Colored Pencils on Kraft Cardstock + Class GIVEAWAY!

– [Kristina] Hi everyone. Kristina here. Before we get started
on today’s card, we have a new card class at Stay tuned for more
info and a chance to win your very
own spot for free in our latest class. For today’s card I’m
going to be using this adorable stamp set
from Art Impressions called Doggy Kisses. And I really love
this set because, I don’t know about
you, but I have a lot of people in my life
who are getting injured or are sick or just need some extra encouragement. So this is a perfect
stamp set for that. So I’m going to start out by prepping my card base. This is going to be
a one layer card. And I’m going to do some colored pencils on it. I thought it would
be kind of fun to use a more neutral
background instead of the usual white. So I’m using some
Neenah Desert Storm 100 pound card stock. And I’ve scored that
at five and a half to create a top-folding card. Now I’m placing the card inside my Misti stamping tool. And I’m going to do
a bunch of stamping. I’m going to make
this box of tissues and a little cup of tea. I’m going to make
that look like it’s in front of the dog that I’ll later be stamping. So I first going to stamp it in some black Simon
Says Stamp ink. And I’m going to go ahead and press that down. I’m using my Misti
because I wanted to stamp the image
twice to make sure that it’s nice and dark. So I’m going to go
ahead and ink up that stamp one more time. And then I’ll swing that over and the lines just intensify and they’re nice and bold. So I previously
stamped this and had to start over because
I made a mistake. So I already have a mask made. I just used a Post-It note, stamped those the image of that and then trimmed out the side. And that’s going to protect that little Kleenex
box or tissue box and cup of tea while
I stamp this cute little dog. He’s cuddling his teddy bear. I think it’s so cute. So I’m going to stamp him twice, just like I did
with the other stamp to make sure the lines
are nice and dark. And then I’m going
to take the greeting that comes in the stamp set or one of the greetings. There’s lots of them actually. And this one is
really really cute. I thought it went
well with the imagery that I’m using. And it says heard
it’s been ruff. I think that’s a great sentiment to send anyone who’s
been sick or is ill and it’s just really fun. So the packaging
for the stamp set has the color images on it. And like I’ve said in the past, I like to use that
as a reference just so it’s easy to know where to put shadows. So these colored
pencils are Prismacolor. I showed these in
a previous video, and a bunch of you asked how I got them so sharp. So I’m showing you
this pencil sharpener. This is my favorite
pencil sharpener. It’s fantastic. It has the front
part that comes out and then you pinch
the two levers to put the pencil in. And then let go those levers. And it holds the pencil tight, so it doesn’t move around. And then you can turn the crank on the other end. And it sharpens the pencil. Now because this does sharpen it to quite a point, you do sacrifice
some of the pencil, but I find that that’s
completely worth it because I get a really
really sharp point. And you know I don’t like it doesn’t waste
a ton of the pencil, if that makes sense. I feel like I’m getting
more use out of it because it makes
it easier to use. So the one thing you
do have to notice or be aware of when
you have a pencil that’s this sharp is that usually the very tip,
the very sharp tip does break off because
it is so delicate. And you know your
coloring and pressing onto the paper. So usually the very
tip breaks off, but that’s not a problem because it’s still
very sharp otherwise. So the way I’m
coloring this image, especially, in
particular on this darker background instead of
something that’s white is I’m adding some
white highlights first. And that gives me a good area that I’m going to
keep nice and bright. And I think it also
adds some brightness to the paper. So it just gives some
highlighted areas where otherwise it
could look rather dull because it makes everything that brown shade. So I’m adding in all those areas where there’s going
to be highlights on the dog and the bear. And even the box of tissues and then the teacup. And then I’m coming
in with the colors that are going to
be the shadows. So the darkest colors that
I’m going to be using. And I’m going to
color those in first. And then I’ll take
a lighter shade. And I’m going to go
over the white areas. And that just turns that white to a different shade. It tints it and it gives it
a really great dimension. So I know a lot of
people when they color with colored pencils,
they use gamsol or mineral spirits
or some other type of medium to get nice
