Cleaning Spray Gun | Matthews Paint

Now that you finished spraying your paint,
it’s time to clean your equipment. With a PPS system, or paint preparation system,
it’s very easy to clean the gun. Simply remove the gun from
the paint preparation system. Be sure to drain the fluid out from the air
to the rest of the gun before you remove the gun from the PPS system. Remove it and for just changing for a color
to go to the next color it’s very simple just to flush the gun out quickly. But if you’re finished up for the day, you
really need to thoroughly clean the gun. That is done in this manner: Remove the air cap. Then remove the fluid needle. Be careful: this is spring loaded. Most gun manufacturers furnish a tool to remove
the fluid tip. Do not use pliers or anything like that. Remove the fluid tip. Now you’re ready to flush the gun out
through here. It’s also a good idea to flush and brush at
the same time. Once you have the internal parts of the gun clean, it’s time to clean the fluid tip, air cap, and needle. See there’s a lot of buildup around the outside
of the fluid tip. Brush the outside and the inside and then another quick flush. Do the same with your air cap. Brush the outside and the inside parts of
the air cap. Fluid needle also needs to be cleaned. All right, now that we have all of our parts
cleaned, it’s time to reassemble the gun. It’s always a good idea to replace the fluid
tip first to prevent bending the fluid needle upon application. Using your supply tool snugly tighten the
fluid tip. Do not overtighten, just snug is good enough. After you have the fluid tip in, you want
to replace the fluid needle with a spring and the adjusting knob. Check to make sure you have trigger,
then replace your air cap. Once that is finished, take some solvent,
wipe down the entire part of the gun and it’s just that easy. That’s how you clean a gun. Just like new again.

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