China Has a Rover on the Moon & Here’s What It Found

We last went to the moon in 1972, except for
that rover China sent two years ago… It’s still up there. (look up) Right now. moonpies
Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 all landed on our moon. Astronauts collected and returned
2,200 separate samples totalling 382 kilograms (842 lbs). Three Soviet Luna missions also
returned about 300 grams (¾ lb) of lunar material too. They get a participation award.
While it may sound like it, that’s not a lot of moon to study. That last Soviet was back in 1976. So, when
China landed on the moon in 2013, it should have been pretty huge news! The moon had been
abandoned for almost 40 years. China’s Chang’e 3 launched in 2013, making China the third
country to land a wheeled vehicle on the moon’s surface, and the first in the 21st century.
The Chang’E-3 craft has a nuclear-powered lander and a small rover named Yutu, or “jade
rabbit.” Yutu’s complement is classified by China, but we know it has cameras, lunar-penetrating
radar which can look 400 meters below the surface, and two spectrometers for analyzing
the lunar rocks and soil (called regolith). I know what you’re thinking, ‘MERCIA DID IT
FIRST CHAANA. You know what, you’re right. We landed humans there first. And the U.S.S.R.
landed a rover too, but there’s SO MUCH MORE to learn about the Moon. For example, Apollo
only dug 3 meters into the lunar surface, that’s not a lot. But, in March of 2015, Chinese
researchers published a paper in the journal Science announcing that Yutu’s lunar-penetrating
radar had found NINE subsurface layers! This suggests that geological activity had occurred
on the moon since the Imbrian period which ended 3.2 billion years ago. Lunar geologists
believe “eruptions filled the [basin where Yutu is sitting] at least five times.” Scientists
didn’t think the moon had been active at all in that period, so now more research is needed.
For example, some scientists think the youngest volcanic flows may be only a billion years
old, others think maybe 100 million, but, really, they have no idea, because they’ve
never gotten to test them up close! Another study published in December 2015’s
Nature Communication used data from Yutu’s instruments and announced the discovery of
a whole new type of moon rock! The basalt rocks that Yutu is exploring with her spectrometers
are completely different from samples brought back by the Apollo and Luna missions. Lunar
geologists think: 1. this means there was explosive activity in the region. Which counters
other theories. 2. that we still know almost nothing about the moon. As NASA put it, exploring the moon creates
opportunities for international cooperation and economic expansion; plus it pushes the
boundaries of our civilization. Yutu is the latest in a long line of exploration of our
solar system, and though mechanical problems rendered it immobile, and crippled, the Chinese
rover broke the record for the longest-operating mission on the moon.


  • michael lee

    idiot ! its impossible to go to the moon.

  • Darth Bane

    Science doesnt know jack shit about anything in the universe. They make shit up.

  • Michael Lieske

    We know it's not made out of cheese.

  • Falcon

    I DO Think We Should Keep Going To The Moon But We SHOULD Focus On Mars Since It Looks Like It Has Better Chances For Human Colonization

  • Milt Farrow

    If they don't have a "take out noodle Dish" the people ain't going!

  • Jetee Phillips

    China is now falsely claiming a Moon landing too. What a joke. Lying bastards.
    When are they sending half their massive overpopulation there? In their dreams.

  • Jetee Phillips

    Is this troll guy serious. Hahahaha.
    C’mon USA do another 9/11 to the Moon with rockets loaded with thermite and explosives. Boooomm – controlled demolition. That will save the Earth taxpayers at least 100 trillion dollars over the rest of this century.

  • Scott Hamilton

    Yes we should go back to the moon.
    It would present opportunity for research into many different areas, namely, living on moons, asteroids, comets, planets differing from Earth.
    Varying gravity, atmosphere, weather, radiation.
    Great opportunity for development.

  • Steve Sullivan

    China stole it ,just trying to get it back

  • edwardschlosser1

    Get off OUR moon. We put our flag there first. It's ours. We might consider renting a you a spot on the other side. First we have to build a wall to keep you off our property.

  • Mike Lockwood

    ?I guess they couldn't find property in Vancouver for their rover

  • Fozzgate

    No one and nothing will ever go to the moon.

