Carving a Manta Ray from Wood – Art, Sculpture

Well, I think this turned out pretty cool. I am sure you are wondering why I did not
make a nice base for this. I wanted to illustrate that this is reclaimed
material. Obviously, this is made from the seat of this
old chair that I used. I was wondering what to do with the off-cuts. I said that I could make a base out of it. I kind of like these spindles that were on
the back of the chair. I wanted to incorporate that into the piece. Make it obvious that it is reclaimed material. I really like how the lines turned out. I think it looks dynamic. Have some simple curves here to give it a
little bit of movement. I think the simplest shapes are usually the
best. The scorching with the torch on the top turned
out pretty nice. Manta rays often have the white blotches on
the top. It makes each ray individual. What I really wanted to do was to suspend this
in resin somehow above a burl to make it look like it is underwater. I do not have the capability of doing that. That is a collaboration opportunity for any
of you that feel like you are a resin specialist and would like to work with something like
this. If you are interested, feel free to e-mail
me. That is it for this video. Thanks a lot for watching, if you have made
it this far. See you next time in Cammie’s Garage.


  • Jon Wills

    Great job! I love the idea of suspending it in resin! 👊🏻

  • Xylem Slicer

    One of your more wild ideas. Came out very well. Explaining the base had it make total sense. Great job!

  • MJ J

    I really like the unburnt splotches, it gives it a unique feel! Also I like the curves, like you said it really gives it life! Great job Cammie!

    More on the random side but I'm going to invest in a dremal soon and am interested on your opinion of dremal bits for fine detail. Would you make a video or just respond and educate me so I don't waste money on unnecasery things.😁

  • Joanne Dale

    Hey, we recognize that chair, Cam! Awesome job and a great addition to the sea creature family.

  • Grandpadew

    Very nice!

  • Алексей Мухин

    👋Very interesting! Good idea! Good work! 👍Спасибо!

  • Slow and Expensive


  • NikumanDroid

    ah yes, the majestic sea pancake

  • Jack Bench Woodworking

    I can't believe that you grind wood in your shop! 😜😜

  • jp woodwork

    awesome mate!!

  • Fred McIntyre

    Awesome work Cam! 👍🏻👊🏻

  • Deb G

    Crocs? You're wearing Crocs?! OMG! 😉
    Seriously, nice work. It looks good.

  • Billy Burt

    Wow, Cam, that came out awesome! Beautiful sculpture!

  • Art CNR Claudio Rodriguez

    exelente trabajo, felicitaciones

  • Alastair Coe

    Wow this is great, I really like this piece good job mate

  • deniz çakmakoğlu

    Tebrikler 👏👏👏👍


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