Creality Ender 3 VS Ender 3 PRO – All The Details (PT subtitles)

[Music] hi guys after the assembly videos of the under three and the under three Pro I think it’s time to make a quick video comparing the two printers both look almost the same so what’s different one difference that stands out right away is the print surface on the standard under three and for the early versions you get a glued surface on the heat back for the recent ones you get the same surface but not glued on the back and a few clamps to secure it on the heat bed the pro is equipped with a magnetic print surface and this one is better for two reasons the first is because it’s much easier to remove the print when finished you don’t need to force the bed or use spatulas to take the print out when you do that you will stress the bed and mess with the bed leveling and the y-axis wheels that’s why I end up using painters tape the second is that you don’t need to use paper clamps and that will allow you to use the entire bed size the announced print area on both models is 220 millimeters by 220 millimeters that can be seen on the stickers but the heat bed size is actually larger the bed size is 235 millimeters by 235 millimeters and you can mechanically reach that length if you use the clamps to secure the print surface on the standard version you need to take these into account to prevent a nozzle to crash on to them the bad thing with the magnetic surface is just the max temperature allowed if you need to use temperatures higher than 80 degrees C on the bed the magnetic properties will eventually be lost another difference is the location of the memory card slot and a USB connector on the standard enter 3 they are on the bottom side on the under 3 Pro they are located on the top side and the card is inserted upside down this is because of the way they installed the board inside on the under 3 you can access the board from the top side [Music] [Music] while on parole you access the board from the bottom side it’s actually easier to access the board on the standard under 3 but with the pro you get the cooling fan underneath which prevents dirt and filament to breeze from getting in on the pro I have the board with version 1.1 point 3 but there are no major changes from the 1.1.2 of the standard enter 3 other difference is the y-axis profile the standard and the 3 uses a 20 by 40 profile while the pro uses a 40 by 40 profile a wider profile means more stability for the y-axis carriage also on the frame I notice that the standard has only two screws securing the crossbeam while the pro has four screws securing the crossbeam the power supply on the pro version is different from the standard three you can actually see the difference in size from my printers the standard Enders power supply is bigger in size when compared with the pro the standard and your three uses in 24 volt 15 and power supply the pro uses a 24 volt 14.6 and power supply but this one is a meanwhile which is a superior power supply I compared the time that both take to heat up the bed up to 60 degrees C and the pro reach the set temperature a few seconds faster while printing both were able to maintain the temperature stable the same way both use the same yellow xt60 connector for the main power at the back side this connector can handle the demanded current but many users had issues with it I don’t have any issues so far with this connector on both printers but this is something I recommend everyone to keep an eye on and fix if needed both models have the same hot end configuration and also the same cooling capability they also have the same extruder – I was hoping that the pro would have the extruder position fixed so that filament would not touch the lead screw but it’s the same the firmware is also different between both printers on the standard and ER 3 we don’t have many options to play with but most important you don’t have the option to adjust exploration jerk and step values on the pro you have all these options so you can adjust acceleration jerk and step values however the pro same as the standard and the three you don’t have the thermal protection enabled so you are forced to flash the firmware to have the thermal protection feature in terms of print quality I haven’t noticed any difference both print exactly the same and the print results are exactly the same so as far as I can see the pro does not bring any improvements to the print quality the price difference between the two is currently around 100 dollars so I wonder if this price difference is worth it what do you guys think about this that’s it you guys thanks for watching as always keep following us here on YouTube Facebook Instagram and Twitter if you like our work and wish to help you can with pay Paul and Pedro we will see you guys next time bye


  • David Urdahl


  • bfnut

    Rui, when you state @ 5:30 that the firmware is different it's not true fore the later ones since I have the Ender 3 as of September and it has jerk, acceleration and steps ?
    Keep up the good work and a Happy 2019?

  • Asger Vestbjerg

    Thanks for sharing??

  • Michel Bricole :D

    Good comparison!
    Have a happy new year 🙂

  • Максим Козловский

    Hi Rui, which will be best to bye for home use this Ender 3 pro or Tevo Flash in dual z variation? in your opinion

  • scott murphy

    man i need that new x axis pulley assembly. My ender doesnt have that one.

  • Tony Welch

    I wouldn't say that the price difference is worth it. Great pretty for sure though. Have been recommending it to friends and a few have already purchased.

  • Bruno Lima

    Ótimo vídeo!

  • Jindra B

    hello your video will really help me decide which model is the right one. Thank you!

  • ROMEO 12

    how about the sound of printing is the standard is annoying?


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