Chris Kattan and Jimmy Compare Memories of SNL’s Iconic More Cowbell Sketch

[ Both babbling ] [ Laughter ] -We always end up
doing that character. That was —
That was Hollywood. -That was Hollywood,
a character called Hollywood. They go, “Ahh, ooh-ah, ooh.” [ Laughter ] -And for some reason,
it didn’t take off. -I don’t know why.
-Why not? -But he did also go —
he goes, “Everybody, everybody.” -Oh, that’s right.
“Hollywood, everybody.” -That part took off
just a little bit. -It did a little bit, yeah.
-Yeah. -How many characters
do you think that you’ve created
in your brain? -In my brain?
-Yeah. -Way too many.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, way too many.
-Yeah. -But, I mean, really, I mean,
I was lucky enough to work with you for how many —
-Me too, yeah, with you. -At least five seasons.
-Five seasons, yeah. -I loved it.
-Yeah. Thank you. -I just love the way
your brain works. -Works.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -I know what
you’re gonna say any — Yeah, I know the next words
that you’re gonna say. -We finish each other
sandwiches, yeah. [ Laughter ] -Really?
-You were on — -Yeah. “SNL.”
I was on “SNL.” -No, no.
But you were on our show. -Oh, yes, that’s right.
[ Laughter ] -Yes, you were on “SNL,” but you were on our show
with Horatio Sanz and Tracy Morgan.
-Look at that. -We were doing
“I Wish it was Christmas Today.” -“Christmas Today.”
-And then, Ariana Grande… -Tracy was so excited
to come back. He was like, “We got
the band back together.” -Yeah. That’s right.
[ Laughter ] We did.
-You did. -And Ariana came
and jumped in the sketch. -Exactly, look.
-And look what she did. She put her arm —
her hands on my shoulders. -Yeah.
-Isn’t that nice? -Isn’t that nice of her?
-And she’s like a little — like a little bird
perched on my shoulders. [ Laughter ]
-Little bird. -And what was so weird, though, was people got very territorial
on the Internet. -Oh, really?
-Like, she’s so — By the way,
she’s the most sweetest, most grounded —
grounded woman ever. She is.
-Yeah. -And she’s got so many big fans, ’cause she’s, like,
the number-one pop star. And people on the Internet
were like, “She — She’s not — She doesn’t have her hands
on his shoulder. She’s hold — She’s helping him
hold up the keyboard.” But, look, there’s no —
there’s no strap. -But what are you talking about?
Why would they say that? -I don’t know.
‘Cause they got territorial. -She shouldn’t be in the sketch?
-No, no. That her hands
were on my shoulders, like, that’s kind of like —
they would be, “She’s obviously
holding up the keyboard.” -You were —
-That’s what they’re saying. Why would they
get mad about that? People from Afghanistan
and Beloit were all mad. Not them specifically,
but it’s — -What are you talking about?
[ Laughter ] -People all over world.
-No one should be mad at all. It’s a funny sketch.
-No, they were mad. -Yeah, no one’s mad.
-Okay, good. [ Laughter ] I’m glad we cleared that up.
-I know. You were very excited.
You were a big fan. -I was very excited.
-You were like, “Ariana Grande.” [ Both babbling ]
[ Laughter ] Yeah.
-She DMs me sometimes, too. -Oh, really?
-Yeah, yeah. -So you’ve become friends
from that? -Very exciting, yeah. Sometimes I’ll DM her,
and I’ll go, like, “Hi,” and she’ll send me black hearts.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
Which is a good thing, I think. -Yes.
[ Laughter ] That’s, like, her logo. That’s like her thing she does
with people she loves. -Exactly.
She loves that. And, you know, all of a sudden,
I’ll see her walk out on Coachella, I’m like, “Oh,
that was inappropriate timing.” [ Laughter ] -She is a big star.
-Yeah, big star. -You can’t just text her things.
-Yeah. -This book —
Congrats, by the way, on writing a book.
“Baby, Don’t Hurt Me.” Are those real monkeys on the —
-Those are, yeah. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -In this, you talk about
your childhood. You talk about “SNL.”
-Yes. -You talk about Groundlings. I just want to go through
a couple… -Okay.
