Counting Cars: Ryan and Kevin Watch Their Turbinator Paint Job In Action (S7, E17) | History

[music playing] We’re here at Speed Week
at the Bonneville Salt Flats to check out Turbinator
Streamliner we just finished painting after it
got smashed last year trying to break the record. We’ve been walking
around the flats checking out some
sick ass cars trying to break all kinds of records. But now it’s Turbinator’s
turn with our paint job. I still have not seen this
thing put back together, and I’m dying to
see it finished. Man, I hope it’s just not so
fast that we don’t even see it. RYAN: No, this one,
there they’re just testing it and feeling it out. So I don’t know what speed
they’re going for they’re just shaking it down early. MAN: Oh, yeah, yeah. RYAN: That’s it.
That’s it. MAN: Oh, my god. RYAN: Holy cow. Look at that thing. MAN: Holy smokes. RYAN: Moving, look at that. MAN: Holy crap, man. RYAN: He’s still going.
He hasn’t pulled the shoots yet. MAN: Uh-uh. Amazing. RYAN: It was so smooth. MAN: Right. I got to find out how
fast that was, dude. That was crazy. That sounds like
a plane taking off, like a jet because it
sounds so far behind it. Yeah. Man, that was awesome. I’ve seen plenty of cars race
before, but nothing like this. Watching Turbinator go down the
salt flats with our paint job on it, man, that makes
me feel really good. I can’t wait to see
this thing up close. It was unreal. Hey, look who’s here, huh?
RYAN: Rick? All right. And Eric, this is
the first time I’ve seen it all put back together. This thing is so sleek. When I set out to get
this terminator painted, I had two goals
in mind, to stick to Team Vesco’s
all-American theme, and to make it look fast. I wanted the main colors
to be red, white, and blue, but I added a strip of yellow
as well for the Team Vesco colors, which really
makes it stand out against the salt flats. The main graphic had
to be a bald eagle. But to avoid making it look
like a slow mail truck, I had to put my own
speedy spin on it. So I had Mike work
some mechanical magic. And now this bird is badass, and
ready to soar through the wind, and hopefully take
the Turbinator to 500 miles an hour. Everything you did here on
the side, all that airbrushing. Yeah. All this was in theory,
because the car was up here while I’m painting it.
– Yeah. I had no idea that
it would all really work once it was on the ground. And it really does. I had no idea this
wing was that low. I think it’s six feet longer
than it was in the shop. Yeah, 36 feet is a
little tough to work on. This is the smoothest paint
job we’ve ever had on it. And it’s an eye-catcher. Everybody loves the
Betsy Ross stitching. RYAN: Oh, the stitching? MAN: The stitching. Yeah, that’s cool. RYAN: All in the details. It looks fast. I hope we can make the car
go as fast as the paint job. That’s the trick, you know? So, guys, what is the record? We have the world wheel-driven
International Record, 458. The national record at 427. We’ve redesigned
this one to go 500. That’s the whole goal. It’s going to be a challenge. There’s about 11 cars that have
the capabilities of going 500. So it’s going to be an
interesting situation. We call this
project first to 500. First to 500. My money is on us. I didn’t realize there
are that many cars out here going for that record. One guy says his car gets 550. He’s just jumping way up there. Yeah, he is. But he could do it. Man, Rick, I thank you so much
for giving us this opportunity. This is the biggest
feather in my hat so far. This is great.
Thank you. You bet.
– Yeah. All right, thank you. Let’s get this baby
on the racetrack. After years of being a fan
and reading about Bonneville, it’s like a dream
to actually be here. The Turbinator looked
crazy out there. And I’m so proud of our team. The paint job looked absolutely
stunning on the track. We’ve got to get
back to the shop. And I can’t wait to tell
the guys how she ran. And I tell you
what, every time she goes after that 500 mile an
hour record, I’ll be watching.

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