Tan ta da da daa, Charlotte Tilbury has a
new foundation, airbrush flawless foundation and I am so excited I just can’t hide it.
The last time I was this excited about a foundation was Pat McGrath. Hi guys welcome to my channel,
Maryam here, yes today we are doing another foundation review yes, it is Charlotte T,
Charlotte Tilbury aka the Boss Lady, I am really here for this foundation and no this
is not a first impression because I have already worn this foundation and I will tell you that
it’s a good one, but don’t take my word for it, take my wear test for it which you will
find at the end of the video as always and per usual. Is this foundation worth your money
though, you will also find out if you watch the whole entire video, that said let’s get
to this review, airbrush flawless foundation Charlotte Tilbury and of course I will also
be including some of her other newness such as this corrector and also her powder and
a couple of other things, you know how we do. Remember to subscribe and hit that notification
bell so you can see all my Wednesday and Sunday videos. I’m here for this you guys because I love
Charlotte Tilbury, I love my airbrush flawless finish, skin perfecting micro powder as you
already know, so now that there is an air brush flawless foundation yes, I know that’s
a mouthful. Hhhmm it’s making me very excited and I wanna put this on my face right now.
This Charlotte Tilbury foundation is $44.00 there are 44 shades, so easy to remember.
Basically, it’s supposed to give you a flawless, pore less, airbrush looking skin finish. We
will be putting that to the test and observing it here on camera, but first let’s look at
the shades. The shades that were sent to me are 2 5.5’s
in warm and in neutral and I also got a 6 in neutral. Also this foundation has a convenient
pump and you can open it up in case you are a make-up artist and you wanna mix foundations
though I am not really sure if you can do the same thing with a pump but I guess the
opening it up is convenient if you want to make the most out of your foundation and get
the most product out. So now let’s test the shades, here is 5.5 warm, here is 5.5 neutral
and you can tell immediately that this 5.5 neutral although lighter than the 5.5 warm
is just a little bit more olive, it has a little bit more of a green undertone, whereas
the warm leaves very orange, at least it does in my mirror, in my monitor I am not so sure
I like to go by real life. This is looking a bit closer to my skin tone than this, even
though this is a neutral. Let’s test out #6 neutral, is it me or is
this neutral a little bit closer to the 5.5 warm, I’m not really a gradient for light
to dark here, all I know is that I think my best match is the 5.5 neutral. Perhaps I need
a 6 neutral, I don’t know but these are the shades that I have and I wore the 5.5 yesterday
and I was able to make it work and make it look really nice so that’s what I’m gonna
do today, but actually for the sake of a thumbnail let’s apply all these to the other side of
the face. Here is 6, here is 5.5 warm and here is 5.5 neutral and I really wanna see
how this blends out. What girl, this is crazy full coverage you
guys obviously you do not need this much product but for the sake of a fun and exciting thumbnail
you might need this much product, I mean this looks like a mask. I actually think all of
these are a pitch too light for my skin tone because you can especially see the discrepancy
on the forehead, but I will make it work and I will get my hands on my shade, that I will
promise you. Because this foundation, wait for it, just wait for it (click, click, click)
oh, okay I’m shook. Smashbox oil and shine control photo finish
primer, gotta say I’m kinda a fan of this one. Look how instantly that mattify ohh completely
forgot to mention, Charlotte Tilbury also has this Hollywood complexion brush for the
foundation application, I guess I might as well just put it to good use even though I
had not been using it yesterday when I first tried this foundation. This is what it looks
like double sided, I am going for the 5.5 neutral. There is definitely a very fresh
scent with this foundation that I’m liking but I know not everybody likes scents in foundation,
so you have been warned. Okay this little brush is cute, but it is
way too small for my giant face so I’m gonna grab this Huda Beauty much larger brush and
I’m gonna spread the rest of the foundation with a brush that fits my face. Got a little
dry patch here that I’m gonna remove, I’m gonna add just a smidge, like half of a pump
on the back of the brush and just stipple it to these areas here that have a little
bit more freckles, just because I wanna see how well this foundation actually cover it
up, I don’t really have severe breakouts at the moment, just a couple of acne scars from
those pimples from that time of the month, but I will say this foundation, you guys pretty
‘beep’ flawless, look at it, look at that it is indeed as flawless as my skin can look
with foundation, it’s not emphasizing my pores, a matter of fact I think it’s smoothing them
rather well and although this is not exactly my shade I definitely do need something that’s
a little bit darker to match my neck. I’m not really mad at this color I feel like
it’s really saturated and it’s giving me a pretty brightness, it’s not a light kind of
brightness it’s more like a saturated vibrant likeness that I’m appreciating. Of course,
I’m gonna get my hands on my own shade, probably a 6.5 or maybe a 6 neutral, I don’t know perhaps
even a 7 who knows but this, honestly is probably my winter shade and I love the way that it
