Copic Tips and Tricks! – Airbrushing Techniques

Welcome to my video on Copic Airbrush Techniques! I will be going over various materials I use and demonstrating how to use them to create different effects on artwork. For this you will need the Copic Airbrush System and a source of air. For this I am using canned air. For the techniques in this video I will also be using an exacto knife – – drafting tape – – and Graphix-brand Masking Paper, or Frisket Paper. Masking paper and drafting tape are “low tack” and will not leave as much residue on the paper or pull up as many paper fibers. We will be using the knife to VERY GENTLY cut out shapes to “mask” what we do not want to have exposed to the airbrush. IMPORTANT STEP! Make sure you have a very sharp blade on your knife. I replace the blade every 2-3 pieces I make. First we will roughly cut out the masking paper to the size of the piece. Peel off the back of the masking paper and apply carefully and evenly. Now we will use the exacto knife to CAREFULLY cut around the character. Try to avoid cutting into the paper as much as possible. Next, peel off the parts we want the airbrush to cover with ink, in this case the background. I’m using drafting tape to make an interesting design. Peeling off the masking paper to color the character now. Fast Forward! Now I use the same techniques with the masking paper again to make a gradient on the inkling’s tentacle arm. (help I can’t peel it off!) So this time, the gradient will be on the arms and everything else, including the background, is covered. Sweeping motions help with making gradients. Finishing Touches!!


  • Donna Johnson

    Nice job!

  • Courtney Colbert

    what paper do you use when drawing? Also what brand of pens did you use to outline that? :0


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