Christian Short Sketch “A Warning From History” (English Skit)

Everyone ready? Cameras, lights, we good to go? We’re ready! And the props … Are you sleeping? Director Shen is here. We’re about to start. We all know, this is a key moment in welcoming the Lord’s return. It is. But churches today are almost empty. That’s true. Our brothers and sisters have lost faith, spiritually weak! It’s hard to believe the desolation
in the temple so long ago has reappeared today! Why is that? Are you asking me why? Obviously … I don’t know. To remind everyone to look out
for the appearance of the Lord Jesus, A Warning From History, a sketch by our church may help reaffirm their faith. ‘K, let’s get ready to shoot! ‘K, all teams get ready to roll! Okay. Director! Yeah? The Pharisee male lead has some issues at home, he can’t be here! Really? He really has incredible timing! This is the worst possible time! Where am I gonna find a replacement? Director! Pastor Jia is here. Oh. Pastor Jia! Hey, director, why haven’t you started filming anything yet? Pastor Jia, the Pharisee male lead had something come up
and now he can’t make it. What should we do? Well, what else? Find a replacement! Look at the time! Where do we find one now? Look at all these people here, just grab one. You, come here … Hey, hey, hey. Pastor. Not just anyone can perform
the part of the Pharisee. Why is that? Well, he’s a leader, he needs to know the Bible, but important, he needs to be a hypocrite! That’s a good point. No wonder I made you the director. But who’s our replacement? Oh! Pastor. I found our Pharisee! You did? Yeah! Who? Who … who is it? You? You’re the Pharisee! You’re calling me a Pharisee? This mouth of mine … Pastor Jia, all I mean is that you’re perfect for the part! Well then say what you mean! So you’ll do it then? Who? Me? Yeah! No way! No, no. Pastor, don’t go! This is an emergency! Everyone is waiting to see our sketch! I’m not prepared. How am I supposed to do this? Come here, get a costume. Quick, quick. How will this work? – It’ll be fine!
– Pastor Jia. – Just get up there.
– Just be yourself, you’ll do great! Great! We’ve found our Pharisee! It’s perfect! Everyone remember your lines! Got it! Everybody ready? Here we go! Okay. Ready, action! Hey, have you heard? Jesus resurrected Lazarus, four days after his death! Hey, Jesus’ miracles are exciting
to the Jewish community. That’s true. Everyone knows about it! That’s right! Some say He’s the prophesied Messiah, the Christ! Excuse me! Jesus couldn’t possibly be the Christ. Right. How could the Christ not be born in Bethlehem? Yeah. Hey, I think Jesus must have been sent by God. Otherwise, how could He have such power? I see you’ve been tricked as well. Do any of the rulers or Pharisees
believe in Him at all? Right. But, right now so many people say that Jesus is the prophesied Messiah. Right. I’ve also heard His sermons, and His words have great power. Yes. It’s from the Holy Spirit, and is the voice of God. Hey, hold on. But the elders say He is a deceiver. Exactly. The Sanhedrin declared any who recognize Jesus as Christ will be expelled. Hey, the elder is here! We’ll talk to the elder about this. Wow, I was right! He’s a perfect Pharisee! I have been told there are those who leave the temple to hear the sermons of Jesus of Nazareth. This is forbidden! Forbidden! Yes, forbidden! Also … uhh … What’s my line? What do I do? What’s my line? I forgot! I know what I’ll say. You hear preaching of the Lord Jesus’ return or new words expressed by God, or God’s work of judgment
beginning with the house of God, never let yourself believe it! Don’t ever! You must refuse to hear it, or read it, or look into it! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! All Wrong! All wrong! Come on, you’re a Pharisee, not a pastor! Yes. Sorry, sorry! You’re getting distracted on stage! Just a habit. One more time. – Remember, you’re a Pharisee! ‘K?
– Right, a Pharisee. Alright, everyone get ready. Action! Elder, fewer and fewer people
are coming to the temple. More and more of the commoners are following Jesus. You have to think of something! Right. If it goes on like this,
everyone will follow and believe in him, even the Romans will come
to take our land and our people. Then we’ll lose our powerful status and our tenure. Yes! Lose our what? His job for life? Do not fear. I have a way to stop them from following Jesus. My brothers! Some preach that Jesus of Nazareth
