CONCEPT, SKETCH, & COLOR, ALL IN ONE HOUR!? | Filling a Spread in My Sketchbook

Not everyone has a million years to
spend drawing everyday. I thought it would be a fun challenge to sit down and
see what I could draw in only one hour (that’s two [fingers]) one, one hour! let’s open my
sketchbook and see what happens!! ♪ I’ve got a stopwatch right here I’m gonna hit
start and then I have one hour to draw pretty simple let’s go and I also have absolutely no idea what- okay wait it started so I actually didn’t
actually stop and think about what I wanted to draw so I’m just going to
loosen up I haven’t drawn at all today let’s just kind of just draw really
loose and squishy because what I like to do with the spread (eek, I have no time to talk)
what I like to do the spread it’s got sketch ideas here and then draw the
final thing there if I’m going to draw something with a little bit more effort
otherwise I just like drawing sketches everywhere — I always get lost in the hair
I’m like what kind of hair do I give her I don’t know I’m always playing with my style I think I’m kind of settling on a very cartoon
sort of large ears but with like normal-sized eyes to a point I mean
obviously it’s stylized so it’s not going to be realistic proportions here alright so now I need to kind of make some decisions if I’m going to just draw a
regular old boring character or if I want to add something a little bit more
fantastic because right now I’m just sort of like letting my hand draw what it
wants it’s not being very creative it’s kind of just using that muscle memory
and drawing like a mash-up of all of the things I’ve drawn or tend to draw and
when it comes to like coming up with new ideas that’s one you have to like really
let your brain work a little harder for me at least yeah not crazy about this
but I only spent four minutes on it so what can you expect? I think I want to
try and like go somewhere completely different maybe we could work on either
like a side profile maybe even pretty detailed hmm not sure everything just
feels really boring and maybe that’s the whole ‘rushing thing’ — you really shouldn’t
rush yourself but maybe I’m kind of tackling this the wrong way instead of
like rushing to come up with a good idea I should be taking my time and just
enjoying that one hour that I have to spend but at the
same time like “I kind of want to draw something interesting” oh here we go
what if someone who has like dark black fiery hair and like their eyes are dark
black too this is just coming out of nowhere but I want to see what it looks
like I think I have like a black brush pen here kind of like try and draw some like
fiery shapes I like the mix of kind of like cutesy large ears with the darker
hair and by darker I don’t mean like black I mean more sinister maybe a more
dynamic pose kind of like the one hand in front I’ll need a reference for this
I kind of want her like head dipping down a little bit so we can like add
some dark shadows underneath the eyebrows – this is a much more
dynamic pose if the hands like — the thumb would be… like this interesting looking
shape I’m gonna curl the fingers a little bit more than I physically seem
to be able to do myself I think that’ll help exaggerate the claw
likeness of the hand okay that’s… I like the thumb, the thumb worked out so this
is the palm, we use this kind of like a rectangle you know the thumb is in that
section then we kind of fill that in so there we have the thumb actually this is
more like this shape then the pinky is actually like right here I’m looking at
it a little bit of a different angle then you could probably see actually
that might be helpful if I look up at the viewfinder here draw the like the
simple french fries first try to get them all in the right shape before you
go in and add too many details then we also need these kind of lines oh now I’m looking ahead again I realized that the thumb is in the wrong
place let me try and move that up how’s this looking? is it looking like a
hand that is doing this? it’s not terrible – I think we improved from my first attempt
Grab that black brush pen again, draw our little demon — OooOO! maybe she’s-just bring
the eyebrows down a little bit more in the center of the face
might make her look a little bit more angry, I want a keep the kind of
”cutesy” features definitely want to practice a little bit more she’s gonna
need some kind of outfit so I’m gonna have to move on to this page let’s see
what about a pose where she’s like looking upwards? I’m just gonna use like
dots and everything for the facial features try and get a different
angle I don’t want her to be that voluptuous she’s kind of-I’m picturing
her being very kind of like thin where you can kind of see the bone structure a
little bit and try that I don’t know I’ve never really drawn anything like
that so that’ll be interesting I’m gonna move the mouth up this way well she shouldn’t be that happy — oOoo! unless we bring the eyebrows like way down like
this interesting and these arms are down.. I’m gonna make the arms like really
