Ok class, stop drawing. Please pass your papers. I will look at them one by one Oh Billy, what did you draw? Is this a fish? Ah, hehe. No sir, that’s an airplane. Airplane? Oh, it doesn’t look like an one. So why did you draw this one? Oh because, I want to ride an airplane someday. Ah really? Okay, next drawing. This one is from Desmond. Oh wow! Your drawing is really good, Desmond. Why is there a big and small cats? Ah sir, we have a pet cat and she’s pregnant. And I’m so excited to have kittens soon! Wow, that’s really cute. You want to have a lot of kittens. So you should start thinking of their names. I already have, sir. I will name them… Elbis, Boogie, Abu and if it’s a girl, Jowlens. Whoa, you’re also watching MegaToonTv on youtube. Ok, next drawing. Joseph, what’s this? Why do you have a blank paper? Sir, I drew a cow and grass. Huh? Where’s the cow and the grass? Your paper is blank. Maybe you’re just sleeping in my class? No, sir. There’s really grass in there. But the cow ate it. Ah, trying to outsmart me huh.. Ok, the cow ate it. So where is the cow? Of course when there’s no grass the cow will go away. Oh sir, have some common sense Nyee!


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