how pretty. Turn on the lights!! Hi guys!! Welcome once more to this channel and a new video today I bring you a dv challenge video those videos that you like so much and we are going to do a neon art Neon art challenge the lights like this look pretty i like the lights like this Well let’s stop fooling ourselves and get with videos it turns out that my friend TradaArt mentioned me to do this great challenge and Of course you know that in this channel we are not afraid and we do every challenge and stay attentive beacuse while doing this video I made a great fail in this video I want to show you how to make this challenge I think you would learn from my mistake Lets get started. For the ones that don’t know what this challenge is about is making a drawing that looks like neon lights and making it with pencil colors everyone can do it! the only thing you’ll need are pencil colors I’m going to use the Prismacolor Premiere, a black paper using this one and a white pen. I have various options Sharpie camping of oil paint, gel pen white and the posca pen with any of the 3 you’ll be fine so having all of these materials the only ones that we need. What’s missing is start working Starting with pencil for the sketch. It doesn’t show up as much but you can kind of see it and start sketching a minion Why did a choose a minion? well, we cannot draw Goku in all the challenges i like the minions! banana banana haha once the sketch done, the first step is making a thick line with the color you may like. Something to keep in mine is every color you would choose you need 2 tones, one darker and one lighter you’ll know the reason why soon. The first lines we´ll make is with the lighter tone for example, I choose for the body yellow for clothes blue and for shoes red and the glasses purple. I know they aren’t purple but I wanted the drawing to look colorful I started to make all the outline and then I notice that the colors weren’t looking very bright as I’m used to seeing the prismacolors it was looking boring, was difficult to show up the colors, and I didn’t like it But I also kept going to see if it will start looking good I finish the outline and the second step is taking the darker tone and define smoothing it out with the previous color for example, in the yellow and taking the darker yellow and blend the lighter color to the darker, blending it to the black Is not that difficult, imagine a neon light that starts in the lighter color and blending into the darkest one We’re going to do that with every line and every color. But guys the colors weren’t looking bright and I start to panic I can’t believe that I’m making this drawing and I cannot make the video Or the video that I’m going to upload is a piece of *** You guys would not like it. Me, being positive the finale step is the one that will bring what is missing the final step, is using the white gel pen Start to make a line in the center in the line of the colors we made and that started to look even worst It was something that I wasn’t expecting something was taking control of me something was taking control of me This drawing I’m not going to break it but up to this point minion Is something that I don’t want and we have to do it better You know why that colors didn’t show up? comment right now the paper I was using the cardboard was very smooth and the colors didn’t show up enough If you’re going to do this challenge, buy a black paper with a pore texture We’re going to the store to buy that paper there was a long line at the store. And here we have the paper that we need I don’t if you can see the paper has a slightly pore texture I would show to you the paper I was using before completly smooth. Lets make a test, so you can see. the paper I was using and the one I bought know, we test the smooth one that’s how it looks. Now the new one and that is how it looks I tested with every color and in the smooth one looks opaque, in the new one looks bright we’re looking forward to that if we want to make a drawing that looks like neon lights the tests has ended and we are going to make this challenge Minion: “Are you going to draw me again?” What? Look for your materials and lets make it together together If you try this out, send me a picture of your drawing to my social media facebook, twitter or instagram Is time to make a good drawing for this on I started to make a unicorn dedicated to all the girls that watch my videos I use various colors like blue, yellow, orange, pink, green I was happy, making the lighter lines I was happy to see the colors as bright as I wanted With the first outline I love it From that it started to look neon already I was happier because before I was kind of sad After having the first outline we went to the second step is blend that color to the outside with darker color this is very simple you start pressing lightly and every time you come far from the first line you let go a bit the pencil for the coloring to look very light to blend in with the black paper I don’t know why I talk with echos Is a pretty easy challenge to make, compare to others that I’ve made in the channel if you don’t have the right materials could be a problem as something as easy as the paper. After blending the color. From this step is now looking neon but it was missing the detail that is going to give the spark is the white gel pen this time I did not use posca so I use this one the Sharpie I showed you at the beginning is oil paint and it work very well I had to pass the marker 2 times, the first time didn’t look as white. but the second one look way opaque and the unicorn looked very pretty! had spectacular colors. Director lets see how this unicorn looks now I like it very much but I’m wondering how does it look with the lights off lets see it someone took it away. Minion: “i’m glad” one two three, off it doesn’t show up turn on the lights because we don’t see anything now it looks pretty! the blue is green yellow to red also in the front I have a light changing colors if we turn it off, It looks like this Look how it glows I think is a fun challenge and a drawing that would look very good in your room possibly next week I’ll be filming the second part! Guess the age of the cartoonist A video that I made with your drawings where I have to guess your ages according to the drawing send me your drawing to my social media in this type of challenge videos. We always challenge another person. This time i’m going to challenge Arte Master and Dani Hoyos you heard it, you have know a challenge. Good luck go to one of their videos and tell them that I have challenge them and well guys! thats everything for this video! I hope you liked it You know what to do! Give a huge thumbs up and tell me in the comments if you want a second episode of this challenge and what would you like to see me drawing When you say “Harold draw whatever is because now I have a reference” remember you haven’t see my best or my worst drawing so subscribe if you aren’t and see you guys in the next one! I went through all the video with this sticker in the shirt like if you notice!

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