Chihuly Sculpture Honoring Harriet Wyche Unveiled

Well, the purpose of this day is to honor
Harriet Wyche and if it had not been for Harriet Wyche we would never have had
Falls Park. She was the visionary, the dreamer that brought it to the Carolina
Foothills Garden Club 40 years ago, maybe more, and she never let up. How fitting to
have this incredible sculpture placed in Harriet’s Garden at one of the entrances
to a community gathering place that she envisioned over 50 years ago. Public art
enhances the urban experience of a city. With over 70 diverse pieces of public
art in Greenville, we do just that. Rose Crystal Tower will further propel
Greenville as a serious arts community. Well, the Chihuly is absolutely the
epitome of Harriet – it’s graceful, it’s subtle, and it’s powerful. This sculpture
is truly the perfect way to remember and honor Harriet Wyche. The piece is
stunningly beautiful. It is named for the rose – mom’s favorite flower. It is in the
beautiful park she loved so much. It is open to the public and it was created by
one of the world’s most renowned artists. “I believe having a place where city
people can go is as important to a community as an economy is. A green area is absolutely vital to any urban place.” That was great advice in 1975. It is
still great advice for us this year, 2015.

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    Greetings from Germany!
    Im so happy to be able make a presentation about South Carolina!
    This will be definetly in!


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