is making my face look. So now I must also mention that Charlotte Tilbury came out with
this, I wanna say it’s an under eye corrector, this is in the shade 2 medium and it’s basically
a creamy peachy looking corrector, $32.00 for this one and I am gonna apply a little
bit of that right here in the darkest part of my under eye. Someone pointed out in the
comments of my last video that I don’t really have any issues with my under eye and I will
say that is true, I am lucky to have a pretty flat under eye area although it does get a
little dark every now and then when I don’t get sleep. It’s not something that I particularly
suffer from, however if you do I think this might be a nice little corrector to get your
hands on. It’s sheer but build-able enough to really off set the purple-ness of the dark
circles. So, I think there might be something here Charlotte T. Don’t you worry I will be
adding my concealer on top Benefit Boi Ing Cakeless Concealer that I love, review up
here. Just gonna add a bit of brightness to this
area, beauty blender time. So now to set everything I do have my Charlotte T airbrush flawless
finish and perfecting micro powder that I love a long time and I also have the one that
I have been using that clearly hit pan this is in shade #2 and I also has shade #1 which
is for fair skin tones, I’m gonna use this one to set my under eye. I’m actually not
certain if Charlotte Tillbury has a translucent setting powder that is loose and not pressed
but truly it doesn’t really matter to me because this powder is such a boss ass powder that
I can’t even complain, although it would be nice to have a loose setting powder from Charlotte
T. I can only imagine how bomb that product would be. Alright that under eye corrector has definitely
made my Boi Ing concealer crease which it does not do when worn on a tone, hopefully
now that I have set it I can forget all about it. Okay that’s enough of shade #1, now let’s
go for shade #2 just gonna press the product into my skin with this It Cosmetics brush,
this one is Heavenly Luxe french boutique brush #4, you all know how much I love my
It Cosmetics brushes, especially for the complexion, they are kinda on the pricey side but they
are really good. Alright I think I have powdered enough, I think I’m done, I think I’m ready
for some bronzer. Today I’m gonna go for Fenty Beauty Caramel Cutie which in opinion is the
only non-orange color from the Fenty Beauty bronzers line just saying, but I won’t say
it again because I didn’t review them and you guys probably already know. Gonna add a pinch of warmth, a little chisel
right here. Alright I’m feeling like Nars orgasm right now. There is a lot of powder
on my lashes, I’m just quickly gonna do my brows with this Fenty brow MVP, I like this
product because it’s quick and easy gets the job done doesn’t make me think too hard. Okay make-up is on, let’s observe the skin,
looks really good honestly super flawless, I don’t see any pores, I don’t see any lines,
I don’t see any imperfections granted my skin is good this week but honestly, honestly it
is looking mighty fine as I always say. Let’s see how it wears and queue in some time warping
music here to find out. Alright I am back in the filming room, clearly you can tell
I am wearing a lot more make-up, I did film something else after the previous segment
and Lee and I went to some Korean Bar-B-Que so we had a full day of activities, it’s been
about 7 or 8 hours since I first put on the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless foundation
and now it’s time for the verdict and it’s time for some observations. I’m gonna slide on a little bit closer so
that we can observe this side of the face and honestly after 8 hours of wear this side
of the face is looking really good to me. There is really not that many oil seeping
through, the skin is one tone it’s looking really fresh and really dewy, matte but natural,
super weight less, full coverage covering up all of my flaws and imperfections but not
fake looking, I’m really, really impressed. This side looks even better, I honestly didn’t
have too many breakouts on this side and if I come even a little bit closer you can tell
that my pores don’t look that bad at all, there is not that usual oil slick that happens
in this area, that’s something that I think is pretty different with this foundation. My forehead you can tell is a little bit shinier
than normal which is odd because my forehead is drier than the rest of my face, but honestly
to be perfectly transparent with you guys as I always am, this foundation is probably
at the top of my list for foundation launches this year, yes we’ve had Pat McGrath, yes
we’ve had those colors, yes we’ve had numerous drugstore brand launches, plus Fenty, plus
everything else in between but this one I’m in love you guys. For $44.00 this coverage,
this natural matte finish it’s making me feel some type of way. The fact that this shade
isn’t even truly my shade but it’s working with my complexion and it’s working with my
make-up is just making me feel very giddy. If I were to rank this foundation on a scale
of 1-10, I would give it a high rating of a 9, this is my new favorite, Charlotte Tillbury
and team you guys did it, you guys killed it and I love it. I’m gonna keep wearing it,
I’m gonna keep recommending it so that is my truth and I’m sticking to it. Thank you, guys, for watching and for subscribing
do check out some of my other foundation reviews right here and I will see you in my next video,
muah peace!




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