Coloring Techniques with Blends Alcohol Markers & Colored Pencils

Hi stamping friends! Melissa Kerman here
with Melissa’s Crafting Treehouse. Welcome! Today I’ll be showing a stamp
club project featuring the Country Home stamp set and here is the project we’ll
be making today. You can get free kits in the mail to make today’s project
and two other projects through my Online Stamp Club and Free Card Kits program.
You’ll find information, more details on the tutorials and classes page on my
website or you’ll find direct links in the video description below. For this
project I’ve used three types of coloring tools, watercolor pencils, a
blender pen and blends alcohol markers. Depending on how you do your coloring
your focal piece can turn out quite different. In this video I’ll be
explaining how I achieved these two different looks and here you can see
them now side-by-side. I’ll be using two stamps to create the one full image here
and my memento black ink and mainly I’m using that because I’ll be using the
alcohol markers and you really need to use the momento black for that and I’m
gonna start by stamping my first image towards the bottom. It’s actually
something between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch from the bottom pretty close to the
bottom and then of course centered side to side. Now I’m pushing aside my focal
piece so I can practice on my scratch paper and you’re actually going to
overlap slightly that top image over the bottom image so that you don’t end up
having a space or sort of air space between the two images and I always
encourage using your scrap paper to practice and I’m not sure if you can
tell by looking at what I’ve done but there are two things I did it’s still
slightly up from the bottom image so I’ve taken my black regular old black
Stampin write marker and I’m just gonna kind of fill in the lines where I was
missing. The second thing that happened here is that my memento ink was not
really very juicy so the image towards the center is a little bit sort of faded
and not a real solid image so I’m going ahead and inking up my memento ink and
I’m gonna stamp it again. So with my newly stamped image I’m gonna start my
coloring and I’m going use my soft suede blends alcohol marker
and I’m using the paintbrush or the larger side of the blends alcohol marker
to color in the whole watering can or whatever you want to call it and so I
just filled the whole thing in and now I’m going in with my dark soft suede
blends marker and I’m coming in with the smaller sort of harder nibby sort of end
and I’m gonna highlight just around the edges to give it some darker elements
and shading and I’m using the clues that are on the image itself the little
black splotches to sort of guide me in where I put those darker elements.
Now I’m going to come in and just refine a little bit with my light soft
suede marker and I am using the larger paintbrush type tip and essentially I’m
going over the areas where the dark and the light meet and when I add more of
the light it sort of gives you a medium shade of the color itself which gives
you the shading. So now I have my color lifter and I’m just going over very and
very delicately a couple of spots. What the color lifter does is it
essentially lifts up some color and it really creates some texture as well to
the inside of your can and I did not use the color lifter on the watering can or
a flower bucket or whatever on the first version that I did. So this is one of the
main things that I did differently to make the watering can look different. So
the version on the left is my original version my original card and the one on
the right is the one I’m working on and showing you today. So there’s one other
element on this focal piece that’s slightly different and that is how I did
that orange-ish kind of flower on the right side. So now what I’m going to do
is take you through how I colored each element and each was done in its own
kind of unique way. So I’m starting with my daffodil delight watercolor pencil
and you have to press really hard to get nice rich yellow color.
The next thing I’m going to do is focus on that small little flower in the
middle and I’m gonna be using my blackberry bliss blends alcohol markers.
I am using the smaller hard nibby end. This gives you much more control when
working with small images. So next I’m coming in with the dark blends blackberry
bliss and I’m just putting a little bit of the dark color towards the center of
that little flower. So next I’m coming in with my granny
apple green blends alcohol marker and I’m starting with the light going over
all of that foliage with my light color and then I’m gonna come back in with my
darker alcohol marker just doing a little bit of shading in select spots.
What I found was that when I had just on the light it was the the foliage
was kind of dull but as soon as I came in with a little bit of the dark it
brightened up the leaves quite a bit which sort of surprised me and I
really liked the outcome. So now I’m going to work on the second element
that’s different between these two versions the one on the left only uses
the Cajun craze blends alcohol markers and I did the light color over the whole
area and then went over the center with the dark alcohol marker. Now the way I
did my second one was a little bit different because I wanted it to have a
little bit more brightness to it so I started with my orange I think it’s
pumpkin pie yes pumpkin pie watercolor pencil and I went over it very lightly I
didn’t press hard so I just put a little bit of a layer of the orange and then I
came in with my blender pen which is different from the blends alcohol
marker. A blender pen has glycerin in it
to help it spread the ink so went over the whole surface with that and then I
came in and with my light Cajun craze blends alcohol marker to add some of the
Cajun craze color because there is Cajun craze cardstock on this card but not
pumpkin pie so I felt like I needed to soften the orange just a little bit so
that it would blend with the card but also that pumpkin pie allowed it to be a
brighter final result. So now I’m going over it with a little bit of the dark
Cajun craze on the small little spots on that flower
again just to kind of connect it to the Cajun craze cardstock. And now I’m coming
in with my color lifter to just blend the color a little bit on those on the
flower that I just colored. So the last thing I need to work on on this focal
piece is finishing up my cotton elements and I’m using my white watercolor pencil
and I am pressing really hard to try to get some nice deep dark white on all of
those little pieces of cotton, and after I do all that coloring I’m going to come
back in with my soft suede blends alcohol marker and I’m going to start
and of course I’m going to use the fine the small sort of nibby end because
these are small images and I’m going to add some of the the soft suede color to
the bottoms of each of the cotton pieces and I guess I just realized I hadn’t
done all of the daffodil delight little spots so just went back in and finish
that. So before I do my soft suede final touches I’m coming in with my blender
pen to soften the lines on the white cotton. I used my blender pen to do that
and that just makes it look smooth which is really pretty. And now I’m going to
come in with the soft suede and again starting at the very bottom adding a
little bit of dark I’ve actually done it on one of the images already and next so
I’m going to come in with the light soft suede blends alcohol marker to soften
the hard line of the dark color and help blend it a little bit with the white and
I think this just really gives it a more natural look and you have a little bit
of contrast between the white cotton without it being too high contrast of
the black image itself. So all I have left to do is assemble my card and
incidentally I’ve have dry embossed the piece that I’m holding in my hand right
now with the new tin tile embossing folder. I absolutely love this embossing
folder and I have obviously done that off-camera. So I’m just attaching my
backing piece using dimensionals and now I’m just gonna do my additional
layering then put together my card. So while I finish assembling my card I’d just
like to let you know that to get free card kids to the mail all you need to do
is place a qualifying Stampin’ Up! order and again those details are included in
the description below this video with links to my website and when you get
this particular kit the dry embossed piece will be done for you and I do do
all the die-cutting and punching and dry embossing of pieces for all of my kits.
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  • MamawCindy

    Love your card, love that stamp set and the color lifter made a huge difference in the look of the can. Thanks for sharing!

  • Judith Sigler

    LOVELY card, Melissa! I learn so much with your coloring videos! (For those of us not as talented in the coloring techniques, listening and watching your videos really inspires me to “try it” more often!) I really liked that you used two coloring mediums and agree that the blender lifter added so much to the shading in the water pitcher! Thank you so much for sharing n’ HAPPY STAMPIN’ n’ CREATIN’! :-))

  • Merrilee Mager

    Once again Melissa, you knocked it out of the park. I always learn so much from you. I was thrilled that my card turned out so well. Love the trick with the and color lifter on the water pitcher. You are amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing your talent.

  • Susan Knouse

    Excellent directions


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