is the prophesied Messiah. Well how could this be? It’s impossible! The Scriptures say: Right! – Many of Jesus’ … of Jesus’ …
– Teachings. teachings are not listed in the laws. He doesn’t follow the law. – He works on the Sabbath.
– Exactly! He goes far beyond the Scriptures. Yeah. How could He be the prophesied Messiah? You must not follow Him! Right! Jesus and His disciples don’t keep the Sabbath, and He sits at the table with sinners. Is that not a clear violation of the laws? Yes, the law says, but Jesus teaches, Is this not adding to the law? It is! So think about that very carefully. Right. Aren’t Jesus’ words adding to the law? He might be right. Right? What’s going on here? I can’t figure it out. That was a requirement for men. Right! But we can’t apply that requirement to God. Right. If we delimit God’s work to the laws, aren’t we being unreasonable? It makes sense that in a new age, God does new work and expresses new words. That’s right. God has a plan for His work
and freedom to work as He pleases. All God does is the truth, and is to save mankind. How can we use God’s requirement
of man to delimit God? You can’t talk like … Delimit God? Huh! Ridiculous! We believe in God according to the Scriptures. How could this be delimiting God? Exactly. God’s words and work are all in the Scriptures. There is no record of Jesus’ words
and deeds in the scriptures. True! They are outside the Scriptures. How could they be the words of God? We believe in God only through the Scriptures
and the Scriptures alone. Anything beyond the Scriptures, we will not accept! Amen! Hey, I don’t understand what you’re saying that for. What? What don’t you understand? Let me ask you, is God’s work limited by the Scriptures? Exactly. Which came first, God’s work or the Scriptures? Right. Look at what you’re asking! Of course God’s work came first,
followed by the Scriptures! Could work God hasn’t done yet
be recorded in advance? – Of course not!
– No. You know that’s impossible. Jesus brings a new age with new words and work. Right. How could those be recorded in the Old Testament? Exactly. God is the true, living God. God’s work is always new and never old, and always progressing. Amen! But you are limiting God’s footprint
to His past words and work. This is restricting and resisting God! Resisting? That’s what it is. God’s words and work may not
all be recorded in the Old Testament, but, G … God’s words are all recorded
in the Old and New Testaments! Is that a wallet? The whole entire Bible … The whole Bible is God’s testimony. Anything outside the Bible
is not the words or work of God. Pastor Jia is right! We cannot delimit God’s words
and work to the Old Testament. We have to delimit them
to the Old and New Testaments! That’s more like it! – Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
– Many of God’s words were not compiled into the Bible. Wrong again! Wrong again! What? Those lines aren’t in the script at all! They’re not? We’re set in the Age of Law. What are you doing pulling out the modern Bible! Put it away! Now! And you three review your lines! Go, go! And you guys, you’re completely losing the plot! Give me that script. A new age with new work and new words expressed … That sounds a lot like
the teachings of Eastern Lightning! Do you think they believe in Eastern Lightning? Many good sheep from various sects
are accepting Eastern Lightning! I think that they do! Eastern Lightning’s appearance is shaking
every denomination and sect to the core! Lots of people are visiting The Church
of Almighty God’s website to learn more. There’s no way to stop them! – Pastor Jia, what should we do about this?
– Yeah. They want to steal my sheep! – Not on my watch!
– Right! Alright, it sounds like you believe
in Eastern Lightning, don’t you? Don’t you? We’re just looking into it. – Looking into it?
– Are you serious? Please! Pastor Jia, we’re filming a sketch here! Let’s finish the sketch first! My sheep are fleeing! I don’t have time for this. Our brothers and sisters are all … What do I say to you every single day? Huh? Any teachings talking about
the Lord’s return are completely false! Completely false! I tell you not to seek or read about it. Why don’t you listen? Then how are we supposed to know if it’s real? – It is not!
