Chrome Painting with a Sagola Mini Xtreme Spray Gun

Hey everyone this is custom spray mods Today Im going To show you the sagola mini xtreme spray gun Ive done quite a few jobs with this Ive sprayed chrome Ive sprayed a star wars robot and some other things So Im going to show you the gun and then Some action shots and tell you what i think Sagola MINIXTREME So this is the gun, box It looks pretty cool You get a nice Sagola booklet I wouldnt say thats a mini gun Mini Xtreme, I suppose Smaller then normal Small pot nice black pot I like that. It looks like its ready to go. I really like these dials Great for beginners Setting up the spray gun You have The The setting of the fluid needle I can set it to 1/4 turn Half turn, 3/4 turn And back to a full turn Thats a great feature It comes with an aqua air cap, which I believe is for water base paints They also sent me another tip Ok so this looks like a 1mm nozzle so Im going to use that one The gun came with a 1.2mm nozzle which is perfect for clear coats and sing stage solid colours it can also be used for basecoats as well Im going to use a 1mm nozzle because its better for the chrome paint that Im going to use. Look at that its even got a nice pot filter Thats great Lets get spraying These bumper bars were primed Then painted with 2k single stage black Thats gloss black so they are nice and shiny I even gave them a buff then clean with acetone now Im ready to spray the chrome. Im using the Sagola Mini to spray the chrome and thats going tobasically go over the black and use that gloss to get that amazing chrome look Click the link in the description for more information on the chrome same thing with these c3po parts they are a mixture of fibreglass and plastic so I primed them all then painted the black with the sAgola mini let that dry for a few days then I painted the chrome.. let that dry for a few days Then after a week I sprayed gold candy and clear and thats given a gold anodised finish well there you go, I painted these chrome bumper bars with the sagola mini and I absolutely love this gun, the way it atomises the paint I love the fluid adjustment I even just like the colour and the pot it just makes me want to choose this gun over other guns I really like the pot filter. Thats a good quality thing Its something thats going to last for the life of the gun so thats a really good addition the finish and overall quality of the gun the dials and everything, you can tell its good quality i cant wait to use it again Ive got a few things to paint wheels , brakes. Im going to use this gun if your thinking about getting a mini spray gun fork out the extra money for one of these top quality guns and wont be dissapointed


  • Sabir Baksh

    Ooo hope to see some more videos soon 🙂

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  • Reaper999

    I want that chrome kit or chrome paint kit but I live in the states can you send me the link for it please

  • FDMtech

    M A D

  • Friedrich Garz

    Yeah it has been a while but super stoked you're back into it, your videos are good and worth being a subscriber for, I recently sifted through all the channels I subscribed to and only stuck to the core. Guys that don't commonly swear and use obscene language and aren't using their channel for their five minutes of fame but rather put out top quality (not just quantity) information full videos that give me the chance to learn and grow as well as entertain.

    There's good reason your channel remains on my list, not that it matters to anyone other than myself. Bottom line, thanks for great content and yes your videos have been missed.

  • karthik machi

    Hi man,, awesome video..
    What is the name of the scale model car-like thing in which you spray paints,, in color of the weak series ?

  • Edielson Silva

    Que ferramenta top.

  • BlitZSpEED

    Whats another terminology of see through paint? Is that urethane? Pls help me..

  • 3re Koats Kustoms

    Welcome back great job

  • Ratsnest Hotrods

    Good to see a new video from you!

  • ShadeTreeChef

    Now you do CP30 had his right lower below the knee chrome right? Yep 1 chrome lower leg crazy.

  • bruno burtoni

    Welcome back bro

  • youtooclash lmao

    Great to see you back… please keep them coming even if it’s one a month you’ll still keep people interested. Just don’t leave it for ages. Great video

  • Gilbert Pankhurst

    Happy to see a new video! Love your content! Great review

  • John Flannery

    Hi Dave, I have been a fan of your channel for years love what you do and all the help you give back to your channel and your subscribers.
    Just a few quick questions if you have time.
    1) I want to buy a new spray gun can you recommend a few good brands for home use.
    2) Do you need to completely disassembly your gun and clean it with thinners once you have undercoated your job and are ready to start your base color or is a quick rinse with thinners OK.
    3) Can you do a video from buying a home compressor( hp,lpm,water filters, hose size) and a gun and go through what you need as a basic setup for home use.
    4) Can you cover blending a repair in more detail if you get time.
    Love your work and please don,t stop your video I have learnt so much from you.

  • Mike Zachan

    Missed ya videos mate👍

  • David

    How does the chrome stick to the gloss black, shouldn't you always key your substrate? I've seen this done with many chrome products but can't find an answer to why the chrome doesn't just peel off after a while.

  • Hallum Cowling

    Anyone have any ideas for painting a motorcycle engine?heat resistant 2k primer,2k base coat and 2k vht clear, all from a gun?Anyone know if the heat will be too much for 2k?

  • Joe Atwork

    Just an off topic question. LVLP seems like a good trade-off for the DIYer. Did you ever do a review on these? What your opinion of the SPRAYIT SP-33000K ,or other SPRAYit guns? Thanks.

  • Marco Nuñez

    Great video! I saw the last one you paint with easy chrome, how long it will be good to let the chrome dry before the clearcoat, and what candy color are you using in C3PO parts? Thanks!

  • عبدالمعز البنا

    مكن نوع البيوية برش النيكل كروم

  • Freezer Dweller

    not a SINGLE click in this video.. not liking this common!! otherwise, awesome video 🙂


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