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Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve done a sketchbook tour or shown Any of my art, so I thought it was time to start a new video I’m actually going to start first with these 4 pieces that are not actually physically part of my sketchbook, but they’re my most recent pieces They’re on something called Pastelbord and the texture is like sandpaper and on these I still use my Prismacolor pencils and Also, a couple of Faber Castell pencils especially for black, white, and brown and then I’ve also started using Prismacolor Verithin For the white white details and sometimes for the highlights I’ve been using a Sharpie fine point Paint pen some of which is still on my hand This is an apricot that my husband and I purchased about a month ago and one of us ate and it was really delicious and beautiful, so I took a picture of it and I’m not 100% pleased with how it came out But I do think it has some three dimensionality which I do care about so I’m happy with that The first one I did was actually this parrot which may be familiar to you if you’ve watched my Animals–I’m not–I Don’t Know Personally series and It’s the same parrot I drew for that video except I’ve redrawn it on this grey Pastelbord using my Prismacolors and I added a couple more details I wanted to use something that I’d used before because I thought that would be a good way to test out a new material. I do think it gave me more confidence trying something new. It was kind of intimidating this pack of four different Pastelbords with this sandpaper texture not knowing what to expect and So doing a familiar image made me feel more comfortable and I’m pleased with the way that one came out. The one I did after this was the apricot that I just showed you and Then thirdly is the one I did last night which is this cheesecake. The reference image is actually from A photo stock. It was a free trial. I’ll put a link to that free trial in the description box I’m forgetting the actual name but This strawberry cheesecake just looks so beautiful that when I was getting those images, I thought, Oh someday I’m going to want to draw this and I love The Golden Girls and so This cheesecake is an honor of seven seasons of The Golden Girls which I watch regularly and I did put a lot of thought into trying to have some of the texture of the crumbier bits as well as the smoother parts of the syrup and I wish I’d got in the highlight on the strawberry a little thinner and I was pretty tired when I was drawing this one. It was kind of a last thought after drawing the other ones and So maybe I got a little lazy on that, but I do think the texture came out well for the smoothness on that I actually also used for the first time some paper stumps for smudging and so I smudged those When I did that and so, I’m happy with this and I think it was for each of the colors I wanted something that would sort of complement each of the background tones and I hope I did that for this one. And then last was the one I made tonight and It was my first time getting an image from Pixabay P-i-x-a-b-a-y where they have free images that you can use to draw or use for commercial purposes and so I looked up a red cardinal and I had a lot of fun using my different shades of red and Some of the new white, brown, and blacks from the Faber Castells and also the Verithins I did use the paint pen on the eye and on the finest little details of highlights And I like the way the red bounces off the green since those colors Really go well together So I think he had a real personality when I looked at the image initially, and I think I did capture That expression which makes me pleased. So without further ado now we will move on to the physical Sketchbook Which interestingly enough is a very old sketchbook of mine that I re-found and It has no other brand on it other than the word sketchbook. That is all it says. And it’s unfortunate I really love this paper, but I have no more details on What kind of paper it is other than it’s this Sketchbook. If you watched my–I Don’t Know–Horses I Don’t Know Personally video, this soon as that horse It was my first time using this paper with these pencils because I had not touched this book in 17 years so it was a learning experience I do like the way the colors went on I wish I paid a little more attention to the anatomy of the horse But I had never really studied the horse anatomy before and I didn’t focus as much on it So I think for a first try that was pretty good horse. It made me happy and I liked the colors This one I did not record myself drawing because sometimes I just think it’s fun To do it just for myself and sometimes I feel like they come out better when I don’t have this camera On me unfortunately, especially since I do film this with this camera here And I’m behind the camera and the camera is attached to the back of a chair that I’m sitting on backwards that I draw around So it’s not always the easiest angle, but this is one I did not filming. And it’s a rabbit from that same Royalty-free images, I thought it was a really cute bunny, and I knew I want to draw it at some point So I’m glad I did. This was before I started using The white paint pen for the bringing out the white So there’s not as much contrast as I might have wanted This is also the first one and from the Pigeons I Don’t Know Personally series my first time using black pen to Bring out the darkness and I really like that technique And I’ve been using it a lot more since. I also went a little sketchier in the style for this one I had