  • yirk1

    Seeker you should whiten your teeth

  • mark scanlon

    Yes we should go to the moon bcos we know nothing pretty much about it. Also we can use as a base making it easier to go to Mars etc.

  • Wes Robinson

    Going back and establishing a permanent base is critically important to insure the survival and advancement of our species.

  • Fran Tackle

    This is not correct radiation would have killed them all , more like were should we send the next robot camera to. wtfu movement

  • Don’t Tread on Me DTM

    All b.s.

  • Mountainryder

    Those Chinese guys……..pretty sneaky……

  • rrhone

    At age 10, I along with over 100 classmates watched the Apollo 11 launch then later again watched the landing and Armstrong taking those first steps on the moon. After that we watched all of the other launches and landings on B&W TV's. There is no doubt what occurred on the moon and America is the one that got there first to actually walk on the moon. Those of us that witnessed this will never forget what happened. Simple as that. Even though some of you younger idiots say it never happened. I know it did. Apollo showed us what was possible with enough knowledge and mans tenacity to achieve great things. The next major thing will be a Mars landing using the moon as a waypoint. The only question is when will we start the mission. For man, we must do this and continue to explore no matter what the nay sayers try to stop it. We will go to Mars. The USA will be the one to accomplish this.

  • Willy Casteur

    Get a real job man and stop smoking cannabis.

  • Randy Cochran

    Why dont we have a rover up there with all the advances should be simple and get second by second images of earth and satellites

  • Stanley Meyer

    How much force of extortion on China has convinced them to fake a moon landing to help the USA fake moon landings? watch the YouTube video: "NASA ADMITS WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON." Two liars lying about the same thing does not make their lie truthful. there is no evidence that any equipment can survive the radiation beyond Earth orbit. China only did this for the USA with no mention of it on Chinese public broadcast because they don't want to lie to their own people, because they know it is all fake. The Chinese people have never celebrated going to the moon. Radio transmissions are radio wave, made of particles of photon that can easily be knocked out by x and gamma rays that are thousands of times stronger, not to mention solar flares electron bombardment which can literally deteriorate anything made of atoms in their way. then there are micrometeorites that poke holes much bigger than themselves because of the speed. it is a fact that a grain of sand can poke a hole as big as a gulf ball. Radiation alone can boil the cytoplasm in human body and cause brain hemorrhage and blood clots so fast that if any astronauts were to go beyond Earth orbit, they would fry. NASA admits it, watch the video: "NASA ADMITS WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON."

  • DMSProduktions

    ET phoned, they WANT their satellite back!

  • Stuart Callis

    Fucking Americans chatting shit

  • d1ngleb3rry

    You are shrill and loud.

  • Joe Berndt

    Why is this an either or question? Why can't we do both? If we are rich enough to always find money for endless wars, we can afford both of these missions.

  • Salem Napper

    To the moon alice

  • Salem Napper

    Aliens own it , live on it. Plus there is a secret space force of the earth and we wont know till we know.

  • Termon Rizer

    China on the moon ???
    Lord Christ I guess the Chinese too are drunk drinking too much Budweiser ? beer!!!
    Whatever next an appearance of the loch Ness monster inside one of the moon craters ??? !!!!
    You guys are funnier than the marx brothers, Laurel and Hardy and the 3 Stooges all put together !!!!
    You may try to fool Americans and Chinese but not in Ireland!!!!


    we where told to pack up and leave so we hurried up and left…..

  • Oinker Toys

    let's explore earth all good first before we go to the moon again

  • Roy Tallow

    Are you sure humans landed on the moon ?

  • Jetee Phillips

    Going to the Moon will always remain an impossibility.
    It is so humorous that most people want to believe the many lies from NASA.

  • anthony vasquez

    I think we should have world peace first before we do anything,imagine how much we could accomplish as a whole,right now mankind is to cruel


    i think its time to go back, to prove we ever went at all…what?

