Coloring a Realistic Leaf Texture using Colored Pencils — A PENCILSTASH TUTORIAL


  • Kathy McManus

    Very pretty

  • Sandy Wilkie

    Great video as always. Will definitely try that technique the next time I do a magical jungle page. Also for Sue I hope you are feeling better soon and you continue to enjoy coloring. Take care

  • shweta mathure

    Love to watch your tutorials. <3

  • Laura Kenney

    Very nice demo. And well wishes to Sue on her coloring journey & recovery process. ❤

  • Rae Addington

    Thanks so much! I love your tutorials. 🌺🌺

  • Sabrina Gauthier

    Your an amazing teacher. Love your videos thank you

  • Mayr Convoy

    I love your videos… Thank you!

  • carl lequire

    You are such a great teacher love listening to your voice. Really appreciate how you instruct on coloring an item so it has realism. It is a technique that is hard to capture. You truly inspire others to hone their skills. You help us achieve a higher level of coloring. Best wishes to Sue and coloring is relaxing and may it bring her joy while she continues to heal. Thank you. Maria

  • S Gage

    That; is going to be one cute page! I hope we get to see it when your done. 🙂

  • Nanci Vessells

    Thanks for the tip. Great video. I have been using your color combos & bot lots of compliments on mr pictures. Thanks again

  • Jennifer Tatum

    Another great video! Love your tutorials! So glad I found you!


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