Chameleon Color Top Seamless Blend Alcohol Markers Markers Review & Demo – I’m Really Surprised!

hi everyone welcome to hedgehog hollow
today I want you to do a quick review of chameleon color tops now we got these in
our creative Asian and goodie bags and when Greg and I were going through them
he was very intrigued by the idea a chameleon has died did review a while
back on chameleon pens and some of you love them some of you don’t love them
now my opinion on them was they were quite hard to use and I have watched
lots of videos on how to use them and again I always say craft hauls are a
personal thing some people love them something we’re gonna hate them we all
have our preferences but what I thought I would do is a quick review on the
color tops and we can just do a little bit of coloring together so I have my
Misti as you all know about my sticky grid tip and that’ll be in your top
right hand corner if you haven’t seen that so I don’t use magnets in my Misti
anymore I’m going to use this gorgeous Mama elephant sir
set it’s called pretty peonies again it was in one of our creative Asian and
goodie bags so I thought we could all of that together using these new color tops
I’m going to choose this top one up here now I’m using this is called tonic ultra
smooth white cardstock and the reason I like this is that ultra smooth is your
really easy blend with alcohol markers I’m always playing around with different
card stocks of coloring and I used to use Express it card stock a lot or my
Nina and tonic sent me this as they released it in the US and I really
really liked that coating that they have on it I find it gives me really nice
blends with my alcohol markers and I’m stamping out with Gina Kate amalgam if
you watch my videos a lot you’ll know that this or the MFT Xtreme black are my
two favorites for coloring with alcohol markers I mean other than that I also
use the nouveau hybrid black ink another one of my favorites there but you can
just see it gives you a nice strong crisp clear black image on there we’ll
also make sure in the video description you have
the links to all the products I’ve used and the great thing about the sticky
grid all I do is just bend my cardstock it comes away and no tears or any fibers
this is a brand new sticky grade so it’s super sticky as well I’m just gonna pop
that to the side to clean afterwards now there also be some discount codes in
that video description so you’ll want to check that out as well we have 20% off
if you’re watching in January February 2019 at tonic studios so these are my
set of chameleon pens that I have these are the color tones here so a chameleon
pen they have a white blender area and then they have your color at the top
here and you can see they’re an alcohol-based marker and then these are
the color tops now what’s supposed to happen is when you regular color with
chameleons you put the two pieces together like this the blender draws out
some of the color and you’re supposed to get a perfect blend now with a color top
and I need to make sure I choose a different color to the one that I’m
coloring with so this is a fuchsia pen and I’m using a move color top so the
idea being that I put two of these together and the two inks touch so I can
see that my fuchsia is taking up some of that move color like so and now when I
start coloring I don’t remove this look closer the other thing about coloring
with alcohol markers is you always want to color with some printer paper
underneath it gives you ink somewhere to go is it should seamlessly color from
one color of pink to the other color of pink so I should see a change in my
coloring I guess I kind of am but I need to be
coloring really in a larger area so let’s try a different one let’s try
putting together be loving though with our fuchsia so you can see it happening
I can see my tip change color from my fuchsia to my lavender and of course the
longer I leave it the more of that different color ink it’s absorbing
compared to the other so this one I should be able to see more of a change
so I’m starting out coloring in that purple and as I’m going down my flower
it is changing to that pink and it is a very seamless blend so I’ll show you
those two petals so you can see where I started coloring at the top here it’s a
very purple color and we’re going at the bottom there it’s a very pink color so I
would say but these color tops in my opinion work way better than the blender
that I worked with previously and I do really like how those have come together
let’s try a different combination so let’s pick out the blue so this is the
lavender pen that I’m starting with and I’m going to try working with the pink
peony so let’s do the opposite so I’m going to touch my blue against my pink
and when I watched a video they said you should hold it this way up so your color
top on the top and your regular pen on the bottom so I’m going to start
coloring my petal so it starts off pink and I’m coloring down my petal it’s
still pretty pink it’s starting to come a little bit blue towards the center and
so you can see now it’s starting to change that’s pretty cool so again I
could just touch it again touch it for a shorter amount of time and you can see how that’s coming
together now of course the one thing is if you miss a bit you’re going to have
to touch your pen back together again to be able to go back and go over an
area because otherwise you’re gonna have that same shade so it’s going to take
you a little bit more time to color in your flower you can see if I’m holding
it flat like this my color isn’t transference you really do have to hold
it vertical like this for that color transfer to occur so now I’ve held it
vertically it starts off pink and now it’s fading
out to that blue so there’s definitely some tips and tricks to getting those
color things but I’m really impressed with how this works so yes I couldn’t
get the original kind of blends with my chameleon markers to work with the
blender and things and again as I say crafts tools are totally personal some
people really don’t like working with copics and they love their chameleons
some people don’t like chameleons and they love their coat fix so I always
kind of give my opinions and I tried everything with an open mind but I
already like how these color talks work yes this is a funny colored flower
because we’ve tried a few different blends but I really do like how easy
these blends were and how I could get a variegated flower really really easily
with the two markers together so I think that’s a really neat idea there so that
was really cool so I’ll make sure everything I’ve used here is linked in
the video description if you want to go and check those out as well one thing I
also love from chameleons are their colored pencils they do make the best
colored pencils I think value wise and the way they shade from different colors
and things as well so it’s I think they are super cool as well so thank you so
much for joining us today I hope you enjoyed that quick review of chameleon a
color tops don’t forget to join us for more videos hit that subscribe button
and ring the bell as well and if you enjoyed this quick review do give us a
thumbs up and I will see you again in another video very soon happy stamping
everyone bye


