Corel Painter 2018 Thickpaint

hey what’s up ladies and gentlemen
people of the YouTube universe I’m Corel Painter Master Collin Chan
here to show you the awesome new thick paint brushes in Corel Painter 2018 so
all of these brushes you’re about to see all come stocked in Corel Painter feel
free to pause the video at any moment and look at the top left hand corner
because you can see what brushes I am using specifically the beauty about
Corel Painter is that there is a lot of stock brushes and the stock brushes that
I’m using are the ones that I like and I’m pretty sure you guys are able to
find in the library brushes that are going to suit your needs and wants now
keep in mind everyone has a different approach in how they create their
artwork and this isn’t a step-by-step tutorial on how to paint I believe all
of you have a little Corel Painter master so right about now it’s about
that time to drop some of that thick paint when using any thick paint brushes
it will give a new layer automatically and now you can move that thick
paint layer wherever you want one thing cool about all thick paint is
that pressure-sensitive so as you can see the harder I push or the lighter I
push it moves the paint accordingly now the variety of thick paint brushes
that are offers are outstanding let me name you a couple of them you got Grainy scraper heavy textured pallet knife real bristle oil filbert and my
favorite paint tube so if you’re wondering why that’s my favorite it’s
because now I’m capable of doing what I do traditionally digitally which is
squeezing paint from the tube onto the canvas now my painting is coming to an
end and what I want to leave you guys and gals with is that just because the
tool is named one thing doesn’t mean you’re unable to make it do another for
instance right now I’m using a blending tool to make drips of paint so Im Collin Chan thank you for your time and dont forget to try out Corel Painter 2018


  • ScrappinNavyWife

    So so so so so awesome. 😎

  • 2WorldsDigiArt

    is there a way to blend after you apply the thick paint if you don't want that thich or we would apply a blend mode? awesome video as always

  • 2WorldsDigiArt

    So to ask another question, I got the 2018 very eager to play with think paint but the blender category on my 2018 doesnt have the water rake blenders is that a corel brush or something you got? the one that makes the drips.Thanks

  • aWildTomAppeared

    what the point in thick paint when you can already use corel painters impasto feature with any brush?

  • cheffia



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