Carolyn Taylor on her favourite Season 2 sketch | Baroness von Sketch Show

I love the one where Jenn plays the Sarah Lancashire
cop. – Oh what’s happened? – What’s happened? – What’s happened?! – My mom was on set that day watching,
and she was laughing so loud that they had to tell her to stop laughing. God, you just looked so much like her I can’t
get enough of it. – And we heard that Sarah Lancashire actually
saw– – Yeah, she saw it! Yeah! – Mhm. *distant sirens* – I see. Alright, thanks love. – Ohh. What’s happened? – Taffy Jones got outta jail. – The one that violated your Nan? *sighs* I’ll put kettle on. – Did you hear? – Oh what’s happened? – Sorry Cathy,
looks like the Hathersage strangler got another one. All evidence points to your ex-husband. – Bloody hell! – Oh it was! The killer interfered with the body,
mangled it, then interfered with it again. – I’ll put kettle on. – Boss! – Oh what’s happened now then? – It’s the new girl, the one that you saw
yourself in. – What about her? – She’s been ‘orribly murdered. She was crushed like an old biscuit tin. The killer left a note: said it wouldn’t have
happened if you weren’t such a stroppy bitch. – Bastard! – Kettle? Yeh. – All holidays have been revoked ’til further
notice. – Why? What’s happened now? – Hathersage stangler. Turns out it was Detective Parsons all along. -What the mardy bugger with the mucky hands? – Same. – Damnit! I had a feeling about him. – Which is why I’m making you the head of
this investigation. *groans* – Kettle? – And a fag. – Anything else? – Yeah. Could I have one day,
just one, that isn’t complete shit!? Just once, when I say: “what’s happened?” I’d like you to say: “Nothin'”. Nothin’s happened. Let’s try it; What’s happened? – Nothin’. – Nout’s happened. Oh that feels strange. I’d rather say that something’s happened even
if nothing’s happened. – Do you mind, love? – No. Go ahead. – Cheers. – Cheers, – All I’m sayin’, is I’d like to drink one of these cups of
tea. That would be lovely. – Never gonna happen. – I could put kettle on? – Yeh.

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    Al-jaCBC is going to be shut down, no more Propaganda network.


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