smooth pencil lines or no pencil lines, if you’d rather have that. I haven’t tried that. Or I did a while back, but I didn’t like the
fumes and things like that. So I don’t mind having
it look a little bit more textured with
some colored pencil lines and these
Prismacolor pencils, actually do fairly well with you know blending out all the different
pencil strokes. I think it’s not
quite as obvious. And as long as you
have some good contrast in there with some
darker shades. And some highlights,
it’s going to look great, no matter what you do. So I’ve almost got this
completely colored. I’m going to go
ahead and finish off the color of the dog. I did add a few different
colors of brown, just to get it to
the right tone. Cause I wanted it to
be a different brown than what’s on the bear. And then I decided to color that box of tissues
a nice blue shade. I always think of a
blue box of tissue. I’m not sure why. And then I’m going to
take a nice bright green. And I’m going to add
that to the teacup. And this bright bright green is going to be the highlight. And then I’m going to bring in a little more of a darker green. It’s a little more muted. And I’m going to add the shading to the rest of that cup. And it’s going to give
it a nice bright area to focus on. So there’s just a
couple more things to finish up on this image. I’m going to add some black, very very faint black
to create a shadow. And then I’m going to
bring in a black pen and darken up some
of those lines. As you can see the waxy texture of the colored pencils
sometimes dulls out the black of the lines
on the stamped image. So I like to just
come in with a pen and just fix that up. And I’m using a Pilot
envelope addressing pen for that. It’s really great. So after I had all of
that image colored in, I decided to add some stenciling above the image on
the front of the card. So I’m going to put
down my craft sheet to protect my work area. And then I’m taking
some two-inch wide Post-It tape and I’m masking off the area just above the fold. This is going to protect
the back of the card. I’m using the stars
stencil from Tim Holtz. And I’m masking
off that one side since the card’s a
little bit too wide for the stencil. And then I’m coming in with some Simon Says Stamp white pigment ink and a mini round blending tool. And I’m just blending
on some of that color. I want the white shade to be most concentrated at the very top of the card. So I’m putting down a lot
of ink at the very top. And then I’m blending it
out toward the bottom. And by only taping
down that one side, which also served as a mask, I’m able to lift up that stencil and see how it’s going, if I need to come down
a little further or not. And then I can
place it back down. So I did want to bring it
down a little bit more. And then I was able
to add really really bright white up at the top. So, I wanted to make
sure that that white was very stark up at the very top of the card. And then blended that out, so it was a little bit more of a smooth transition. So I’m going to
peel up this stencil and slide it to the right and line it back up
with those stars. And I will just go ahead
and stick this down onto my craft sheet now. And then I’m going
to come right back in and finish off the
area with the stars. So like I did before,
I’m having most of that color concentrated
at the very top of the card. And then blending that down, so that kind of fades off toward the area with the dog. So I thought that
was just super fun. I love those stars. And I’m going to peel
off that Post-It tape, and then the card is
basically complete. So that’s the card for today. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you so much
for joining me. And like I mentioned
at the very beginning of the video, I have
some more info for you about our newest class over at I’m super excited
about this class. It’s called Rainbow Maker. And Jennifer McGuire
and I have teamed up with Laura Bassen who is co-teaching
this class with us. And we’ve also
invited lots of fun, crafty friends to share their rainbow
techniques as well. So it’s a really
really fun class. We have lots of different cards to show you guys. And it’s going to be super fun. So if you would like a chance to take this class for free, I’m giving away three
free spots on my blog and all you have to do is go to my blog and
go to today’s blog post and leave a comment. I will pick the winners of the three free
spots on Wednesday, June 28th. And I will announce
it over at my blog. So you’ll have to
go back over there to see if you’ve won or just check your email, cause I’ll email
the winners as well. Thanks so much for
watching today’s video. I will catch you
guys very very soon with another card. And thanks for watching. (happy music)


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