Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation: First Impressions 2019

my intuition is telling me you have be
better days welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going to be another
foundation review I don’t do a foundation reviewer for like six or
seven months and then all of a sudden I have two and two weeks and I it’s going
to be of this new Charlotte to Tilbury airbrush flawless foundation
I ain’t number one just love Charlotte Tilbury number two the airbrush flawless
finish powder is everything like oh this is my second one I’ve hit pan on so as
soon as I saw that she came out with a foundation version of that I was like
yes please so alright that’s well before I go into
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let’s get into the good stuff alright so this foundation retails for forty four
dollars and it comes in 44 shades which I was pretty impressed by I got the
color number two natural which is described for fair skin tone with
neutral undertones so this is a long lasting weightless hybrid skin care
foundation Charlotte’s secret to a flawless
poreless looking at confident complexion coverage full finish matte and it says
it’s for all skin types so it says it has reflex iam which helps to reduce the
appearance of wrinkles it has muscle tech number one which
helped thoroughly hydrate skin and air coal which provides an immediate fresh
feel on skin and it says this hybrid skin care foundation contains Charlotte
Tilbury ‘s and magic matrix of ingredients including the ground baking
ground beef ground breaking magic reflects ‘i’m to reduce the appearance
of wrinkles the hydrating lightweight formula is sweat proof humidity proof
waterproof and transfer resistant okay so yeah that definitely claims to do a
lot of things not only is it foundation but it has its a skincare a foundation
hybrid which I love I love skincare and makeup combined and I mean for a
foundation for especially for her foundations $44 and this is one ounce I
believe yeah one fluid ounce I mean the freaking powder is $45 so I was kind of
like pleasantly surprised at the price of this foundation how much our other
foundations this is the first Charlotte Tilbury foundation that I have bought
all right let’s just get right into the application all right guys all right so
– turns out the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless foundation I am going
to be using an illuminating primer on one side and then a mattifying like pore
filling primer on the other side so for the radiant primer I’m going to stay in
this Charlotte Tilbury theme and use this wonder glow instant soft focus
Beauty flash and for what the pore filling Primarch I’m gonna be using my
touch of the silk canvas so let me get these on I actually just used this
Charlotte Tilbury primer on yesterday I really do like it it’s like a hydrating
really pretty illuminating primer or you could use it as a liquid highlighter
it’s not like intense like some liquid highlighters can be so if you’re not
looking for something crazy that might work for you or I also like to mix it
with the foundation which now I’m gonna go in with the touches so canvas on the
other side alright so now I’m just going to go in with the foundation and I got
mine in number two neutral whoo I really like the packaging it’s a glass bottle
there is a pump yay so I’m just gonna put alright I’ll start with that so it does
run a little bit but it for the most part it’s like a thicker consistency as
long as that color doesn’t oxidize I think it’s a good match for me this
feels very oh I can feel the cooling sensation already okay and it feels very
hydrating going on so I’m gonna use a morphe 439 brush to buff it out I think that is a good color match for
me courageous I’m really liking this so far okay so
here is one side with the foundation blend it out with a brush and then here
is no foundation all this reality all right so I’m gonna do the other side and
I’m going to blend it out with a sponge so I’m going to put another like two
pops on all right so my battery died as I was
blending out this side and I was trying to change the battery real quick and
start filming to blend it out again but then I realized this foundation sets
very very quickly so I use like I do not have time to put the new battery in and
start filming like I gotta blend this out right now so just FYI you know maybe
if you put your foundation on in a similar way as I do like you know just
putting some on and then blending it out I would just do maybe half of your side
half of your face first and then the other half because if you were to put it
all on it would dry by the time you were able to blend it all out so as far as a
difference between the sponge and brush um I think this the burst size looks a
little bit fuller coverage but I have found that to be the case with most
foundations which is why you just I use a brush but I mean not a huge difference
this foundation I really really love I mean this is definitely a first
impressions but so far mmm it gives it it makes your skin look like
you’ve used the airbrush flawless finish powder it has that same kind of like
flawless like smooth airbrushed look and good color match full coverage
which I love I don’t see that it oxidizes it does set quickly so that is
the only negative so far you can see a little bit of a difference this is the
radiant primer and this is the tatcha besides a little you can see a little
bit of highlight there alright so I’m going to put some concealer on and set
it and then I’ll come back and show you what it looks like with concealer and
everything set okay so here is the foundation with concealer I use my ELF
16 hour concealer and then I set it with some RCM a translucent powder
and then finished off setting it with the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless
finish powder and yeah mm-hmm this is my kind of foundation I’m gonna have to see
how I feel about it as I wear it and how long it lasts but I really like the
finish it’s like it’s a full coverage matte finish but it doesn’t feel too
drying for me so I’m just going to finish the rest of my makeup and then
we’ll see how this foundation wears okay so if it’s about 3:00 a.m. now so I’ve
had the foundation on for 6 hours I have not touched up with any powder or
anything and it has not budged and I have been like cleaning vacuuming at
like sweating and it has held up so looks really good oh my gosh I might
have a new favorite foundation I swear it’s like the airbrush flawless powder
but in a foundation let me know what you guys think and if anyone is going to be
trying it in the comments below and yeah I’m really liking it I’m gonna continue
to wear it and if anything changes about how I feel I will keep you guys updated
in the comments below but I’m digging it I really am
alright I’m super tired so I’m gonna go wash this off and get some sleep
but I will see you guys my next video

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  • Music2makeup

    I am still loving the foundation… been wearing it everyday. It's full coverage but doesn't feel heavy and has broken me out.


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