got most of mine between
five and thirty dollars. Most of them were between five and fifteen, honestly,
and then I did pay a little bit more for some of them, and now I thought for some
darker shadows I’m gonna grab this deep blue pencil and I’m gonna just kind of
do some shadows. I’m gonna pick up the color from that tip of the pencil
because I don’t want anything too dark. I want to be able to control it a little
bit this is also a good technique if you want to put a background in too, but I
think I’m gonna probably leave this one just the way it is. A very easy beginner
tutorial here. You have fun with it. I’m only using a
couple colors, if you have just a standard set of watercolor pencils you
should be able to follow along with the colors that come in the set that you
have. Most basic sets would have a yellow red and green and blue.
We’re not using anything too fancy, yeah I think I’ll go on it a little more
green now. You probably don’t want to go over the edge
of your paper, or not directly over your paper to do that, just so you don’t end
up with any splashes of color that you might not expect. I like to kind of put
it in a little bit of a patchy format so I get a more of a loose look, and then
I’m gonna do the same with some yellow. So I generally will not go back in and
draw on the paper if I have gone and wet the tip, because then you’ll get some dark lines and some light lines. It’s kind of unpredictable,
so I will save this technique to the end a lot of times, and one more
thing I really like to do when I’m doing projects like this, is I will do some
spattering. I just think it really is playful and fun and it gives a very
light-hearted feeling to a quick watercolor card like this, and then you
can let it dry and you know send it to somebody who you love, and I just I think
that’s really thoughtful. I also like when I flip color down like that if it lands somewhere where the paper is still wet, then they kind of get soft, like I might just wet a little bit of the area
with a little the paper here and there, and then flick some color, and then I’ll
get some really pretty soft soft splashes that look nice. So let’s do that
with a red, let’s see how that works. Yeah, that’s pretty. I like that. You don’t
have to do this, though. Some people absolutely hate spluttering, and that’s
fine, you don’t have to do it. Rremember, it’s your painting, you do whatever you
want to do, right? Make it however you want it to look. There, and if you do want
to do any scraping, if you see any areas that are wet, could use a little attention, go ahead and scrape
it in there. And then when it’s dry, just sign it. You’re good to go. It’s a lot of
fun, and you can also when it’s dry you can redefine some of those edges, you can
even go in there, well it’s a little wet too, if you want to, but try not to overdo
it, because it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s a beginner watercolor pencil tutorial, and
I hope that it helps you break those pencils out of the box and be a little
bit less timid around them. And I thank you so much. If you enjoyed this tutorial
please give me a thumbs up, and if you’re new here I’d love it if you hit the
subscribe button. I have a lot of beginner tutorials as well as
intermediate and advanced watercolor tutorials on my channe,l so go poke
around and create something really fun today. Thanks so much for watching! Until
next time, happy crafting.


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    Do you use a special paper?

  • Paul Morgan

    Hi Lindsey, it's been a while since I last looked into your videos. I suddenly caught the urge to start using watercolor pencils for painting and have course came back to my favourite artist teacher. I hope the family is well and all ok with your good self. I really enjoyed this simple carnation especially as I'm not a drawing kind of person. I tend to use stamps to give me the outlines I need and paint from there. Would you point me in the direction of any similar types of video in your collection that might help a complete beginner. Kind regards as always. Paul from London


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