Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design — Green Chemistry | Nike

Chemistry isn’t just beakers and science experiments. When you’re looking to enhance a product’s
performance or an aesthetic or you want to get a certain attribute for a new idea that
you have, chemistry allows you to make those ideas come to life. So we all work with designers and innovation
teams to help them determine which of their choices would be more sustainable from a chemistry
perspective. Several dozen different chemistries go in
to making the materials for a jacket. Several hundred different types of chemistries
go in to making a shoe because of all the different materials. So we can come with alternatives that might
help them achieve the same aesthetic or feature that they want but using either different
chemistry or less chemistry. Using the information and the data of chemistry
helps us make informed decisions. If you don’t know how your material is made,
you don’t know how it can be re-used. So by understanding the chemistry that’s in
our materials and our products, that increases the opportunities so that the products we’re
creating can be part of a circular economy.


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