Chalk Paint for Beginners & Java Gel Stain Tutorial

hi everybody its Christina welcome back
to my channel if you’re new here I am into painting furniture and repurposing
stuff that I already have around the house or stuff that you can get on the
cheap versus buying new and today I’m going to be doing a tutorial that’s
gonna be perfect for beginners we’re gonna be working with a nice long chalk
paint as well as general finishes Java gel and just doing a really easy
beginners guide to doing over a side table
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in the section and let’s get started okay today I’m gonna be redoing this
little side table I actually got this from my neighbor she had purchased both
of these I think through Craigslist or something didn’t leave the second one
and everybody knows they can always offer me free furniture you definitely
don’t let your first project to be something you really care about whether
it’s your kitchen table or maybe it’s like your grandmother’s dining set you
want to play around with stuff first figure out how to use these products
really get your techniques down and then tackle a big project like that’s what
end table a side table even if it’s a dresser if it’s something that you get
for free that you find on the side of the road or that you get for $5 at
Goodwill those are like the best type of things to start off with so today we’re
gonna be doing really easy beginner techniques know distressing I know which
is like very rare for me I just want to help you get your feet wet and just not
have a lot of steps today I am gonna do a two-tone finish I’m going to do Java
gel on the top and then we’re gonna use a nice lone Chuck paint on the apron and
the legs of the side table I will put links to all the products I use today in
the description box so go check that out if you’re just sort of purchasing
anything that those are all affiliate links through Amazon so if you do
purchase anything through those links I will get a small Commission I really do
appreciate it because that helps me keep my channel running helps me keep the
blog running so thank you again for your support okay I think I’ve given you all
the info so I’m gonna grab all my stuff and zoom you in and we will get started
on this tutorial so the first thing you want to grab is your nitrile gloves
these are reusable but I also use disposable ones a lot then you’re gonna
grab your odorless mineral spirits and pour it in a little Bowl and either have
a sponge with a scratchy surface or a scotch pad and you’re just going to rub
this down over the entire top where you’re going to
you’re not stripping the surface here we’re just cleaning it down to get all
the dirt and grime off to help with the adhesion of the stain okay the next
thing you’re gonna do is grab some 220 sanding paper and put that on a sanding
block and we’re gonna rough up the surface of this top again we’re not
stripping off the finish that’s on the top here we’re just roughing up the top
to give the stain something to stick to if you have any big gouges or water
stains on your tabletop you’ll want to put a little extra love into those spots
maybe even go down a little bit on your sandpaper and really smooth those areas
out before you stain and when you’re finished with sanding just grab a tech
cloth and wipe up all that dust before we grab our stain all right we’re ready
to start staining the top so I’ve grabbed my general finish’s gel stain
and java this is the darkest color that they have I’ve used this before on my
banister tutorial so I’ll link that above if you want to check that out I am
gonna be using a different technique with this today we’re gonna just be
painting it on full strength and not wiping it off at all this is an
oil-based stain and it is really concentrated in pigment so you want to
give it a big stir just so you mix up everything appropriately and then we’re
just gonna start painting this on with a foam brush these are really affordable
you can pick them up at the hardware store for under a dollar and it is what
general finishes uses in all their videos so that’s what I’m using today so
as you’re applying this just make sure that you’re going with the grain and
you’re getting a good amount of stain on there don’t make it too thick and don’t
worry if some of that wood is poking through because this is our first coat
and we will cover up everything on our second or third coat okay so I’m gonna
speed up the process for you here just a quick tip keep a wet edge as you work in
sections and as you’re going do one swoop from the bottom to the top to just
clear out those brushstrokes so here’s a close-up of what it looks like after
your first coat as you can see you can still see some of that honey oak color
coming through so don’t worry about that if you see that and here’s a shot of it
dry you do want to let this dry for 48 hours before you put your second coat on
you can tell if oil based finish is dry if it’s no longer tacky cool to the
touch and if you can press a cotton ball over the surface and nothing sticks
when in doubt wait longer you don’t have to sand in between coats so we’re just
going to go ahead and apply the second just exactly the same way we applied the
first and please make sure that you’re reading all the safety information
that’s on your can you want to dry this stuff out after you’re done working with
that outside it is flammable so please please follow all the instructions on
the can so here’s what your coverage will look like after the second coat for
our top coat you’re gonna want to wait 72 hours for it to dry since we are
putting a water-based coating on top of oil stain it needs to be completely dry
so wait 72 hours and our top coat is the general finishes high performance flat I
just really love the finish of this because it doesn’t give a super shiny
finish before you get started wipe down your top with a tack cloth just to get
any dust off that may have accumulated while it’s drying you still go ahead and
give this a quick stir I do use a foam applicator to put this on if you want
you can use a brush I just prefer using the applicator I find it easier and
they’re really cheap or application of this top coat we’re gonna put it on
really similarly to the way we put the stain on you just want to do a thin
layer keep a wet edge as you’re working across again I do that stroke all the