a very good response to this drawing and Even though I didn’t do as many layers to make it 100% all the details and everything I’m pleased with it and I put the focus on the head which is where I wanted the focus to be since that’s where most of the personality of the pigeon seemed to be and here was for my Desserts I Have Met because I bought these peeps around Easter time. They were the birthday cake flavor on the left and I think this is just a regular Peeps on the right. And I Thought they were cute and kind of strange-looking it took a lot of pictures to get an angle that I felt I could draw well and I Definitely brought out more of the crags with black. I Wanted the big contrast and I added little white dots for some of the texture They smelled wonderful, but when I tried to taste them I’ve never been a big fan of Peeps, and they tasted–I had to spit it out Um yeah, so these are the Peeps They were fun to draw. This one I also use highlighter on which you could watch the process for that one in that video and This is the fruit bowl where I was redrawing one of my childhood drawings. It was of a fruit bowl and that I kind of imagined as a child since It was my favorite thing to draw when I was little but this time I had some fruit around the house And I actually placed everything and I took a picture of it So use that as my reference here when I did this. By now I have gotten very comfortable going for very strong black in the dark shadow areas and I do like the way the contrast on that. I do think it gives it a real three dimensionality Though some of the colors are a little less vibrant than I’d want that was really just what they looked like in real life. They weren’t bright bright yellow bananas unfortunately and So that is the fruit bowl I do hope to do another series part of that series where I show Another drawing I did as a child and I use a new reference photo to try to reinvent it today Many years later, so keep an eye out for that okay, and next is The goat from the Goats I Don’t Know Personally Series which was also a royalty-free image. I wanted to do Some realism, but I added in this one. I’m going to back up the camera a little for some more details maybe. I added some sort of whimsical colors and blues and purples you can see where originally I was going to draw more of its back and So by the time I was doing the video I was really just focused on the head, and I wanted to put more emphasis on the details of the face It probably would have taken twice as long to do the rest of the body and that is one of the limitations of filming My videos is I try to limit them even though I speed them up I don’t want to spend more than maybe two hours three hours doing a drawing Which I then turn into a two minute and sped up video Yeah, so this is the goat with a very strange-looking goat, but I thought he seemed kind of friendly. I like that about him This owl was another image from the free Royalty-free images That I found online I found the eye just really fascinating initially I was also going to add all the feathers I I kind of liked that the focus stayed on the eye And I wanted to try to make the eye as realistic as possible I thought the colors in the eye was fascinating all the oranges and the reds Initially I used a gel pen for the white on this But I noticed when I looked back over this it has started to turn pink from the red Pencil behind it so I since have gone back over it with the paint pen I hope I did it properly and I didn’t just smudge everything out But it does make it more white now instead of neon pink, which I do prefer. I like the contrast of the realism of the eye with the sketchiness of the rest of the owl This was another one I did not film myself doing And it was a lot of fun. It was just kind of relaxing this one Is more of a personal sort of image? irises where my mother’s favorite flower and so when Mother’s Day was coming along. I was thinking of her a lot and Wanting to draw a flower in her honor unfortunately this did not come out very well I was mostly doing the flower from memory trying to imagine. What an iris looked like looking at random Google images but then trying to just picture an iris in my head and This gave me the feeling of an iris but not quite what I wanted. This I used a reference photo I took of an actual Iris I saw on the street But I still could not seem to get the colors right or the shadows right or the shadows right. It may just be that it is too emotional to draw an iris for me right now and Maybe that’s what it is This pear was something I saw in the supermarket And I took a picture of it cause I thought was so beautiful, and I loved the colors of it And I thought I had a great highlight and shadow unfortunately, I don’t think I managed to duplicate that three dimensionality and The texture I wanted to so I’m not a hundred percent pleased with this image, but it was good practice and it kept me drawing so that makes me happy ah this is the owl’s eye Blown up. I just I love the way that eye looked on that owl and I thought what if I made it much bigger So I don’t know what size this is, maybe it’s like five or six and Six inches seven inches this way, maybe it’s like five by seven ish and that way I could really focus on the way the yellows goes into the orange and the red and Really focus on the detail of the highlights where you can almost see the tree reflected in the owl’s eye and I use black pen for the dots and the darkest details and I think for that white I was using still the gel pen But I had saved those sections, and so it did not go over