Colorful Envelope with Colored Pencils – Monthly Mail Art – August 2017 – Simon Says Stamp

– [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another
Simon Says Stamp video. This is another mail art video, and I thought I would be
really smart this month and start out by
penciling the area where the postage
stamps will be. In the past, you
may have noticed that I usually add the
postage stamps last, and sometimes they
overlap my artwork or they’re not the right
size or things like that. So I thought this time I would
just head it off at the pass and make sure I have
space for those. The envelope I’m using today
is from Simon Says Stamp. This is their white,
heavy white envelope. And I’m using the Hooray
stamp set from Waffle Flower. This is a newer stamp set. And these images are so
whimsical and playful, I thought they would
be really, really fun for an envelope. I really like to use
stamps that’s like this, that have lots of imagery
and things like that, because I find them really
easy to use on envelopes because I can customize
where the images are, I can create my own scene, and then it gives
me the opportunity to color the images as well. So I’m using my Misty
stamp positioning tool to stamp a bunch of
the images all at once. You could definitely do this
with just an acrylic block. In fact, this last
image I’m going to stamp I used just a plain
acrylic block. But I just wanted to get the
placement of all of those, and then stamp them
all at the same time. And by the way, I am using
some Versafine onyx black ink for the stamping. So I masked off just
the one little portion of the cat’s tail because that’s where this
flower stem will overlap it. Just to make it a
little bit easier and not have to cut
out a specific mask for just the cat’s tail, I thought I would mask off
the bottom of the flower area, and then use a black pen and just draw in the
bottom of the flower since it was such a simple
shape right there at the bottom. I also stamped in a
few little leaf images at the very bottom just to finish out the
bottom edge of that scene. So I’m covering my work surface
here with a craft sheet. This is from Ranger,
and it’s a slick surface that makes it lots easier
to do some ink blending and from the edge
of your project. So I decided before
I went any further, I better erase those lines, because I didn’t want
the ink to be trapped… Or I didn’t want the ink
to trap the pencil lines, so I erased those. And now I’m using some hybrid
ink from Simon Says Stamp. This is just one of
the smaller ink cubes. This is in the
color Lake Shores, and it’s a really
pretty blue shade. I’m using a Ranger
mini ink blending tool, it has a nice soft foam area, and I’m blending that color kind of down from the
top edge of the card. So I’m going to do
a bunch of coloring with colored pencils today. I almost said watercolor. These are definitely
not watercolor. And I’m gonna speed up the video so you can see what I’m doing. I’m basically just
taking a very light hand and coloring in
very light layers. So here we go. (gentle piano music) So that finishes up
all the coloring. The next thing I did was I just
placed those postage stamps back onto the envelope. They’re not stuck
down at this point. And I took a pencil and drew
in sort of some wavy lines. And these lines are
going to be my guides for when I write on the
address for the recipient. Just a special note here that I always have to
give in these videos, just in case you’re new to any of these monthly
mail art videos, the address I’m using
today is a real address but it has been voluntarily
given to me to use for videos. So the person who
gave me her address is fully aware that I’m
using it in a video, and I just appreciate all of you who did give me your
addresses for this. I have plenty of
addresses to choose from, so I don’t need any
new ones right now. But thank you so, so much for sharing your
addresses with me. So I’m using a pencil and just
writing on her entire address because I didn’t wanna
just go in with a pen and run out or room
or make a mistake. So then I went over it
with this black pen. This is the same
black pen that I used to draw the very bottom
of that flower stem. This is from Pilot and it’s called an
envelope addressing pen, which is kind of convenient. It’s waterproof and it has a
really nice fine point on it, so it’s really great for
addressing envelopes. So I’m just finishing
out the address, and then I’m going to
flip the envelope around. Actually, before I do that I’m going to erase
all those pencil lines just using the eraser end of
my mechanical pencil here, and making sure all those
pencil lines are erased before I move onto
the final steps. So I put my return
address on the flap on the other side
of the envelope. And there was room on the
front of the envelope, but I decided I wanted a little
more room for my address. And to finish off the envelope, you always wanna do this as
the very, very last step, because once you do it you
can’t really make any changes. I added some
Distress micro glaze, and this is kind of like a, it’s kind of a
weird consistency. It almost feels to me like… What is that cooking, like
what you grease a pan with? What is that, the Crisco? It feels like that. And you just put a layer of it over the surface of your
envelope using your fingertips, and then buff off the
extra with a paper towel. And that pretty much kind of
waterproofs your envelope. You wanna make sure you
don’t put that Distress glaze over the postage
stamps, however, because the post
office does need to be able to cancel those out. So that is the envelope
for this month. I hope you guys enjoyed. I will be back very soon
with another mail art video, and thanks for watching. (bright indie guitar music)


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    Hi all! Answers to common questions:
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    — You can find postage stamps on Search for "unused vintage postage stamps".

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