Coke Studio Season 11| BTS| Dastaan-e-Moomal Rano| The Sketches

It’s the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. The story (of Moomal Rano) was written some 300 years ago It’s probably even older. So we don’t know this legend’s actual date? No. Because, with folk, we never know the dates. Since it’s a vast desert, she (Moomal) believes she’ll be lost. And if he (Rano) comes after she’s gone, they wouldn’t be able to meet. So she prefers to wait. Even if it takes a lifetime, she waits for him to come. So it’s a story about pain of separation. These allegories are more like moral stories. That when you doubt and don’t confirm, then this doubt starts ruling you. This has been sung differently. We’ll have to give a gap here. So i’ll start and then they’ll play Let’s keep a two-bar gap It starts with telling the tale. Then, comes in the melody With emotions The poetry contains the proper storytelling Like what happens first and what comes next It shouldn’t look like we’re trying to formulate Because we don’t want to do that either Should have its breathing space Look into the pads and that space. Keep it as organic In this song, I thought of something textural as this (instrument) has a very folk-like texture. We are going to do a little experiment. Yeah, it’s important. We’ll keep it in free-form. We’ll stay in eye-contact We used to watch Coke Studio in our village I never even dreamt of going to Coke Studio This specific flute is called Narr Our music is more of a form of storytelling We live stories Sindh is filled with stories and folklores The freedom of work (at Coke Studio) Cooperation and coordination (for music) was pretty rich


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