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hello everyone so today’s beauty talk is
going to be about the color bar just smoky Kajal and the packaging is like
this it is silver in color and all their products have this typical silver
colored packaging as such now the net weight which you get in this product is
1.2 grams and they say that it stays up to 12 hours and it’s advertised to be as
waterproof now further on they say this velvety and super intense smoky Kajal
comes with a perfect smudge tip applicator for blending and creating
dramatic smokey eyes waterproof eye pencil that stays up to 12 hours can be
used as Kajal eyeliner and eyeshadow intense and excellent color payoff and
it is also a ophthalmologically and dermatologically approved then of course
they have the list of in ingredients out here so if you are interested you can go
through the list just to find out in case if you are allergic to any of the
ingredients listed it says it’s made in Germany and currently out here it
retails for six hundred and fifty rupees so this side the color actually shows
what color pencil you’re buying and this is the case for the just black so that
is how they are all named it’s like just black just gray just green just steel so
that’s the way they are named as such okay so now moving on to the pencils
themselves I have got these in five colors as you can see and with one of
them I must say that the tip as such I think has come off and maybe
it’s due to carelessness or whatever you can say but that’s the smudge tip
applicator that has come off so while I can’t use that smudge tip for smudging
this particular Kajal but I can use it as a Kajal and eyeliner and I can still
blend it out with blending brush right now so this one is called the just black
001 then of course I have the just gray and that’s 002 and then I have
the just steel which is 004 and next I have with me the just green
which is 003 and further on I have the just Electra which is 007 okay so what I’m going to do is first I’m going to swatch all of them
and then I am going to sort of speak about my experience in using these and
right now on my fingers I have the heavy metal color bar nail polish but of
course I have covered it with a glitter topcoat okay so let’s see these swatches now that’s the just black and that’s just
one swatch and you can see that it is truly a jet black color next up we have
the just gray and currently these are my favorite Kajal pencils and I’m using
them on a daily basis and depending upon the mood occasion etc I’m just going in
with whatever color I want and this is the just gray then next we have the just
green and that’s just the just green shade and as you can see that all these
are super pigmented and there is a slight sheen to them which I actually
like then next we have the just teal and finally we have the just Electra
that’s was our five very beautiful shades to have and every time I walk
into their store I seriously consider getting the just brown shade as well but
I do have brown eye pencils from other brands so I’m just holding that off but
sooner or later I’ll be getting the just brown shade as well okay so now you can
see these swatches they are super pigmented and I have used these on my
waterline as well as an eyeliner and they do last for the 12 hours as they have
said without smudging so it is indeed a smudge proof eyeliner and truly worth
having in your kit except for the part which I showed you where one of these
has sort of just lost that smudge tip okay now about this much
tip itself so you need if in case you’re going in for smudging so this is the
sponge tip which they have provided which you can use to smudge the eyeliner
now one thing is that this needs to be done fast because as you can see that
this has already set and it’s not very prone to smudging so it’s in case you
wish to achieve that smoky look or smudged look then you need to start
smudging it the minute you apply it otherwise you will find it very
difficult to smudge so let’s try this by using that just teal shade and try and
smudging it out so I will do the swatch again okay so that’s the just teal and
now I’m going to try to smudge out as yes now you can see this so the minute
you apply it you must start smudging it out otherwise
it’s going to set like I showed you in the previous swatches and then it may
not be the best idea to smudge it out at all but just leave it on as an eyeliner
so here you can see that once you start smudging it out the color payoff
obviously will diminish and it can work very well as an eyeshadow so like they
have said this particular product has got triple uses it can work as an
eyeliner it can work as an eyeshadow and it can work as a Kajal as well but if
you ask me if I’m doing this on my hand right now and the pressure that I am
applying is slightly more than what I would apply to my eyelid area so I would
like you to take an individual call on whether you would really prefer using
this as an eyeshadow or not but as far as using it as a Kajal as well as an
eyeliner goes this product gets an absolute thumbs-up from me and the
colors are super super pigmented as you can see over here I just did one single
swatch with them and in to go over the colors as such but still the color
payoff is amazingly bright and nice and they do of course last throughout the
day so that is a very good thing about this particular kajal also it’s safe
to use on the waterline and I have used the just black the just gray the just
green and the just steel all these four I have used on my waterline as well I
haven’t really tried the just elektra on my waterline I don’t know why but maybe
I will some other time but definitely I’ve tried all these four on my waterline
and they have worked well and as they have said it’s dermatologically as well
as opthalmologically tested and I didn’t experience any allergies now to take off
this since it is smudge proof and stay and they just stay on quite a while
one is of course you use a standard makeup remover and you will require that
and make sure that it’s of a good quality whichever one you’re using
currently I’m using the clinique take the day off
balm to remove my eye makeup but I find that using baby oil or even a dab of
vaseline works just as well to remove this eye makeup so let’s see it has
now been quite some time since I’ve applied this and you can see that it’s
not going anywhere so that is really smudge proof now I don’t have any water
right now beside me but otherwise I would have shown you that even after
applying water it would have remained just as it is so for this price point at
six hundred and fifty rupees it is a very good product to have now some
additional things which I would like to say is that do please keep the pencils
sharpened as, if they are not sharpened then you may find that the wooden edges
are also rubbing against your eyes which is an absolute no so it must be used by
keeping the pencil well sharpened at all times and if you keep using them on a
daily basis you are likely to go through these pretty soon as such but otherwise
this is a very good product to have and thumbs up to the colorbar just smoky
kanji thanks for watching and if you like my video please do subscribe to my


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