  • Lyn Fischer

    Love what the markers do but looks a little confusing 👧🏻

  • Linda Miller

    Interesting—- not sure I would have the patience necessary!!!!

  • Terri Mansfield

    Really pretty colors but all that switching back and forth looks like a set-up for failure for me. They are just so big and clunky and all that pulling one top off and putting it on another marker and then removing that one just looks exhausting. Ordered some of those sticky sheets though and excited to give them a try. TFS.

  • ARKtistically Creative

    Do they make the sticky grids in a MINI MISTI size?…Can we cut them down to fit?

  • Joyce Gandy

    Thank you for showing how they work:-)

  • Susan Sieracki

    I have the chameleon markers and they are really great to use. There is a practice curve and it does take longer to color your images, but if you want the seamless blend look, it is worth the extra time. Thank you for revisiting these pens!

  • Diane Bolton

    very difficult to hear you in some segments of the video, especially when you are looking down.

  • Kat Hill

    Like all products there is a learning curve. I have full sets of copic (my first set) I have Spectrum Noir (full set) I have Chameleon with toppers (full set as gift) The best for blending job BAR NONE are Chameleon with toppers once you learn to use them. They are just as fast and color theory is helpful. You NEVER get mud.

  • honig2sassi

    TFS. This looks great- I love the fluid change in colour but all that pulling off and putting tops on would drive me crazy.

  • Renate Hansen

    As always great video

  • Leslie V

    These are too much work.

  • P R

    I love my Chameleon markers and the Color Tops! I tried several other brands of alcohol markers on the market and these worked the best for me. It took a little getting used to in making the blends, but now, I have them blending seamlessly and they look terrific. One nice thing to mention, there is no odor with these…when I tried Copics, the odor of them really set off my allergies!

  • John richard

    I have some Spectrum Noir pens and I have yet to master coloring with them. I think that the Cameleon have beautiful color range as you have shown. I’m thinking of getting the Arteza’s because of the watercolor aspect but Ive also considered the Nuvo Aquas! I’m still a bit confused as to what to get. I desperately want to learn to watercolor, I just need to get some watercolors or watercolor pens and take a class, I guess. Thank you for sharing these new color tops, Alexandra! You are such a joy to watch! Thank you for always giving such comprehensive comparisons and opinion videos! I always look forward to watching these videos because crafting products are very personal items and very few videos state that fact! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! ~ katz

  • *Tracy Born Again Farm Girl

    Tip to Tip ?

  • Emilee Schilling

    Great video and review! Seriously just trying to be helpful here though, not rude. You mentioned that you had trouble blending with just the pen and the clear chamber. I noticed when you were using the pink pen with just the colorless top that you turned it the other way and said that the colorless top “pulls out the ink” from the other tip. You actually are supposed to use it just the same as the other color tops and infuse the colorless blending solution into the colored pen (so the colorless blender part is on top fusing into the pink pen). Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying. Just trying to be helpful 🙂 happy coloring!!


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