– Yeah! Only Eastern Lightning publicly testifies that the Son of man has come
as the incarnate Almighty God … That’s right. … issuing truth and doing judgment
starting with the house of God. That fits perfectly with the Lord’s prophecy. Right! How can we ignore this? Now, think about this. Huh? Eastern Lightning testifies
that the Lord has returned and has already expressed new words. There’s no prophecy of that in the Bible! – Exactly!
– Yes! In the Book of Revelation, it said, Amen! The Bible can’t be added to or diminished. So, everything God says and does is in the Bible. If it’s not in the Bible, it’s not from God. Right. God’s words and work are all in the Bible. There are no new words or work
that aren’t in the Bible. Nothing is added, get it? Hey! Why does that sound so familiar? Pastor Jia, this prophecy isn’t talking about the entire Bible … Right! … only about the Book of Revelation. Right! So, not adding anything is only a warning so things don’t
get carelessly added to God’s prophecy. It doesn’t mean there won’t be any new words
and work from God in the future. Right. Almighty God’s work and words in the last days
fulfill the prophecies in Revelation. You’re saying it’s adding to God’s prophecy? Right. Can you promise that God
won’t express new words in the last days? Right. Pastor Jia … Oh no. Can’t you see? – Pastor Jia wants to say something!
– Yeah. Pastor Jia … Pastor Jia, calm down. Now go tell them how wrong they are! Okay. Yeah! How many times have I told you, huh? Don’t interrupt others when they’re speaking. Why won’t you listen? We believers in the Lord need to be humble. Let them finish! Okay, go! Brothers and sisters,
the Lord Jesus clearly prophesied: Revelations prophesied, These are all God’s work and words in the last days, yet you say, “Outside the Bible, we can’t find God’s work and words.” Aren’t you rejecting openly the words of the Lord? Aren’t you denying the work of the Lord’s return? You are judging the Lord. You’re resisting the Lord! Yeah, isn’t this condemning
the work of the Lord Jesus’ return? Brothers and sisters! Don’t believe in any new words, any new work. As long as we have the Bible, it’s enough for us. The Bible stands for God. Faith in God is faith in Bible. Anything outside the Bible, anything outside it, I will not accept! We do not accept any new words or new work. Our faith in the Lord is faith in Bible. We believe in nothing else. Anything not in line with it, even if Almighty God is the returned Lord, we will not accept! Hey, just now when we were performing, isn’t that how the Pharisee resisted the Lord Jesus? Yeah! Pastor Jia, does the Bible represent God? Is it God or the Bible that saves people? Do you pray to God or to the Bible? Exactly. I think that your stubborn adherence to the Bible and refusal to accept the return of the Lord Jesus is just like the Pharisees’ resisting the Lord Jesus! Yes. The Lord Jesus once accused the Pharisees, Pastor Jia, you replace God with the Bible, and preach the absurd theory that “Believing in God is believing in the Bible, and believing in the Bible is believing in God.” Isn’t that exactly what the Pharisees did? You think you’re earning eternal life? Don’t you think only Christ
is the truth, the way, and the life? Amen! By following the footsteps of the Lamb, we can truly live. Almighty God’s word has power and authority. Reading it feels like you’re face to face with God, and your heart knows that
Almighty God’s words are the voice of God. Just like when we read the Lord Jesus’ words. Except for God, whose words can achieve that effect? That’s right. There is so much to be found in Almighty God’s word, The Word Appears in the Flesh. Yes. It reveals God’s management plan, contains words that judge mankind’s
corruption and rebelliousness. Right. It reveals the path for people
to escape corruption and be purified, and tells us the final end
and destination for each person. Right. These are all truths we must understand
as believers in God. Yes. The more I read of Almighty God’s word, the more brightness I feel in my heart. I’m certain Almighty God’s words
are the truth and the voice of God. Amen! Isn’t Almighty God truly the returned Lord Jesus? What? Is the Lord Jesus really back? That was a really good argument! Are you kidding me? What they are testifying is not in the Bible! If it’s not in the Bible, we can’t listen to it! You don’t know? Brothers and sisters, let’s listen to Almighty God’s word. Yes. Don’t listen to Almighty God’s word! Yeah, don’t. Don’t do that! Reading the Bible is enough for us! Yes! Wait. Pastor Jia, how can we know if Almighty God’s words
