Crayola Dry Erase Washable Colored Pencil Set, Assorted

Hi, Kim here with and I am very
excited today to introduce to you the Crayola Dry Erase Colored Pencils. That’s right I
said colored pencils for your Dry Erase board. So this will work on any dry erase surface
so whether it’s a melamine, a porcelain or glass doesn’t matter these pencils will work.
So let me show you this is a pencil which is just like coloured pencil you would expect
except for this writes on dry erase boards. Now they will come and sharpen because they
are heat sensitive so try not to leave them out in the heat where they could melt but
there are few things that I love about these pencils. First of all no funky smell, lot
of times if you are working on dry erase boards all day those pens can get overpowering so
this doesn’t smell like anything. You could write with this all day not get a headache
it’s gonna be just fine. The other thing I like about this is if you happen to get these
on your clothes this are Crayola folks they are washable and I love that as a mom. Also
as a mom I like that my daughter can practice her handwriting, her numbers. She can practice
writing overall with something that is the size of an actual pencil instead of those
big fat pens. It’s good for her fine motor skills so that she can get used to holding
and writing with this size utensil. The other thing that we like to do at home is we have
taken just an Avery Peel and Stick Erase Surface Here and attached it to a binder to a make
a homemade I guess lapboard where she can practice her letters and her numbers and hearts
because she is a 5-year-old little girl and as you can see the stuff doesn’t just wipe
off, so she can even if she wanted to come back up here it’s not gonna erase the stuff
that she has done before and if she makes a pretty, pretty picture and accidentally
you rub across it there is no drama. Now in order to get this off really, really simple
you can just use your dry erase marker. You may need to apply just a little bit more pressure
because it’s not like we said like those dry erase markers well if you hit it with your
elbow it’s just gone. There is some tackiness here so it’s gonna stick. If you purchase
the crayons it comes with a cloth so you can also just use a cloth to erase. Now my daughter
being a 5-year-old and they have got creative little minds also discovered that if you use
a little water you can wash that off and she discovered it by doing this so I am pretty
sure if just use water in a cloth that would probably work just as well. Now I will tell
you that these are AP Certified nontoxic so if you have some child that likes to do chew
on things that’s okay. If you have any questions on these dry erase markers or anything else
give our awesome team a call here, we would love to talk to you. We know that buying school
products, office supplies sometimes isn’t the highlight of your day but we are sure
hope that talking to us is. We will make it fast and easy and a little bit of chimpy fun.

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  • Jacob Ortiz

    You and Crayon and Markers throughout the video. I think you meant to say Colored Pencils


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