way from the bottom to the top just to get a clean stroke do a small section
and then move on and don’t go back and rework an area that you’ve already put
on and for time sake let’s speed this up again and here’s a quick tip on this
finish you can actually put this in a ziploc bag and save it and keep reusing
it till you’re done with the project and dry time for that top coat is two to
four hours so while it’s curing we are going to go ahead and start painting the
apron with our a nice loan chalk paint and old white first we need to prep the
piece and while we’re doing that I’m gonna just flip my truck paint upside
down and just set it down beat right beside the piece we’re gonna grab some
hot water and just a little dish soap and a sponge and wipe down the portion
that we are gonna paint don’t underestimate this step look how dirty
it is so go back over with just a wet clean sponge and wipe off any of that
soap residue and then you’re gonna let this dry and while it’s drying we can go
ahead and tape off any areas that we don’t want the paint getting on so I’m
just taping underneath the tabletop and go ahead and take any of your drawers
out and remove your hardware okay we’re ready to start painting so I have
grabbed my natural-bristle purty sash brush it’s
one of my favorite brushes to paint with has been well loved
so grab any kind of container for your paint to go in I have this glass jar
because I can put a lid on it and close it up and save it for later pour your
paint in there grab a spray bottle with some water put about five squirts in
there and then you’re gonna stir that up just to just thin it out a little bit I
have your spray bottle again and give your paintbrush a little spritz and then
we’re going to start painting on because we are going for a smooth finish and a
distressed look I want you to paint with the grain and making smooth strokes and
keep spraying that paint brush with that water bottle if your paint thickens up
on you it’s just gonna help it keep it nice and smooth and kind of get rid of
some of those brush marks so again work in small sections and once you’re
finished with that section do that long stroke from one end all the way to the
other just to smooth out those brush strokes watch out for drip marks you’re
going to want to clean those up as you’re going along just so you don’t
have to go back and say in them later and Here I am painting the drawer front
and I’m just speeding this up into double time just to move it along but
again you see I’m using the same technique going with the grain and at
the end I’m gonna smooth everything out from side to side the dry time for this
paint is about one to two hours so we’re going to hop back and put the second
coat of high-performance topcoat on our table top so I am grabbing some super
fine steel wool just to sand a little bit in between coats you can also use a
really broken in 220 sanding pad or 400 sandpaper
I just prefer using the steel wool because I feel like it doesn’t break
down my stain at all so I’m just going to take the Sun lightly buff the surface
as you can see it’s kind of dusting up a little bit we’re not taking off finish
we’re just roughing it up a little bit to give the second coat something to
stick to the process for putting on the topcoat
is exactly the same as we did it the first time so follow all those steps and
again once this is completely dried again for another two to four hours you
can go ahead and put that third coat on general finish’s recommends doing three
coats minimum you can add more if you want to based on wear of your piece and
before you add that third coat don’t forget to rough
with that steel well a little bit clean off your dust with your tack cloth and
then add that third coat and now back to painting our apron we’re gonna grab our
Chuck pain again put it in our container this time you’re going to thin it out
just a little bit more than the first coat probably do about 10 to 15 sprays
with your water bottle stir that up so this is the consistency you’re going for
a little bit thinner than that first coat we’re going to spray down our brush
and then just paint this on the same way we did the first coat going in the
direction of the grain and really smoothing out those brushstrokes now once the chalk paint is dry you’re
gonna want to seal that and today we’re gonna be using the general finish’s high
performance flat I just did a video comparing this with using a nice loan
wax and clear so I’m gonna link that up above if you want to check that out I
thought this would be easier just to do the same process you’re used to doing on
the tabletop instead of using the wax today and it will give you a little bit
more of a durable finish so this is the exact same process that we used on the
tabletop you just want to be a little bit more careful and use a really thin
layer again because when you’re working on a vertical surface like this it will
tend to drip and run on you so you definitely want to use a thin amount of
product watch for those drip marks and really smooth those out when you go to
sand in between coats here I’m gonna recommend you using the 220 sanding pad
or if it’s brand new a 400 sanding pad versus the steel wool just because of
the shedding factor with the white one more thing I want to show you guys you
will get these little tiny hairs especially when you’re working with
white you’re not in a static free environment please don’t freak out about
these take a step back from your piece you’re not gonna be able to see them no
one’s ever gonna notice them you have to let your inner perfectionist go so again
you’re gonna do three coats just like we did on the top I am replacing my
Hardware today so I had a little funky piece of hardware so I’m actually
drilling some extra holes to put on a little cup pull that I found at the
hardware store sometimes a new piece of hardware can really make a big
difference and I’m a sucker for a couple we are finally done here is the before
and here is what we look like now completed and just for a little bit of
fun I styled it up for you I hope you guys liked this beginners
tutorial I hope you can try it out let me know how it goes for you send me your
before-and-afters I love seeing those if you like this video please give me a
thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe before you leave turn on those
notifications and I will see you guys next time


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