Colour with ‘U’ – Adding Subtle Texture with Pencils for Scrapbook Boutique!

Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
I’m here for scrapbook boutique again today and I have a very clean and simple
card using this modascrap stamp set which is called puppies and it’s the boy
version and it has these really cute images and I thought it’d make it really
great baby card now it’s just kind of quickly show you how I store my there’s
my prismacolor pencils I have them in a tray and then I have them in these that
all their like little plastic storage containers and they have two different
levels in them because what I found is when they were lying down it just drive
me insane trying to get the colors out and when the leads were short if I had
them in like a deep storage container like this lid here once it was sure I am
kind of missed the colors because they would be at the bottom so
by having these little storage containers I can see even the shortest
of my pencils so when we need a color I just basically grab the color family
that I need and I have them all separated into the separate containers
now I haven’t mixed my polychromos and my prismacolor pencils and that’s
purely because they are you know when on creating for design teams and stuff it
does make it easy if I just grab one or the other but it wouldn’t matter if you
just wanted to mix all your pencils in one color family I would probably think
that would work really well too although they are slightly different you can use
them together now what I’m going to be doing today is some prismacolor pencil
coloring and it’s on some smooth white cardstock so what I normally do on the
smooth white cardstock is actually use the gamsol to blend it out and make it
all smooth and perfectly sort of blended but today I’m actually just using the
pen so itself and by doing some very light
coloring and lots of layers of color I it kind of gives you a real subtle sort
of textured effect so obviously if you wanted a more textured effect then you
could easily use a watercolor cardstock which has like a
light texture would be fun too now I’m not sure if you noticed but I my kind of
the shorter pencil that I have here I just have a pencil holder that I’m using
as a pencil extender and I will link to one that is made by prismacolor this is
just one that I already own and it comes in really handy when your pencils are
short just gives you a lot better control so of course I’m going to list
all the colors that I use today over at my blog and I’ll be back when all of that’s
done I’m also going to fussy cut these little critters out right up to the very
edge but I won’t make you sit through that today I’ll be back real soon and the other thing that I like to do is
come in at the end with gray pencil sometimes even a black pencil just
depending on the depth of color that I want or the shadows that I want and add
the shadowing to my images so I’ve actually just used a dark gray today and
use that on all my images to add the shadowing it’s a really easy technique
so my sentiment comes from the same set it’s a long sentiment so I just wanted
to be easier to use my Misti I’ve got some onyx black ink and I’m stamping it
directly onto the front of a top fold landscape card and what’s really left to
do is to add my little critters to the card I thought this would make a really
cute baby card it looks nothing like what I originally planned I was going
for a more sort of traditional layered design paper or stamp my own design
paper but just once at all once I colored these up I just nothing really
seemed to work so when that happens I just used my old tried-and-true and go
back to a really clean and simple design I’ve popped up a couple of the images
and I did extend the line on the sentiment just with a copic multiliner
and as a final touch I did also stamp out one of the little heart images from
the set I just thought that that crocodile alligator? I think that it
needed to be holding something it’s hands we’re just floating in mid-air so
it got a little heart stuck on with a mini glue dot and that’s
my finished car for today I’ll link all the products below so head
to my blog if you want to find out more information until next time
happy papercrafting bye


  • ros hodgkins

    Love this card, I never enjoyed colouring in as it was sort of a horrid thing as I was a sickly child, but when I turned 60 I decided to have a go, so I’ve a bunch of alcohol pens, and this month I bought myself 60 of the zig clean colour pens, and my granddaughter (2nd one ) we are playing with them when she comes to visit. Looking forward to properly having a go once this cold snap goes. Who knows might even get some pencils too. X Ros

  • Christine H

    Total cuteness and the animals look great on the white. Yet another company to check out! 😆

  • Glenis Lyon

    Soooo cute!!!

  • Barb Ghig

    Super CUTE card, Therese! I always enjoy watching you color 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your storage ideas for colored pencils…I think I'm going to CASE your idea!

  • dee wilkes

    I too thoroughly enjoy watching you colour. I have learned so much. Of course during that time I’ve absolutely had to acquire Copic & Altenew alcohol pens, Zig pens, Prismacolor pencils, watercolour pencils so that I might practice your techniques and improve my skills. I am quickly running out of storage space, but I’m having fun and always look forward to your videos.

  • Audrey Shaw

    Awww!! Very cute and more colouring, brilliant :o)

  • Lori U'ren

    So cute, the heart was perfect! I love to use pencil colors on water color cardstock, love the texture of it!

  • Eveline van Heijst

    Cute card.

  • Sherri C

    So cute….i need to make a baby boy card tomorrow, thanks for the inspiration

  • francie r

    What a great idea for storing pencils! Thanks! Hugs 😉

  • Beth Holt

    Those images are adorable!

  • Linda Gorun

    What an adorable baby card! Your coloring is perfect and adds subtlety to this creative but simple card. Love it; love listening to your soothing voice!

  • Cynthia Clark

    So cute!

  • Lindy Mac

    so sweet

  • Lori Elder


  • wendy Scarrott

    Super gorgeous, that heart completes it beautifully!

  • Lisa Ainscough

    I so adore watching you colour. I find it oddly tranquil, even at warp speed.
    I love my prisma colour pencils so much but I can't mix them up with other pencils.
    I've been struggling to find a storage solution and I love you idea.
    Currently I have a foam block with holes punch in it. It came with my new glass desk but it only holds 96 pencils.
    First world problems.
    The animals and your card are so very cute.

  • CraftingMyWorld

    Adorable! I love that you use pencils as I don't have Copics – only pencils!

  • Ruth Andrews - Crafting While the Baby Naps

    Love pencil colouring. So very satisfying to watch and do. An adorable scene. Now I need to look up that company! Xx

  • Le Scrap de Ghis

    Trop trop mignon.

  • Cathy B

    Cute love your coloring TFS

  • cindy Lagrou

    So adorabel 🙂

  • TheInkinGardenSpot

    super cute card! i just love your videos and your style of creating. off to buy this stamp set. 🙂

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Love how you store your pencils. Really adorable card!!!

  • Frances Arhipoff

    Beautiful colouring as always but all I could think of was the lion had no front legs


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