Character Makeup – Sculpture Breakdown and Mold-Making – PREVIEW

>>BRUCE SPAULDING FULLER: Hi, Bruce Spaulding Fuller once again for the Stan Winston School of
Character Arts. We’re continuing on our project with the hag
here bringing her from sculpture into a full silicone overlapping appliance makeup. We’re going to do the mythical floating off of the clay that’s so mysterious
to a lot of people. It’s mold time. Wooh, nice job. It’s a lot of work but here it is.


  • Moore Babie

    Wow, Thanks for sharing.

  • Polymer Clay Artist

    Oh I want to mold something!   Is the blue stuff expensive? What's it called?

  • Toncho Avalos

    Dear Santa… 😀

  • AidoStudio

    Gypsum can just take shape
    можно было просто снять форму гипсам

  • B.L Thackrey

    looks like Zelda from Terahawks and Dot from Eastenders lol . 

  • DanGwanCie

    i hate these videos.. so non explanatory.. just oh look we can do this. take avery small hint at it…  =_='

  • calabiyou

    I love this. It always scares me to see a sculpt cut up like that though. I once tried a breakdown makeup but the oil-based clay i used was too soft and I had to resculpt so much of the floated off appliances. This is one of the dvds I'm going to buy. These masterclasses are invaluable frankly.

  • Maddy Arana

    My school is doing a play where one of the characters is a mouse. Now I've looked all over the trying to find something to teach me how to make the prosthetic face pieces after I take a live cast and sculpt the mold and haven't found any. Which courses do I need to buy to learn that? And do u even have one? If more then one, which ones? I need to start on this asap!


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