Champion’s Agent – A LoL-based sketch

listen, listen, .15 is the best we
can do on your ult ratio. yeah, Blizzard has the rights to overpower deathknights
right now riots just gonna have to take a backseat
on this one. yes, yes, I’ll talk to him about giving you the Morgana
treatment. yeah the ‘ole Azingy special. Panth buddy, how’s it going? yeah
yeah yeah I did get the cookies yeah thank you thank you. yes yes, oh really
huh nothing helped you make them huh hard as a rock.
yes you’re on the radar a rework. I don’t know how long. I mean, when was the last
time Aatrox was relevant? no no no no no no just because your win ratio
is below 50% does not mean you get a rework. Your overload is not under.. listen
you’re fine Ryze. I believe what are you… (phone starts ringing from a distance) don’t call this number, I told you not
to call this number anymore you know I can’t do that and I won’t do
that, no. I know your kits are similar but alright fine this is the last time and
then I’m out hey, yeah it’s me. I need someone Olaf’d yeah I know I know I know but this one’s
from the rose. all right make sure it gets done okay all right, bye

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