  • Magickmoon

    lets go there before Mars, test the stuff on the moon first, silly humans…lol

  • chazz Lucas

    Seeker …. Do you believe in Santa Claus too ? We never went to the moon or sent anything into space !!! There is no way we could get any kind of craft past the Van Allen belts ( radiation ) Nasa has stated over and over that we cannot get beyond lower earth orbit and Obama also stated the same shit !!!! It is close to 4,000 degrees in the earths lower orbit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are they using to build our satellites and space shuttles ???? Magic alien super dupper metals ?????? lol WTF

  • Bigga Winna Crapsa

    I think we should concentrate on Uranus.

  • Zaini Mohamad

    do they find us flag?

  • MarkofMystery Houston Texas

    I'm not saying that we didn't go to the Moon. There is however a mountain of suspicious evidence to support the claim we never did. First being  NASA misplaced the original tapes of us going to the Moon. There is no Telemetry data for us to go over that we went to the moon that is also lost or "misplaced". I've also heard a NASA astronaut say that we destroyed the technology that took us to the moon and its a painful process to build it back up again. The moon rocks that they brought back from the Moon or given to every state in the US and several countries. Most of these rocks have been lost or misplaced or conveniently "stolen". The spacecraft they used to land on the moon called the LEM was basically a aluminum can held together by tape and such. How was this able to protect the astronauts from radiation? I've seen the craft at the space museum and it literally has aluminum foil on it. There is a ton of other evidence just take the time to research it you won't be disappointed. Landing on the moon was the greatest achievement of mankind. It doesn't seem like NASA or anyone else treated it that way by the obvious incompetence displayed with the "evidence" after the moon landing. I have not mentioned one conspiracy theory or false claim. If we really went to the moon NASA should be an open book with the evidence and allow mass spec testing from a 3rd party to confirm the "greatest achievement of mankind". The more you look into the moon landing the more you start to question that we went there. Personally I think that's why people wonder if it truly happened.

  • Me Me 2

    We should go to the moon again. We should do everything we want to do on Mars or other planets on the moon first.

    Why not practice on the moon. It is closer, safer and hey, we have been there… Why not do everything on the moon we want to do on mars and get the practices done in a place where a rescue could be possible instead of in a place where we could very easily be in a situation where lives are lost. Build moon bases, figure out how to create/grow food on the moon. Once we have it perfected on the moon, move on to the next planet and take what we have learned and place it there. The moon could always be a place to practice different things.

    Why Practice? Those of you that know how to drive a car, think back. When you first started learning to drive, you had both hands on the steering wheel. You concentrated on every detail. You checked your mirror and then your eyes snapped straight back to the road. you drove slow and carefully. Now, that you have to drive and have done it a lot and you have practiced it over and over again, now when you drive the car, you turn on the radio, check your mascara, send and receive texts, (shame on you if you do) check the mirrors, smoke a cigarette, visit with people in the car, talk to your kids, shout at the next car wave your hand out the window look at the scenery sing with the radio and all while driving safely down the road at high speed. Driving has become automatic and it came that way through practice.

    We should practice living in space on the moon.

  • tractor

    This idiot, same stupid video.
    Nobody went to moon, bro ! You tell us NASA bedtime story.

  • Come Visit Waikiki

    we really do need to set up a moon base and send all the politicians there

  • phaeton 007

    Actually 3m is quite a deep hole.
    And yes of course we should be going to the moon. Lots.

  • Jacob Bates

    Obviously the Chinese rover broke down I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier ?

  • Hammed Olanrewaju

    Russian,China,USA any nation on moon landing mission is a fucking big lie ??

  • Mohammed azizieh

    Ha ha h` did we really visit the moon

  • Randy Powell

    Hell yeah! we need to go back!

  • Douglas Corley

    We need to invent gravity on a spacecraft before we go any further

  • Eochaid

    Don't know but two hours later it wanted to find something else.

  • Nazret Net

    I say without moon, there will no humans on earth, because moons tidal wave make females horny every 28 days.

  • asleepinthealley

    What a crock of shit. Ya wanna see who's propagating the lies? look who's paying for ad space…Shills in abundance.

