Content Design Meetup

Hello, my name is Sarah Richards. I’m the
founder and CEO of Content Design London Tonight is our very first ever meetup,
we’ve got 3 talks. We have Hinrich, he’s our lead strategist. He’s going to
talk about how to use journey mapping and then we’ve got Lizzie she’s our lead
on the readability guidelines. Final talk is my talk, accessibility is usability. I
think if you don’t have one you don’t have the other so I’m going to go
through a number of techniques that content people can do to make their
content more inclusive and open it up to a much wider audience.
I’m Lizzie Bruce I’m a content strategist and designer and trainer also. I’ll be
talking about the readability guidelines that’s a project about making a
universal or style guide that’s based in usability evidence so we’ve now got a
new wiki and it’s available for everyone to use as a resource to free. I’m Hinrich and I’m a lead content strategist at Content Design London. I’m talking about
user journey mapping which means we map the steps that the customer or the user
needs to go to when they interact with our product to get to the goal they came
to achieve. So I guess the 1 thing I took away from tonight is that accessibility is usability. I thought that was a really powerful message. Content Design London is the closest thing to a union that we content designers have. It’s great to come here. My takeaway from tonight is just how many people in this country are not being serviced by the content that’s out there. For businesses that is a huge market that they are potentially missing out on. One thing I’m
taking away is a reminder that accessibility is usability. What I really liked was the kind of practical stuff around user
journey mapping and I could actually imagine how we might do it. I thought it was fantastic, people were very engaged People want to build a community because
designers, UXers meet up all the time, We need the same for content. Content design
is about taking what a user will want from you, what your audience wants and
then giving it to them in a way that they expect and in a way that they will
be able to engage really easily

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  • Lizzie Bruce

    Such a great evening! 3 amazing talks and lots of great content chats.


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