-…sketches, if you don’t mind. First of all, what sketch do
people ask you about the most? -Probably “More Cowbell,”
I would think. -Yeah, “More Cowbell.”
-Yeah. -That’s what
I get asked about, too. -You get that, too?
-Yeah, here’s me and you… -Isn’t that crazy?
-…and Will Ferrell. -Everybody loves that sketch
so much. There we are.
[ Laughter ] -I’m the baby. [ Cheers and applause ] What do you —
-Now — -What do remember
about the sketch? Because I might have
a different view. -Well, I remember —
Well, first of all, everyone remembers
his stomach fell out and everybody broke character. But I think —
This is what happened. This is my story, anyway.
-Okay, you tell me your story, and I’ll tell you
what really happened. -Everybody, take a seat.
[ Laughter ] -They are sitting.
No one’s standing up. [ Laughter ] -Well, Will said to me
before we went live, he said, “When you say your line,
‘Don’t blow this for –‘” My line is,
“Don’t blow this for us, Gene!” That’s my line.
-Wow, yeah. -So, I say one — thank you.
-Please sit down. -So I say that line.
And I do it live, and I — and he didn’t realize
how strong — He said,
“Push me as hard as you can.” And he didn’t realize
how strong I am. Because I’m pretty strong.
I mean, I’m small, But I’m pretty —
I’m built like an ant kind of. [ Laughter ] You know?
-What does that mean? -Just like —
You know how ants are like — Like, a little ant will crawl,
and he’s carrying, like, a little twig on his back?
-Yeah. -It’s like equivalent to a tree
in the ant world. [ Laughter ] So by carrying —
[ Laughter ] -So, you were like an ant.
Yeah, you’re built like an ant. No, I get it.
-I’m built like an ant. -Yes, of course.
-“Hey, he’s stronger than he looks.”
-Yeah. -So, like — So, like I —
-You pushed Will. -Say my line,
“Don’t blow this for us, Gene!” and I push him really hard, and I can see in his eyes,
he’s like, “Wow, you’re strong. You’re like an ant.”
[ Laughter ] And then —
-“You’re like an ant.” -In my world, it makes sense.
-Yeah, of course. -And then his stomach falls out.
-And that’s what — -And that’s when he —
Well, look. Here, here.
-Yeah. -He’s like —
He’s looking at me like, “Oh, my God, you’re strong.
You’re like an ant.” [ Laughter ] And I’m like,
“You’re right, I am strong. I’m like an ant.”
-No, no, no. Here’s what happened.
-And you were like — You’re just laughing,
because that’s what happened. -No —
[ Laughter ] -That’s my story.
-We were doing the sketch, and I don’t know
if you remember, Adam McKay wrote this.
-Right. -At dress rehearsal,
it didn’t do that well. It was okay.
-Right. Correct. -And it was towards
the end of the show on air. -Oh, that’s right.
I remember that, yeah. -Usually the weirder sketches
are towards the end. -Sure.
-And this is there. And I remember Will wore
a smaller shirt for air. -That’s true. -So more of his stomach
would come out. And then, he had sunglasses on. So when you pushed him, like,
“Don’t blow this for us, Gene!” -You did a funny move.
His glasses flew off. -Oh. Did they?
-Yes. -I don’t remember that part.
-So his glasses flew off, and then I looked
at the eyes of a psycho. -Right.
-And then I go, “Wow.” -Yeah.
-And I go — and I was like — I was in the big leagues.
I didn’t even — This is like probably
my fifth show or something. I wasn’t even in — I shouldn’t be in the same room
as these two. -That is the most…
-…genius minds… -…strangest-looking stomach,
by the way. -No, it’s the greatest.
-It’s not normal. -And then everyone
just upped their game. You upped your game.
-Yeah. -Christopher Walken
was even doing like — -Oh, yeah, it was great. -He wasn’t even speaking, like,
the English language. He was like he was doing
an impression of himself. -Yeah, I think he was. -“You know
we got to have more cowbell!” Yeah.
-Yeah. -It was unbelievable.
And, that’s — Everyone always
talks about that sketch. -Yeah, they do.
They still do, yeah.


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