skinny kind of like pronounce the bone structure darken up under her eyebrow
there I could go ahead and just make her full-on skeleton – I’m just trying to
really like cut in anywhere that it would be fleshy and just remove
it this really isn’t the direction I want to go, I’m losing that cutesy that
I liked the contrast between the cutesy and like the dark hair so I don’t think
I want to go this route but it was an interesting thing to experiment with lets try
again (woop, gotta hold onto the pencil) I’m almost halfway through the time and
by 30 minutes I kind of want to have my idea down at least let’s give her a big
round eyes deep black we could give her like a little bit of a zombie nose here
with their big ears and turn the body this way looks like a Captain Marvel
pose there are all these extra legs down here don’t think she needs more than one [pair]
-I mean could give her more than one leg, be kind of interesting: what if she
had like a section back here extra legssss its ant-like almost — this is so weird and unlike
what I usually draw I don’t know if it’s the time limit that’s like freaking me
out and making me draw weird things or I’m just in a weird mood right now and then for clothes, we can give her something that’s like kind of zombie-deteriorating this one can end around the knee and then this leg maybe right at the ankle, a
nice fashionable length very very interesting page limitations here and then
try and keep a sketch inside here and see if I can kind of come up with an
interesting pose if I want to like do a final illustration angry eyebrows give
her a little bit of a slouch see how that looks cuz right now, i’ve only drawn
her pretty confident so I want to try something else The hair is kind of not
coming upwards as much and it kind of loses that smokiness we could go back to
that sort of idea Hey so then we have all this extra space for
that dark hair and it can kind of like almost engulf behind the hand [thinking tongue clicks] this is
fun cuz I don’t usually do foreshortening
and it could be really fun to practice that oOooo what if the clothes are kind
of like giving off bits too
[smacks paper with pencil] kind of like she just came out of a fire and her
clothes are all singed and like blowing away into dust[/ashes] yeah I think this one
will be a lot of fun it’s kind of like going off that first idea but if I
hadn’t done these few ideas I wouldn’t know what the outfit would look like so
kind of happy with that I’m gonna just grab nice A5 sheet of paper,
look we’re right at the halfway part this is perfect actually let me do this so
I can see better so we can see the thumbnails that I want alright so I got
an A5 sheet of paper and I’m gonna start sketching out that idea I kind of think
I wanna– do I want to like turn the page? here a little like this? it’s kind of
interesting so then she’s got standing diagonally it’ll make it a little bit
more dynamic so her head would be like here and that
hand would be right here the fingers the fingers. aright that hand definitely looks a
little bit more [growls] this one’s kind of just like hey [waves] and that’s not what I’m looking
for although we can kind of leave that there
so I know where everything’s gonna be actually I don’t want to erase that yet, let
me make sure we have room for everything kind of like put in the body here, lay
down that ugly groundwork -should try to make sure everything is where it
needs to be before I start adding in the details hmm something’s different here i’m missing the thumbnail …well I think the hands farther away from the face
which makes it look a little bit less in your face so if we move the hand over to
the left a little like here maybe now it’s too low… gosh darn it okay I have to really pay attention to that thumbnail because it looks pretty good
there and I want it to be spot-on here let’s see like here? in the distance just
draw really light in case I have to erase it again there’s my very simplified hand it’s
really big I don’t know if I maybe went overboard but I’ll take it I’ll go back
to that powerful stance I somehow lost the diagonal-ness that I wanted got a
lot of space over here I don’t know if I should fill it in with a lot of like the
wispies..? ooOoo like smoke? wait-a-minute! something like this, she’s standing in
that smoke spent a lot of time coming up with the idea we’ll see if we
can get this done try and get this smokey shape maybe it’ll fit the vibe I’m
looking for more if it like kind of like gets down to nothing really fast like
it’s very thin see now it’s kind of distracted with the hand so maybe I
should try and avoid the hand completely that’s not bad I kind of like that weird
shape a little bit of cute, with a little bit of sinister not like an out of my
comfort zone amount, but like a cutsey amount just like limited little: “I’m
trying something new” amount kind of digging it there’s a lot of white space
here I’m thinking it’s almost like she’s one with the smoke I’m gonna grab a well….
