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Today we’re taking this simple frog and amping it up with color so stick around Hello colorists welcome to pencil stash a weekly show all about coloring if you’re new to the channel please consider subscribing to Get all the new content and be sure to hit that like button if you’re enjoying my videos Hey there PencilStashers! I am back from my awesome vacation in sunny California now my cousin Alicia and I hit up Disneyland we went to San Diego we went to Coronado Island, and I had just an absolutely wonderful time I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a big Disney fan I love Disney World grew up going there and so now as an adult going to Disneyland with one of my best friends in the World is just so much fun It was a little bit chilly, but heck. You only live once we had such a good time we went to San Diego I mean it was amazing how much fun we crammed into just a couple of days And I already missed her time she lives in Florida I’m in Chicago, and so whenever we get together. It is just so nice to spend time with her. I miss her so much But I’m back now and ready to dive right into coloring and creating some videos with you guys Now my godmother dawn. Got me this awesome coloring book for Christmas it’s called color me your way illustrated by PJ C smart in each page is a Letter of the alphabet and features an animal with that corresponding letter and what’s nice about this book is its large format that the spiral is on the left side since I’m right-handed and I do like the fact that the pages are only one sided now I know you’re getting less pictures that way but I love that because I can use markers or watercolors or anything else that might bleed through and You can either take the page out of the book or put a protective sheet behind this one to protect the one beneath it while not technically ruining a perfectly good picture on the backside of the page so I Really like this book, and I am getting really excited to start one of these I also really like the texture in each animal it gives Just enough to give it some interest without being too busy, and I’m really looking forward to playing around with that So this present came with a request the giver my godmother loves frogs and I mean Loves frogs and she made the special requests that I color the Frog page for her And I’m very happy to do that since she has been the best godmother a girl could ask for So we’ll be doing this little guy today and in terms of color palette I went back and forth on the colors to use now I’m naturally drawn to doing a green frog, but when I thought about what I wanted to do with the background I thought it might be fun to make this froggy stand out so I did a bit of digging on Google And I found a really cool frog with a red front half in a blue bottom half and lots of spots on him black spots So we’re gonna be using him as our inspiration today and using my prismacolor and Crayola color charts I pulled some colors. I think will help us accomplish that and let’s start with his top half with our Reds The inspiration photo has him a very flat red but since we have all these little details that the artist has given us will incorporate a bunch of different reds and kind of the Same tone. Just to give our froggy some interest As I put in these different reds and trying to kind of evenly disperse them and leave space in each section For more than one color just to bring some color variation And I’m also wanting to bring in plenty of black into our frog, so I’m keeping in mind those areas I want to have black and leaving those alone for the time being just kind of working around those areas I want black with my Reds You You You You Now I know I’ll have more red to add later But I’m gonna go into those areas that I want black and now So I didn’t get a better sense of where to put in my Reds Just to kind of solidify All the places that these are going Now the black areas will be flat black putting in a medium layer now and then going back over it later if Need be if I just want to make it a little bit richer You You You You Some of the little sections have these lines of hatching and I’m using those as my guide to put in my jerker read such as my Tuscan red Kind of acts as that is that place to put in your shadows I think that’s good for now So I’m gonna pull out my blender and just work it in circles in each little section until they’re all blended out Just be careful around the areas of black, so you don’t accidentally pull in any of those blacks into your Reds I’ll just kind of muddy them up You you You You You Now move on to his bottom half and unlike the top half I’m actually gonna start with black instead of my blues if you recall our reference photo There’s a lot more black than blue there And I want to make sure I’m putting it enough to get that across and I’ll even go back in later to add some additional Black spots to drive that home right on top of our blues But for now just going in with my blacks just as placeholders You You You For the blues I’ve pulled three of them one light one dark and one medium The first is the lightest with this Crayola turquoise I’m gonna be putting it in quite liberally Across the leftover white spaces then I’ll go back in with the other two blues that I’ve chosen to build up some layers Next color I’ll be using is the darkest This dark yet still nice and bright blue is just like the inspiration photo So this Copenhagen blue will be just perfect I’ll put this in along the edges again where the artist has given us those hash marks A little shadow line across the bottom of his toes little shadow there You The cerulean blue will be our middle color, and I’ll use it to bridge the gap between the turquoise and the Copenhagen blue So I’ll use very light pressure over the transition area between those two colors circular strokes this will create more of a natural gradient transition instead of a harsh line between those colors Now I’ll blend all this out again being very careful not to pull any black into my areas of blue And I’m also starting my blend in the light areas and pushing my way outward towards the dark Again to keep those areas of light nice and light I Look back at the inspiration photo to see our frogs eyes And they are black so we’re gonna color those in black and just kind of leave that little center section white Now just going in deep in some of these blacks again, just make them a little bit richer Now go in and put in some of those back-end spots, I mentioned earlier just like our inspiration image Luckily this prismacolor black goes very nicely right over top of both our blues and our reds and for my spot shapes and sizes I’m going to use my inspiration photo and just try to keep the shape very natural and Each one just a little bit different, and I’ll even add in some smaller ones as well You You you I’d also like to use my unit pasca white paint pen to add a bit of additional interest And this is the small the 1.3 millimeter size So very small fine dots in just a few places to finish him off You And he’s done, I’ve got our background planned for our next video So be sure to tune in to find out how this page comes out now if you enjoyed this video Please hit that like button It’s the thumbs up button on the bottom of your screen below it helps new folks find my channel and helps me out a ton Thank you guys so much for watching this week. I will see you next time


  • TheSmolSwefur

    That is a beautyfull drawing!

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    Well that little fella is simply adorable

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    Cute frog.

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    That’s a cute little frog. It’s probably poisonous or something

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    Hi I'm a New subscriber i too love coloring just started out so all this helps i never knew that about colors and so many things to know thanks for sharing. 😊Love it!!

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    Hey! This is great! Illustrator is a friend of mine.

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    I love it thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful video have a bless one creative colorful hugs to you

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    Soooo Cute. I love it🐸

    I love coloring.
    I'm disabled and so I am pretty much home alot of the time. When I have Dr appointments or if I'm in the hospital I always bring a few coloring books and colored pencils. Helps calm me down and helps pass the time. Hospitals are stressful, scary and boring.

    I have a coloring question.
    When I color using my colored pencils my pictures always end up shiny. Why??
    It happens when I use my crayola and even when I use my prisma pencils. What am I doing wrong?
    I hope you can help me.

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    That’s awesome

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