Chameleon Color Changing Fineliners! ScrawlrBox August 2019 Unboxing

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
Today it’s ScrawlrBox time again, and we are doing the August 2019 box. That means it was
mailed out in August, I got it in September (hopefully, because I’m planning to put in
September) hopefully you’re seeing this in September! I don’t know what’s it yet. This
is an empty box. Let’s get into it! I’m going to jump right into reading the card
in a minute, but I wanted to mention that the art piece you’ll be watching for most
of this video is not done in the included sketchbook. I tried and horribly failed a
couple times to draw in the sketchbook with these pens, and although I really do think
I’m going to like both the paper and the pens for other things, they really didn’t play
nicely together for me. I tried to do a colourful mandala inspired by a rose window on Basilica
of Saint Francis of Assisi cathedral in Italy, and it ended up looking like my toddler coloured
it in. Not good! I blame that 90% on the materials, 10% on how tired I was the night I decided
to open the box and film. I couldn’t wait. It was here, and ArtSnacks Plus was here,
and I filmed them both in the same night, and I really shouldn’t have… The piece I
ended up doing last minute to have something more appealing to look at is my “Rainbow Renaissance”
rendition of Study of the Hands of an Apostle by Albrecht Dürer, and although I’m not doing
it on the paper included in this particular box, I am using a sheet of Canaleto Liscia
paper from a previous ScrawlrBox. On with the card!
August 2019 ScrawlrBox, box #48 (and personally my 16th ScrawlrBox), received here on this
little rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean during the second week of September.
Coming to you now in the third week of September, probably around the same time that shipping
notifications for the September box have gone out. The joys of living in Canada and subscribing
to international services! The top blurb on the card says “Think back
to a classical style of art for this box, but bring it into the 21st century with the
latest innovation in ink technology. Use this month’s featured art as inspiration for your
own colourful interpretation of an artwork from one of the great masters. Our artist
chose Michelangelo’s David, who and what will you choose?
“ScrawlrTip: Try blending more than one colour at a time to really start experimenting with
what these pens can do and the colours you can create.”
First up for supplies we have “Chameleon Color Blending Fineliners. The newest addition to
the Chameleon family was elegantly crafted to incorporate Chameleon colour blending technology
into a fine point Japanese precision 0.3mm metal clad tip. These fineliners have a patented
dual ink system, with ink in the pen and ink the cap! To blend colours, all you have to
do is switch the cap to another pen (hold vertically for a better transfer), leave it
a few seconds, and make vibrant colour to colour blends! Filled with water-based, washable
ink that won’t bleed through most papers or dry out when left with the cap off for up
to 2 days. Six colour pens, with multiple colour combinations.” The suggested retail
price in pounds is £1.99 each, which works out to £11.94 for the set of 6. As usual,
I will have all the prices down below in pounds and converted to Canadian and American dollars.
I looked up the actual price of a 6 pack of these fineliners, and on Chameleon’s own website,
their 6 packs cost £12.99, so ScrawlrBox does get us a deal. This is also a slightly
different colour combination than any of their regular retail 6 packs. At a glance it’s almost
the Primary Colors 6 pack, but we got a grey instead of a purple. I’ve got more to say
about these pens, but let’s get through the rest of the card first.
Next up, “Pilot DR Drawing Pen 05. A technical drawing pen with fast-drying, highly water-resistant,
and light-fast black pigment ink. The hard-wearing plastic tip is ideal for drawing and sketching.
Pilot Drawing pens are not just for artists and designers, but for anyone looking for
a solid, reliable fineline pen! The unique pen cap contains a system that circulates
the ink in the pen tip while the pen is capped. This prevents the tip from drying out while
not in use, so that the next time you want to write, the pen will deliver a smooth line
from the very start!” Suggested retail price is £3.65.
We also get a “Staedtler Lumograph 4H Pencil. The Lumograph pencil is highly recognisable
with its blue, black and white livery. A premium-quality tool ideal for all artists with a special
lead formulation providing a supreme metallic lustre. It is especially break-resistant thanks
to super-bonded 2mm lead. It’s easy to erase and easy to sharpen with any quality sharpener.
