Hello Earthling Friends, I am Venus from Galacticas Today I will introduce you one of my favorite things, my colored pencils. Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies, since I was a little girl I have liked to draw, and throughout my life I have had the opportunity to discover different kind of colored pencils I have used them and experimented with them. I have been increased this collection during the years, I love the coloured pencils. I will start with the small sets, many of them even when they are small, they still special to me. From the Derwent brand I have these three sets of watercolor pencils, the first one is a set of water-soluble pencils, with 12 basic colors. Then I have a set of Graphitint that is one of my favorites, they are water-soluble graphite pencils with a touch of color, when you moisten them they get a very intense color, very vibrant. And then the Metallic one, which, as its name tells, provides a metallic effect, Metallic are mostly used in black backgrounds From the Caran D’ache brand, which is my favorite brand, I have a small Pablo set and also an 18-color watercolor pencils set. I bought the Pablo’s in 2015 when Caran d’ Ache was celebrating its first 100 years of existence. Prismacolor, I have a special place in my heart for this brand, I have always loved them since I was a child, you can see my scholar prismacolor that I still have and I have this set of 36 prismacolor verithin color pencils unlike the premier prismacolor premier, Verithin mines are hard and this will help you to make details in your drawings. I love this set of Fabriano colored pencils, I bought it in Italy, for me it is a really nice souvenir they are soft and thick it includes a pencil sharpener for different tips and sizes. They are beautiful! This box with 36 miniature colored pencils of the paperchase brand is also really special, they are super small, here the comparison with some faber castell polychromos that are of normal size and with some lyra that are a bit larger. They have their own mini pencil sharpener. The Lyra brand, is a German brand that makes these super-thick colored pencils that I really like, Because of their boxes it looks that they are made for school use, but according to my personal perception they are very good, the quality of the wood and the pencils in general is very good. I have a set of 18 basic colors one of metallic colors and two with many skin tones. These top models, which is another German brand was a gift from my friend Sol from Galacticas a couple of years ago she knows that I love all this I really like these colored pencils, the design is very cute this set includes colours to draw skin and hair, Three super cute little dolls are printed on each of the pencils. And to complete the look, I have this kit which includes some colors in blue tones to draw jeans. This brand includes brochures where it explains how to draw, so the children can get the most out of these colored pencils. And now I continue with the biggest sets, starting with the prismacolor, which is a brand that I like a lot, they are made in Mexico I have the professional prismacolor of 120 pieces ( old version) and the prismacolor premier with its 150 colored pencils. They are very creamy professional color pencils, easy to mix, and with a large gamma of colors in fact there are several colours that do not come in other sets of other brands. This is the set of 60 Van Gogh colored pencils from the Dutch company Royal Talens. What I love about this set is actually the design of its wooden box it seems super special With these pencils I discovered the lightfast or resistance to light in colored pencils and I liked the idea that my drawings would last for many years with the same intensity of color even exposed in bright places. They are soft, they mix very well. Unfortunately, I have not seen this set for sale anymore, at least not in this wooden box, so I’m glad I bought them at that time. Now we go with the Derwent brand, which is a British brand, I have these Coloursoft with 72 water-resistant colors, they are soft as their name implies, they come in their wooden box. They are pretty good. I love inktense it is a set of 72 watercolor pencils. These pencils have the peculiarity that when you apply water the color becomes super intense, super vibrant, it is an ink effect. Once the color dries, it becomes permanent which makes it ideal to continue working on it with other colored pencils or other media, and you can also use it on fabric. They are wonderful. Faber Castell, another German brand. From this brand I have the Faber Castell polychromos, with a range of 120 colours. The mines of these pencils are hard due to their oily base, which in addition to being quite resistant are ideal for making details in the drawings They are high quality professional pencils. I really like them a lot. I also have these Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils, which were actually my first watercolor pencils. Just as polychromes these are pencils of excellent quality, despite being water-soluble many times I have used them dry, just like normal colored pencils and you can draw with them very well By adding water it gives you a very good watercolor effect. And now is time to introduce you my collection of the Swiss brand Caran D’Ache as I mentioned earlier this brand is my favorite. I start with one of the first sets that I bought from this brand which was this beautiful box with 120 colors Supracolor soft, watercolor pencils. Besides I love this box, it is actually the most special set I own. This box was designed by the artistic director of Lanvin Paris to celebrate 20 years of Supracolor they made only 1988 boxes and I have one of them, so I feel very lucky. I continue with the second set of colored pencils that I bought from Caran d’Ache pencils. and they are the wonderful Luminance color pencils According to my personal taste they are the best. They are 76 high lightfast colours, they are soft, creamy, they mix excellently well. They are high quality professional color pencils. I can say a lot about them and will not be enough, they are fantastic colored pencils. I like them so much that I have this other box that I use on my dairy activities. Now we go with the museums, which are watercolor pencils they are of an extreme quality They are excellent watercolor pencils, you really get the characteristics of watercolors and they are also lightfast. I include on this list the pastel pencils, This, like all Caran d’ Ache are excellent quality products. They are soft, with high pigmentation, due to their pencil format you can make details more easily. From Caran d’ Ache, besides pencils I have other super innovative and cute products that I want to share with you in the future. It is all for today I have loved sharing with you one of the wonderful things I love of this planet. Thanks for watching this video earthling friend! We thank you a lot for your like and for sharing our videos! If you want to know more about this collection, do not miss the videos that we will publish from this series through this channel See you next time!


  • Mariana Jonjim

    Wouw que bonitos! Tambien me gustan mucho los colores.
    Una pregunta, si los guardas por temporadas largas (años) cambia la textura o no pasa nada?
    Gracias !

  • Lunna Belatty

    É una collezione molto completa. Mi piace tanto. Grazie per averlo condiviso. Spero di verdere presto I tuoi disegni. Ciao 😉👍🏻


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