Color Pencil Watercolor Nail Art

Hi, It’s Suzie from Nail Career education and if you have some pencils/crayons and water, we can paint some flowers together. Let me show you how we can do it! Let’s get started. Okay, so pencils/crayons and the water is really actually quite cool So I’m starting my nails rather short this time With a white gel base that’s cured and ready to go. You can also do this with nail polish, just let your nail polish dry completely and you can paint right on top of it. So I’ve got my little dish of water and I’m going to show you the little… brushes. Look at these. These do differerent things, but I want to show you how tiny they really are. I’m putting my hand in behind it so you can see the size difference between my nail and the brush… they’re quite tiny. I may not use them all but I just want them here. I want to be armed with them. So if you’ve got a little brush kickin’ around, that’s what you need. You want a paper towel to absorb the water when you’re cleaning your brush and we’re going to need a piece of paper-just a regular old drawing paper. So I’ve got my pencil/crayons here, any old pencil/crayons will do. *crash* Oh, that’s way louder than I expected! [Camera Man] Ouch! I got headphones on, that hurt. I’m going to work with blue and purples I think. So, you want to get your purple
ready. I’m going to pick this darker purple… and if you hear, these particular
pencils, it has the color on the end and I might try a little bit of the pink in here. I’m going to grab that.. and I’m going to maybe need a little bit of dark blue just to see some difference in making a little darker shadowing and I’m going to use the
yellows for the center, and the greens for some leaves. I’m going to focus, I
think, mostly on the purple. So, this is what you do. Look how easy this is! Just literally get some purple on there… and then I’m going to use this blue for a bit of a contrast, maybe some shading. How easy is this, ay?
I’m going to throw the pink in here just in case i want some light spots. You know, highlights… and then I’m going to put the green in here for the leaves with a little lighter green for different colored leaves. So, there’s my color palette for the first flower, anyway. Let’s give this a try. So, if anybody’s wondering, on my other hand I’m wearing 205 by Exclusive Nail Couture. It’s a really pretty purple color. it’ll
go with my purple flowers. Okay so, there’s different sized flower petals
you can make with certain size brushes. I’m going to pick this one for my first
petals just going to get it, it’s nice and wet with water. Okay, then I’m going to go to
the piece of paper with all my pencil crayon there and I’m literally just
gonna– *giggles* like I’m making paint– just gonna pick it up and then I’m just going to put my first petal down. Yes, it’s very, very light. Okay, so I get my brush nice and wet with water and I’m
going to go on to here and then make a petal. Now even though you’re doing it with water, it
does actually dry pretty quickly. It’s a watercolor look. So, you want it to be very
light, very light looking. I’m going to let that dry for a little bit and I’m going to get
one of my really fine brushes– Actually let me use this one–
I’m going to do the center. So, just in my yellow, just gathering the color I’m going to put it… in the center. My goal here
here is I’m trying to make a watercolor pansy. Back to the yellow, I just want a little bit more Pansies have that really pretty yellow center. Then, I’m going to get my really fine one and I’m going to get the tip of it and I’m going to put
it in the water and then I’m going to go to the blue. Maybe a little more water because it’s a
little brush so you got to get a bit more water on there and just roll the
paint through it and I’m going to use it a little bit to outline my flower. Yeah, it’s a very, very fine detail but we just want
sort of a hint of a flower. One color I forgot is my black and I want a little bit
of black because I want to do– like the center of a daisy– sometimes have quite a dark
center and almost black, really. Put my black over here… Don’t need too much
because we’re just making the center but I do want that dry… and make sure that’s dry and
I’m going to take my very very tiny brush and I’m going to get some water in
it. I’m going to go to the black pencil crayon. I don’t need a ton of this, I just
need enough to get the center. You know how kind of spiky, like it’s leading into… now
sometimes, you can get it to do that just with the water that’s on here. Tiny, tiny little lines. Don’t drink coffee before this, you want to
have a steady hand. Now I’m going to go into the green and I’m going
to try to make a little leaf. Now leaves are kind of a bit of an edge. I’ll go like this… I dont really know what a leaf for a Pansy would look like the idea is just to get something green in there There, it’s cute! So, I might need a little bit more highlights in there. I’m going to go to the black again I’m not so sure I
know what I’m doing with it yet but see if I can put a little… lines in there just try to make it look… kind of– oops it’s a little heavy I’m going the wrong way. It’s hard when I’m trying to do it for
the camera. If it was myself, i’d be going like that… so it’s a little harder. See if I can make just the finest
little line there. and you’re going to get a little bit of light green Yeah, it just gives it a little bit of
dimension. Now I’m not sure if I like the black along the side. So you know what you do? You’re going to get a little bit more purple… And see if I can just define a little with the purple.
See how it’s kind of softening that black? That might be better You can also, kind of, take away a little.
See how I’m just lessening it. (whispers) Oh, that’s pretty. Ooh, I like that. Okay, I’m going to maybe add another
little leaf in there. A little more green, this little leaf looks a little uncomfortable.
Just going to maybe go up here a little… It’s very water-colory it’s kinda pretty.
Now I’m going to try a bit of a different brush-here’s one that’s kind of long and skinny but depending on how you press it, it can
have wider points on it. Let’s see if we like this one. I’m just going to get it– lots of
water on it. I’m going to go on my paper again. Okay, I’m going to get lots of blue… and sometimes you can go
and you press a little wider and then you come down to a point. See that petal?