  • Mick Carson

    Enough bullshit. Stop fucking up this planet just to go and explode dead planets. The Moon, Mars, Venus, they're all lifeless and dead. Stop polluting our space with rocket junk that can cause problems with satellites, risking collision with them. And, China on the Moon is another exaggerated bullshit. They made so much money out of all of us suckers who have been buying made in China products, now they too can afford to do space flights in an attempt to try and land on the Moon. What the US couldn't do because of the strong Van Allen's radiation belt, the Chinese are going to find a way to break through the belt and head to the Moon. It's a total fake in my opinion, as they need tons of fuel to go to the Moon, land and blast off back to Earth. Same shit NASA did back in the 60's and failed because they knew that it was harder to penetrate the radiation belt without being cooked a little. People born nowadays forget that NASA had sent chimpanzees in space as experiments on what happens to them during passage through the inner radiation belt. The chimpanzees were sick, some died. Did they want to risk sending humans through that belt after the research was gone? Nah, better way to fool the Russians was to go ahead with the Apollo 11 mission but stage the landing in a studio and televise it to the world so that the Russians see it and believe that the US is the first to land on the Moon, blah blah blah. Meanwhile Russia nearly killed their astronauts when they pushed them in the vicinity of Van Allen's belt around the same time after the supposedly Apollo 11 Moon landing and had to return because their module didn't have enough anti-radiation material. Lucky they made it back. That was the real reason why neither countries went back to the Moon. Now, China wants to prove to both the US and Russia that they can go to the Moon without problems, yes yea… of course this it a repeat of the 60's, same staged lunar flight and landing where the actual landing is being done in a dark studio with black background. Yet, if that was true, even in this age with better cameras and technology, there are still no stars, no milky way, no heavenly bodies. Yea, yada yada yada as usual. It's YouTube, you know, where all the bullshit is shown.

  • liam devlin

    Tbh not much actual footage in this vid..hardly anything really lots of talking though.

  • Paul Schooley

    yes i would love to see us go to the moon that would be fantastic ,they could put a live feed permanently there so we could watch ourselves spin all day long & wouldn't have to deal with the flat earth theory

  • Leonardo Friedrich

    that's no moon…

  • jose garcia


  • barry nicholas

    … where are the photos/ videos of the American landing site? No I thought not.

  • Minarchist 412

    It only cost $1 billion to send the latest rover to Mars. I'm sure they could send a rover to the moon for half that price. That's nothing compared to the money that they waste on the US military.

  • cheshirefoxxx

    great video! i was watching AncAliens and they said the moon is hallow lol.. it made me wonder why we have rovers on mars but no moon rovers! that chinese 2013 moon rover data is awesome! and the little history bits were helpful too

  • lakisbouz


  • Sandra McShane

    Why didn't China send any people to the moon? Is it because it's IMPOSSIBLE?

  • Neeks Hush

    How about we stop screwing with S&@“ !! Before we kill ourselves! Got cha

  • TheRescueOfTheBride

    No, it is all a hoax.

  • jimmy tiler

    FAKE video dont watch

  • Iggy Moyano Jr

    Now at my age I don't WANT to hear B/S . Is it TRUE that NASA / never a straight answer ; did fly Apollo 20 and did they FIND Mona Lizza ?? The allien pilot on the Dark side of the moon ??????

  • Ban Powel

    Its an amazing achievement for christian americans ( who by the way, where first there) and the russians who landed multiple probes, the fantastic hindu indians who landed a probe on the moon, and now the chinese………well done

  • AJ Alvarez

    lol it’s time to plant rice in the moon!? Mars is next!!??

  • T Green

    You say in the video should we go back to the moon? I am not so sure about this, as NASA have already enough material to Bullshit about and it would put the CGI guys out of a job. Can't wait for the next lot of space exploration Tosh, as I need a good laugh.

  • Clint Mckinnon

    I didn't see anything about the part were Chinea says there is no evidince of our moon landing

  • ຍຸດຕິທັມ ແດນເນລາມິດ

    Americans flag still there ? Or get stolen by Aliens ?
    US or other counties might landed on the moon before but not on Dark side of the moon Dumb ass!! China is the first country

  • Toreshammere Celt

    NASA never went to the moon. It was a hoax. A politically expedient lie for the times.

