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Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday. Here’s your weekly dose of inspiration to build a creative habit one drawing at a time brought to you by Sketchbook Skool. Hey, what’s up? Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday. Today, we’re gonna play with our colored pencils
and not just on a regular white sheet of paper. No, we’re using black paper
as a background. Because that way you need to really think
about the colors that you use. It is a little bit of a challenge because
black doesn’t take all colors. And so you need to think about why it’s
and bright colors and it’ll be fun. And I am kind of a foodie
obsessed artist. So I will do a few drawings
of foodie-related art. The best way to find out how to use your art
materials is just to play and to try it. So let me just draw something that’s very
recognizable which is watermelon. And already I can see that this
needs a little bit of a line. So I will add a white line to define
the shape of the watermelon. And the pink and the green combination
will do the rest. I love coffee. So I need to draw a coffee cup. Of course. I’ll use my white for the outline that works pretty
well and I will draw kind of a messy latta art. Doesn’t really work out the way
I wanted to but it’s fine. It’s brownish and it’s white. It kind of looks like coffee now. I think I need to spice up that cup. I could do a pattern. I’ll just do stripes in a nice blue. I love the shape of a sandwich. So that’s just why I’m drawing
it with a bite out of it. And you know what? Let’s make it a peanut butter
jelly sandwich. How about an ice cream? It’s fairly simple to draw
and very colorful Another recognizable shape and
also color is avocado. So I’ll draw that. Hm, it kind of looks like a pear
but I don’t care, it’s fine. I’ll just add greens. And yeah to me that looks
like an avocado. Or half of it. Oh and what about yellow and white for an egg. Of course, we need something to drink glass of water maybe
or no let’s draw milk because the white works so well on black. And then now I just want to top it
all off with a big juicy burger. How about that? Add some Tomatoes, some lettuce, and I’m really just
making this up as I go and I hope you will do so, too. I hope this inspires you to fill a page with some foodie
art or maybe something completely different. You could think of a collection
you can draw. So get out that black paper and your colorful
colored pencils and go and have some fun. And if you want more fun; more techniques, more skills,
more community, more anything really that is creative related head on over
to Sketchbook Skool. You can sign up for a free class if you want
to and I hope to see you in class. And also I’ll see you next week.


  • Ankna Parkin

    Gorgeous, I am addicted to your Draw Tip Tuesday.! 😊 🙏🏼❤️


    Please what kind of colored pencil did you use ? ( watercolor? pastel?…)


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