Let’s see if we can make another petal… I’m getting a lot of paint out of this one. I haven’t even dipped it yet. Okay so, I’m going to try a different color so i’m going to get rid of this paper palette and I’m going to get a new one. So here’s the darker red. This is like an orangey red and then here is a brighter orange. That’s pretty… and here’s that yellow for the center. I’m trying to do a pansy. I’m not a flower painter. I’d
like to be. If I practice more maybe. Okay, here’s me thumb. Now i’m going to do the darker red first. Now this is a big surface so i’m going to see if I can make a bit bigger of a pansy. You can even manipulate the paint with
inside the circle that you’re trying to do wherever you lead it, is sort of like a shadow.
So i’m going to try to put that in the centers
Okay, this could be just three blobs, I don’t know yet. Now i’m going to go right to
the orangy orange. I’m trying to– making it a little bit dimensional, right? You see how I did that A little bit lighter but trying to keep
the red to the outside… I’m going to clean that off my paper towel. Now, I’m going to go back into the water and now I’m going to go for the yellow. And i’m going to hit right there. Although, it’s too much orange on there still I’m going to sup it up a little. Mm, a little speckle of blue somewhere. You know, that’s a glitter from last week. We’re just
going to have to work with it it’s not wanting to go anywhere! I’m going to lighten this up. See I did it took dark, I don’t
think I like that. I need to lighten it a little. Ooh, kind of purrty. So I’ve learned I need to let it dry
before I put on too much color. You want the colors to blend together, then do
them wet but if you don’t want them to blend, make sure it’s dry. I’m going to go
into my yellow again. Yeah see, you can see that nice and yellow. I don’t want much yellow on that one, just on this one, the big one. I’m going to go into the black now. Let’s see if I can make it look something like a flower! Oh! Again, brush is too big. No, I don’t want this
brush. I always forget that. See the little brush I got? Back to that
little pointy one and sometimes I’ve noticed when it’s pansies
they have lines it’s got the center blackness and then it has
these gentle lines It’s starting to look a
little bit more like a flower This is like the tiniest canvas ever to
work on. Are there tinier canvases in the world? What else would you work on that was really–?
[Camera Man]: I think some scientists made something out of– [Suzie]: OUT OF RICE!
[Camera Man]: atoms… like three, three atoms
[Suzie]: Oh, that’s really small… [Camera Man]: Maybe a few atoms to make something
I can’t remember what it was
[Suzie]: They’re going real small. Ooh, this is a darker purple. I though it was
the same one I grabbed. I-I’ve heard that they are painting it on rice, which of course is…
[Camera Man]: That’s pretty tiny. [Suzie]: I’m sure your atoms are much tinier than rice. [Camera Man]: Yeah, well they weren’t painting on atoms, they manipulated them to create something
[Suzie]: Right, right. Maybe I’ll put a little leaf in there. Kind of bright isn’t? Yeah, I think that one’s better. It’s something I’d actually really like to
get good at. Do a little studying on shadowing and shapes of flowers and
petals. How the light falls on that. I’d like to look into that I’m going to get a little dark green. Okay. I guess I can play around with the
other ones a little. What color centers do they have? Maybe I should do orange. Do orange for a center, orangey red. I’m going to let it dry.
*blows* And maybe i’ll do some, some little spiky points in the center so it’s a little dark coming out In my opinion, I really hate that. That
looks terrible That looks like my six-year-old kid did
that and I put it on the fridge [Camera Man]: I’ll put it on the fridge. [Suzie]: It’s terrible. I don’t mind those ones so much and I can live with that one [Camera Man]: The yellow is my favorite one
[Suzie]: It is not! You’re lying! He’s a terrible liar. [Camera Man]: I like it!
[Suzie]: Terrible liar. I can see that I would have to brush up on my skills for
flowers but I just wanted to give you an idea what you can do with something
you might have at home. You know what? It’s the beauty of this: you can erase it.
[Camera Man]: Oh, my favorite one! [Suzie]: You’re lying
[Camera Man]: You did that out of spite. [Suzie] You’re a terrible, terrible liar. Okay, it’s gone that never happened.
[Camera Man sighs] I don’t know what I’m going to do for the other ones now. Maybe I’m just going to do more of the same and I’m just
going to get better. Well, I’d like to think I was better at flowers than I am
but with all this mess you think I would be. Let’s get rid of that. Okay, so
off-camera I went ahead it’s a little easy for me to paint it this way it’s
really hard to do it this way. Especially when I’m not that good at it but I was
able to manage to get a few more down and now I’m go to top coat you can use
the nail polish top coat or a gel top coat. So I’m going to put a very thin layer. I just want to
make sure that water is in the watercolor and the pencil crayons
are dry. Sometimes things look better under a shiny coat. This one I added a few more swirls
just to see what we can make it look like. Okay… and because I use gel
I’m just going to give it a bit of a cure. That’ll be 30 seconds in an LED and 60 seconds in an UV. As soon as we’re dry we’re going to check out the reveals. So I just wanted to show you something
a little different with something you might actually have at home. It’s kind of
fun to do something different. Thanks for joining me. I really
appreciate that and if you guys are interested in Instagram, i’m @nailcareereducation.
I’d love to see what you can do! I’ll see you soon!



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