are the truth if we don’t hear them? Yeah! Why are you so scared of
letting people hear Almighty God’s word? What’s so frightening about that? Yeah! Scared? Humph! I am not afraid. I’m a pastor! Read it! Now, let’s listen to the words of Almighty God. Let’s hear the words of Almighty God. Brothers and sisters, the Pharisees charged Lord Jesus with not abiding
by the laws and not being the Messiah. They had Him nailed to the cross, thereby committing a terrible sin. Their mistake should be a warning
for each and every one of us. That’s right. If we do what the Pharisees did, reject and abandon God because
God’s new words are not in the Bible, then our end will be just like theirs. That’s right. That makes sense. We should investigate Almighty God’s
work in the last days. We can’t allow other people to deceive us
by using the Bible to delimit and resist God. – Yes.
– Right. If what Almighty God expresses is the truth, then He is without a doubt
the return of the Lord Jesus, because the Lord Jesus said, Right! So let’s go learn more about it! Learn more? I’m warning you, if anyone investigates Eastern Lightning, I’ll expel them from the church! – You’ll be expelled!
– Expelled! And, if anyone from Eastern Lightning
comes to steal our sheep, we’ll call the police and have them sent to jail! To jail! Are they still considered believers in God? After today’s sketch, I understand. The way the Pharisees resisted the Lord Jesus is the same way you resist and condemn Almighty God! There’s absolutely no difference
between you and the Pharisees! You’re not playing the part of Pharisees, you actually are modern-day Pharisees! Modern-day Pharisees! You— Pastor Jia, God’s disposition brooks no offense. You should stop trying to keep us from seeking out the work
of Almighty God in the last days. Yes. Repent! Confess your sins to God! Otherwise, your end will be
the same as the Pharisees. No one can bear the sins of rejecting God! – You …
– Yeah! Don’t try to scare me with
what happened to the Pharisees’! Right. If you leave to learn more, I’ll … I’ll expel you right now! Expel! Expel us? – We reject you right now!
– Brother! You’re just a hypocrite! – Out of my way! I only want to seek the true way!
– Brother, brother, come back! – Bye-bye, Pharisees!
– Hey, brother! Don’t bother to expel us either. Let’s go hear about Almighty God’s
work in the last days right now! Okay. – Brothers, wait for us!
– Sister, sister, sister … Come back! Well! They’re gone! What are you staring at! Go after them! Brothers, sisters, you’ve gone off-script! Come back here! Hey! Why did everyone leave? This sketch was “A Warning From History,” but history repeated itself! I really can’t follow these Pharisees anymore. I want to learn about Almighty God’s
work in the last days! Hey! Wait for me!


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    So funny and meaningful skit, this is really the big warn from history.

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    Amen Very good ! Thank God !

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    Great! Like it. Humorous and interesting.

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    It is worthy for us to think. Why do the pastors stop the believers to investigate God's new work? When I watched it, I know the answer.

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    What do you believe about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit coming in the believers showing the things to come? Doesn't that fulfill Jesus words?

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    What would answer my question Jesus Christ himself has ever claimed in God anywhere in the Bible

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    I like it very much ! A funny and thought-provoking sketch. How modern pastors and elders hold on to the Bible to resist God, they walk is exactly the same as that of the Pharisees.

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    Amen, we will see how to seek the truth and following God of the last Days.

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