Chipping and Painting on Ships – How its done | Life at Sea on Container Ship

Hey guys jeff here, if you also want to send
a greetings to other sailors around the world, make sure you add and send me on instagram. Today we are going to check on the progress of crew’s Chipping Rust and painting. It is by far one of the most frequent done
task on all ships, regardless of size .type. military. or merchant. The principal reason for chipping and painting
are for protection and decoration purposes. Modern ships are made of steel and a well
maintained one can last up to 20 or 30 years. So To Start off, Bosun assign the work. Making sure everyone wear Protective equipment. Namely Helmet, Boots, masks, eye and ear protection. The crews first look for any blistering or
peeling. The equipment we use are all pneumatic, which
means air pressure powered because electrical powered can be dangerous on deck. From there we bring in the big toys. This is a Pneumatic Chipping hammer. The head thrust in and out. penetrating rust. Hammer is great for big pieces and flat surfaces. For uneven surfaces, we have the Pneumatic
Chipping Gun. The individual needles pack less of a punch
but are able to move about and covers more surface area. Or…You could go old school and use a chipping
hammer. Its all about the muscles. Finally once the rust is off, we clean off
with device call sunder to reveal bare metal. The second half process is painting, well
we have to start off from the paint locker. Our ship’s paint locker has thousands of
liters of paint. This pain locker is a smaller version intended
for safe storage and quicker access to frequently used paints. The room is well ventilated so the paint
fume won’t build up which is potentially dangerous. We just have to make sure the correct proportions
and most importantly, correct pairing. For example, Not enough hardener can take
forever to dry, and an incorrect type of hardener will make it into lumps ruining the paint. THE MSDS provide such information, MSDS stands
for material safety data sheet. It contains everything from what to mix with,
to the flammability of the paint, to first aid if u somehow took a sip. Before we apply paint we have to make sure
the surface is clean, sometimes we will even wipe with a rag. A Roller is used for flat surfaces and different
size brush for others. 2-3 layers of primer is applied followed by
a finishing top coat. This process can take several days because
of the time require to dry. Brush work is very important and it comes
down to attention to detail and experience. You can expect someone like Bosun to be very
efficient while a beginner to take extra time. Chipping is always done in the morning and
primer is done in the afternoon so that when the crew is off work, the bare metal wont
be exposed to the elements during the night. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to hammer
on that like button and ill see u guys next time.

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