The perfect pencil for some light sketching before adding any line-work.” Suggested retail
price is £1.60. And finally, “Crok’Book by Clairefontaine.
The handy and flexible Clairefontaine Crok’Book contains 24 sheets of white, 160gsm, PEFC
paper, stapled into a 270g Maya card cover embossed with the company’s logo. This high
quality paper is made in France and has a fine tooth surface that is acid free. The
perfect sketchbook companion to the supplies included in this box.” Suggested retail price
£3.20. And as I mentioned already, the prompt this
month is “Rainbow Renaissance.” Did anyone else notice the distinct lack of
both eraser AND pencil sharpener? I’m certainly not complaining, since I own enough of both,
but it’s rare for ScrawlrBox to send us a graphite pencil without its own eraser and
not also send an eraser nor a sharpener. By the way, before I get on with my review
of the products, if you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell for
notifications. I upload every Tuesday and Thursday at minimum, and some weeks I also
have bonus videos. I’m an art channel, so most of my videos are timelapsed art footage
like this, either presented as a review or tutorial, or just a rambling story time voice
over, but sometimes I switch things up and do crafts as well. If you like this video,
don’t forget to hit the like button and leave a comment down below. I really do appreciate
it, and I read every comment, and I do respond to everyone. Did you get this box? What did
YOU think of it? Alright, so, the Chameleon pens. I didn’t
read the card or the pamphlet that came with the pens right away, so you may have noticed
me shining a light into the caps when I noticed how long they are. Much like the “color tops”
on their markers, there is an ink well and marker nib up in there on each cap so that
you can use the caps to transfer colour onto other pens, rather than doing the straight
tip-to-tip I tested first. Both methods work. Being that these are Chameleon products and
they work the same way as their markers, I actually assumed it was alcohol ink, so I
was surprised when the swatches diluted during my water test. Knowing that they’re water
based, obviously I’m no longer surprised, but I AM now surprised they stand up so well
to being layered under alcohol ink. They do create gradients and come clean again very
nicely, and you can even layer in multiple colours by putting multiple caps onto the
pens one after another before using the pen and letting the inks flow out again. And of
course, since they’re just a small 0.3mm fineliner nib, you really don’t have to let the colour
transfer very long at all. You may have noticed me tapping on the caps when I was testing
the 3 way blend. You don’t have to tap them, I was just pacing out the time I had each
cap on the pen so I was getting the same amount of ink transferred out of each cap. It probably
looked a lot more aggressive sped up for timelapse than it was in real life. Another thing to
note, since these are water based inks, is that they WILL eat the paper if you’re not
careful. The red in this set seems to be the worst offender for that.
This is an interesting colour selection they’ve given us. Like I said earlier, it’s almost
their primaries pack, but we got a grey instead of a purple. I’m not complaining about that!
I have been wanting a light grey liner for my collection that’s smaller than an 05, so
that’s very welcome. I really like the blue, teal, and pink colours as well. The yellow
is very hard to see on white paper, and the red is a very dull, brick sort of shade. That’s
disappointing, since red is my favourite colour. I’d much rather have a vibrant cadmium red
than this! They’re excellent as fineliners, both for doodling and for line art, but like
most pens with tiny nibs, they’re absolutely NOT a good filling in colouring tool. Scrubbing
at the page, which you might end up doing by mistake when trying to fill an area with
colour, will end up eating the page, and overlaps will always be very dark and highly visible.
