Champagne Toast to 2019; New Years Cookie Stencil

Take a piece of Glad Press and Seal then press to the surface of your stencil Gently cut around the champagne design Peel off the outer plastic then set aside Peel off the inner plastic to mask off the Nouveau Fan background stencil Put the background stencil over the champagne accent then press your mask to it The accent stencil should fit nicely into the masked area of the background stencil Put your stencil into the stencil genie and position on your iced cookie Use cookie magnets around the edges of the cookie to keep the stencil close to the surface Test out your airbrush before moving to you cookie Slowly build the background color using your airbrush without spraying too much or too close After airbrushing your first cookie it gets easier to gauge how much food coloring to use The Glad Press and Seal mask with isolate space for your accent stencil later After your first cookie, move the genie to stencil your next cookie Now use the accent stencil with the Champagne bottle masked with Glad Press and Seal Postion the accent stencil in the isolated space of the background then put your cookie magnets in place Test the flow of the next airbrush Slowly color the unmasked portion of the stencil Reposition the stencil genie and airbrush your cookies Position the next mask over the stars to color the champagne bottle Put your next cookie stencil into position Put the cookie magnets around the outside of the design Slowly build the color of the champagne bottle on the rest of your cookies

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