red. So it didn’t become pink For the most part at least. And so I was very pleased with this owl’s eye it was a lot of fun to do I like the contrast of bright colors with black and white and I Might try to do something like this again in the future here are two cherries the original image was also one of the free royalty-free images and I had already drawn these cherries for a good friend of mine as a gift and I just really wanted to keep a copy for myself. I also drew a plum for a friend Unfortunately, it wasn’t from a royalty-free image, and so I didn’t feel comfortable Putting it into my sketchbook So I still have to draw a good plum and get a good picture of a plum so I can keep one in my sketchbook but until then I have these two cherries, and they make me think of my friend and all of my friends and Make me hungry, too. I love cherries and this also is blueberry is in honor of a friend of mine I don’t think the blueberry came out as well as I wanted to I think I need to work on it Dimensionality just isn’t fully there I even added the white maybe if I brought out more of the darkness the contrast would help it and I took a bunch of pictures of blueberries and I I got a bunch of pictures from the royalty-free series of Blueberries and yet still couldn’t quite get blueberry To look as good as it should so I will probably have to return to that. This drawing I wanted to do something kind of loose based on a scene I well actually like you know I went to the gardens And I saw this I thought it was beautiful of all the bluebells and this tree And it’s just like a sea of bluebells, and I just wanted to evoke the feeling of the place, so it was less about All the specific details. I wanted to do sort of more of a pen detail so just little dots of pen and pen outline some color. So that was fun, and Here thanks to viewer Janet C, thank you, this is Coal her rescue Hamster And she shared this beautiful picture of her hamster with me and so I drew this for the Hamsters I Don’t Know Personally video and I spent a while on it. I really wanted to make sure to honor this beautiful little hamster And I hope I did him justice Seems like a very sweet little creature Here was one more attempt at an iris. It was another one I took a picture of. Still don’t think I got the colors right or the shadows exactly right? I did do my best I do think it’s an improvement on the previous ones, and I like the colors on it. It starts to get a little Artistic in the choices of color and that pleased me a bit Maybe sometime in the future I’ll finally get an Iris the way I want it to be But not yet. I also took a picture of this lily and while I was waiting to take a flight, I figured, Well that gives me some time to work on this drawing, and so working off the Image from my own camera just staring into my camera I drew this I liked that I only needed to use a few pencils at a time Since it was limited in the number of colors I did want to try to make sure to have contrasts of shadows and white so I tried to reserve white sections I didn’t get as much detail in the center as I might have hoped, but I still I think overall it has a good feel and Then finally is My cat,-in-law who I think is gorgeous and is a beautiful beautiful cat. I Took many pictures of this cat till I found the one I wanted to use as my reference photo I wanted to really capture her eyes Because I think those are what’s so striking about her. She’s beautiful ball of fluff, but she has these gorgeous very intelligent very piercing eyes and so I wanted to capture that aspect of her and I think I did I did also use some of the black pen for the darker section and for the whiskers it was the first time using the fine point sharpie white paint pen and I was really glad that I could get it so fine because part of one of the biggest difficulties I found is trying to draw whiskers and have them look realistic and be very thin I think it looks good there This was also my first time using two Verithin the black Verithin pencil which helped me give some shadow in the lip area without it getting too smudgy and I didn’t go for full definition of the fur I just wanted a general sense of fur and I think I accomplished that so yes This is my beautiful cat-in-law, and I’m glad you can meet her and yeah, she is a Cat I Do Know Personally so That is all for my sketchbook for now. There are still many pages left. I will point out that I thought that this was quite a load of images and so it was time to Update you all and then show you in the future when I do more pages I hope you have a wonderful day or night. Thank you so much for watching. Bye


  • Sloth Florist

    New sketchbook tour! Which drawing is your favorite? What should I draw next? Please check out my previous sketchbook tours, Animals I Don't Know Personally series, & art shop: Please Like & Subscribe! Thanks for watching! 🙂

  • Janet C.

    Wow ! Excellent drawings 🙂 Definitely,  you drew Coal beautifully !!  He is so precious and you brought out his details in your drawing of him. I still can't hold him or play with him because of what happened in his past in a pet store; but I hope he knows how much I love him…and I thank you so much for being so very caring.  He is the sweetest of creatures I'm so happy I could rescue him 🙂 Keep doing what you do …. I need a bit of info on purchasing something as well. I am interested in your cushions… but I would like a pic of Coal on it???

  • Dramamask Evolution

    Great stuff, Florist! I really love the cheesecake and the rabbit! 🙂


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