  • Neil Clark

    Stop believing this crap, no one will ever go to the moon

  • Yordan lol

    Moons over my hammy?

  • Frankenstein rules


  • Phuralilatpam Bobo

    NASA never sent human on the room.

  • Washington.A. Santiago

    we should stop going to the moon alltogether and use the millions of tax payers dollars on a better cause here on earth,, spend the $$on enviromental clean ups and medical research to cure cancer and other deceases, and /or fight hunger in our own country, ,prepair for global,warming disasters that are coming to a shoreline near everyone soon???,also for building new?? desalination plants,for clean water ,for drinking and farming, there are many more important needs here on mother earth than on the moon, , its a waste land there, dont forget theres no air ,or water, or good soil there, and its cold, too far ,and too uggly, to go camping there,?

  • mikle min

    Within 20years no one go up to the Moon? No way, It just begun 20 years ago even now. The China too late for to go there!

  • Fuk Hue

    To answer the question at the end I think we should go to a strip club and have a good time. Might as well do that as to spend untold BILLION's of dollars more talking about and researching going somewhere. Without a clearly defined objective like the 1960's Moon Mission NASA and America will flush money down the toilet to the tune of Billions more achieving little to nothing in the goal of not is their life out there. Where is it and what form is it in? We should know that by now and their not telling us everything they do know. The American people paid for all of the hardware and salaries. We deserve to know everything especially in a FREE, OPEN Society. Let's go back to the moon first, learn to survive in space for long periods (if possible) and use it as the starting point for a Mars Mission. Unite all Space Agencies and Private Companies world wide and we can advance the Human Race forward toward a brighter future!

  • ozbrah nuke-em

    The moon is not something you can go to and land on…wake up.

  • Corrine Tsang

    What China first probe to the far side of the moon found is Helium-3 .The second probe is inside a crater to mine Helium-3 for nuclear fusion

  • Luv1234

    How come they don’t send human?

  • Durgesh Nandini Panda

    This is all fake …. understand ass-hole

  • Luis diaz

    Bullshit propaganda fake news

  • Wally Wally

    Dont care about China crap useless information

  • michael lu

    Landing on the moon is such an easy task compare with returning back to Earth alive. The vessel accelerating all the way to earth by the earth gravity and will reach the escape velocity of the Earth. With this velocity how US managed to do it back then with such a breeze boggles my mind. Considering the US retired the complete space shuttle program due to the risk of returning at much lower altitudes and with maneuvering capabilities.

  • Paul Revere

    Total bullshit, we never got anywhere near the moon

  • John Cherish

    To get to Mars we need the moon and a permanent base there. A permanent moon base will let us practice close to home the skills needed for Mars like radiation & charged particles shielding an absolute necessity for both

  • paul skillman

    Lunch rockets from the moon to Mars. All the basic elements of Mars are here on Earth except water. What's the point?

  • Chris Bryant

    We need to go to the moon is closer it's easier it's much more convenient why go far away to Mars when can we haven't even done with the moon yet she's just an ad up sorry

  • ANCHOR440

    Use going to the moon as a testbed for going to Mars. Lots of problems going there and staying, not to mention going to the forth planet.

  • Christopher Henry Garcia

    I have a Zoroc ZorRooster base on Earth's moon, you know the one with a Happy Face made by 3 huge craters on it? That one. Lord St. Christopher Henry Garcia

  • comparative studies

    USA moon landing was faked, plz be honest and do research 9/11 , moon landing was inside job.why not USA send again men on the moon after apollo?

  • Big Travis

    The moon belongs to the USA
    just like the arctic
    Keep your greasy paws off them both or it’s on MFers

  • Moose Racks


  • D Moore

    Wonder how much problem = moon dust …

  • person 1

    How about taking care of our people here first. Or not giving hypertax cuts to the mega-rich. Or instigating another war to feed the military industrial complex.

  • darthen856

    And now we have Yutu 2 on the far side of the moon

  • Sombom99 Iphone

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  • Steven Samet

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