Coloring with Regular Priced Colored Pencils!

Hey Guys! For fun I wanted to see what I could
do with regular priced colored pencils. I got them at a store nearby called 5 and below
for about three dollars. The brand name is known as Prang I believe. The set comes in 12 colors
being basically the whole rainbow and brown with black. And two lighter shades of green and
pink. Ok! As I started this out, I wanted to draw something where I could at least use
most of the colors I had. It was a pretty fun challenge because since there was only 12 colored
pencils. I had to experiment shading multiple of them to get to the closest outcome I really
wanted. For example, I had to lightly shade with the orange with a bit of pink and brown
to get the right skin color. Then I went ahead and tried reddish and pinkish hair for fun.
I had also left some white areas as highlights. I felt like choosing a mermaid was the right
fit because they can range in all different colors and it turned out looking pretty cool.
I really liked the grip of the triangular shape of the pencil because it didn’t keep
rolling off of my desk. And then…um…And I didn’t end up using my black folder as usual
because the pencils didn’t really blend since they’re cheap and all, which didn’t leave
much of a pigment mark on my hand. Thank you for watching! And I just wanted to say that
you don’t need expensive supplies to create art. So you can start with anything you have
at home to improve! Subscribe for more.

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