maybe I want to go a little lighter, I also have some lighter grays in my Copic
markers but I’m gonna start with this Cool Grey 04 and kind of fill in some
of the sections I want to be dark black see know that it looks pretty dark
compared to the white paper, so that’s a good place to start in case we want to
like layer the tones, I’m also gonna fill in the hair too how much time we
got left? we are alright I’m not doing too bad not too worried about the graphite only
because this is a grey and like getting grey on your gray graphite isn’t gonna
make that big of a deal in the long run but if you don’t want those pencil lines
to show through because once you color over them it will be permanent, you won’t
be able to erase it so erase the ones that you don’t want to show through and you
should be good but if you’re using like a color especially yellow make sure the
graphite is completely erased I do want to erase a little bit more here actually
I’m probably going to use my heavy duty eraser really making sure these
disappear kind of like it it looks like a ponytail but also like whimsical go
ahead and use fine liner for the facial features outline them that way I can
erase the graphite – oOoo we only have 15 minutes left I think I need to kick my
butt in gear here – let’s just outline everything else and then this hand
oh I never went over it again oh well we’ll just have to take it for what it
is it’s not bad because I drew it so many times but I feel like I could have made
it better, ooOoo I’m running out of time I’m gonna go to the next darkest color and color in these spots here, I need
something behind this oh we got like 12 minutesleft? I’m not doing my best
job of getting that even but it’s alright
not sure didn’t really plan this out what colors are going where move back to the cool gray 04 these are Ohuhu brush markers by the
way lightly erase this so that the graphite doesn’t smudge fill this in putting down so much ink so fast I’m
starting to smell the alcohol oOooo I kind of want to fill in the hands dark – is
that kind of weird? try grabbing this darker color and
darkening up the edges of this kind of trying to hide some of that lineart switch back to the
lighter one particles everywhere! [mouth fart every time
she touches the marker to the paper] I like there to be like a messy amount of just
dots I feel like it makes everything look a little better we got like
eight minutes left here add some smaller bits and also darken up the end of the
hair darken up the eyes too I might actually just grab the black
marker and fill in the eyes that’s actually something I did wanna do I’ll grab this one lighter
color just color in underneath I’m also gonna darken up cuz we have another five
minutes here the hands kind of like they were dipped in something if I had more
time I think I’d add a whole nother layer of smoke behind her oh I didn’t
realize I had this lighter gray could use that for the under the eyebrows bit well you live and you learn I try to add some smoke behind here not
sure if these are all that visible I feel like it adds a little bit more
atmosphere to the background hmm we still have four minutes left – what do I want
to do? might darken up the top of the pants and then have them get lighter as
they get closer to the smoke I want this one and this one darken up up here grab
this guy and blend it out — I’m also gonna take the black since I did that dumb
lineart thing just try to hide that even more blend it out OHHHSHOOT!!!
wrong one no no no no no wait well it’s gonna be a little darker then… they all look the same it’s hard to tell I wanted this one see how I can blend out
even that the mid-tone whoopsie daisies I think I’ll do the same thing here with
the black even though this doesn’t have the line art problem blend it out i’ll grab
this lighter one, blend it out and voila I might even – we still have two minutes left grab a darker color for the tips of the
fingers blend those out a bit alright we have one minute left is there anything I
still want to do to this?? particles 30 seconds left! I don’t know I don’t think
I really want to do anything else. I also feel like giving up with 20 seconds left is
cheating [getting down to the wire] 3.. 2.. 1!!!! woo!! [happy new yearrr!!] we made it all the way around 1 hour stop that guy okay I gotta go admit I doubted myself like maybe at the
20 minute mark that this would actually happened but look at this I grabbed a
whole new sheet paper was able to do like almost like a nice final
illustration I’m glad I kept it to grayscale or I might have gotten a
little bogged down with colors but we drew all of this and this final illustration
all in one hour i’m a little proud of myself. I was
definitely rushing myself at the beginning and I kind of had this memory
of when I did the 10 minute 1 minute 10 second challenge and I realized you have
a lot more time than you realize just because there’s a timer ticking doesn’t
mean you need to speed up so just take your time and you can come up with
something that looks respectively good anyway I thank you guys for watching I
hope you all enjoyed or drew along and it just goes to show you you can draw
something with only one hour you don’t have to spend three to eight hours a day
drawing to be able to you know find time to draw (that goes without saying)
anyway Thank You Guys for watching, I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a
delicious evening full of waffles! bye! ♪ [cutlery clank]


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