Carving a Head out of Wax: Facial Features : Wax Sculpture Scraping Techniques

Okay, so far we have been doing a lot of chipping
away and chopping, cutting deep and then slicing sections away. When we now are at this stage,
the feature shaping stage, a different technique is often used and it’s just a scraping. And
what I like to do is I just like to drag the edge of the blade over the surface of whatever
I’m carving and just generally scrape it. You have a lot of control this way. You’re
only taking off little slivers at a time but it helps smooth it and help you see what you’re
accomplishing in a very subtle way and you can do some pretty amazing kinds of carving
just this way. Peeling away 100th of an inch at a time to give it more shape and form.

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  • toosmooth111

    it's remarkable how you can scrape wax from a ball of wax using a scraper. jeez, this guy needs to lighten up a bit and tell us something a bit less obvious.


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