You’re never going to get smooth, solid colour over large areas with these pens. In the future
I will stick to using them as fineliners and not as markers. I also wanted to note that
Chameleon advises storing these pens flat. That’s because if you store them vertically
caps up, eventually you’ll deplete the ink well in the cap, and if you store them caps
down, the ink will run from the pen body ink well into the cap ink well. That is how you’re
meant to “recharge” the cap if you do lots of blending, but it’s not something you want
the pens doing for days on end while not in use. That, combined with the fact that they’re
much longer than most fineliner pens, means I can’t easily store them the way I store
the rest of my art pens. Right now they’re laying flat on top of my watercolour markers,
but that’s going to get messy having them together in the same slot on my marker case,
so I’m going to have to find a different spot to put 6 lonely, long pens that I’ll probably
end up reaching for somewhat regularly in the future…
The Pilot fineliner is a good pen. It’s nothing particularly notable compared to other top
quality pigment fineliners, but I do think the cap system is a very cool idea, and I
wouldn’t be opposed to getting more of them some time. Particularly if I could find them
in sizes I don’t normally get, or different colours. At £3.65, though, that works out
to nearly $6 CAD, so that’s definitely on the pricey end for a single fineliner.
The pencil is great. I LOVE Staedtler pencils. Those and Faber-Castell’s drawing graphite
pencils are my favourites. The Viking pencil I got in a ScrawlrBox earlier this year is
probably next in line for favourites. I do have the regular full range box set of Staedtler
Mars Lumograph pencils, from 8B to 2H, plus F, and then I have a whole bunch of extra
2H pencils since that’s my preferred sketching lead. This one’s a 4H, so that’s a nice new
addition to the collection. As for the sketchbook, I’m really excited
to get to try out paper from Clairefontaine, since I’ve been hearing a lot about their
Pastelmat papers in the last year. I don’t think I’ll actually try pastels on this, though,
since it’s tiny and a sketchbook, which could get messy with such a smudgeable medium. Whenever
the water-based pens seemed to be chewing this paper up, it was only doing surface damage.
I didn’t come anywhere close to eating holes though the sheets at all. There is some ghosting
on the reverse side of pages where alcohol ink and the blue Chameleon pen were used,
but no bleed through to the next sheet. Folding the cover open at first was awkward, because
it’s just 2 staples holding it together, and they’re not placed very close to the ends
of the spine, so the heavier cover wanted to crumple and bend in weird ways. Now that
I’ve opened it a couple times, it is easy to crease the spine area of each new page
to get it to lay flat open, but now it no longer closes nice and flat. Definitely a
sketch book for doodling, planning, and testing the paper, not a place to do finished works.
Maybe it’ll get some good use next month during Inktober. We shall see!
Overall I’m happy to have got this box. I like all the supplies, I just don’t like them
together or for this prompt. I think these pens would have been an excellent choice back
when they sent us a bullet journal themed box, and they also easily could have a done
a mandala or doodling themed box with these, rather than presenting them to us like a colouring
tool. By the way, I’m going to be doing a “ScrawlrBox:
Is It Worth It?” review video in November, because November 1st is when my 12 month subscription
renews, so it’ll be the start of my second year-long subscription with them, and depending
on when I film I will have already posted either my 19th or 20th ScrawlrBox unboxing.
I’m going to run through the costs and usual savings, show you all the supplies I’ve received
from ScrawlrBox overall and from a consecutive 12 month span, and probably do some art with
as many of the supplies as I can. I’m hoping it’ll be a lot of fun, and perhaps a little
more informative about art subscription boxes than just the snapshot that each of these
individual unboxing videos give you. I’m not being sponsored by ScrawlrBox at all (though
I’d love it if they see this and decide to sponsor me!). I do subscribe just like everyone
else. I just really love this service in particular, and I’ve been having so much fun with art
subscription boxes over the last 2 years. That video will cover every ScrawlrBox from
the April 2018 box up to the October 2019 box, so feel free to leave a comment down
below if you’ve got questions, or if you really want to see a particular item come back in
the art piece I do in that video. Thursday is going to be a one-off unboxing
and review of the new ArtSnacks Plus box. I found a coupon that made the first box on
a new subscription a really great deal, so I started a new Plus monthly subscription
just to get it and try it out, but I won’t be continuing with it at this time. Expensive,
yada yada. Come back for that! See you then.


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    Like your videos, I contact you on Instagram

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    Fabulous month I thought. But that red is still doing my head in. It’s rusty not a nice red which is a shame. CherieK ??


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