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– [Instructor] Let’s take a
look at how to use Paint 3D to turn a photograph into a greeting card. Now, we’re going to start
off with a photograph. So I want to insert an image. So I’m going to go over to Menu, and let’s go ahead and Insert. And then in my Exercise Files folder, I should have a file called Charlotte.jpg. So I’m going to go ahead and open that up, and this is Charlotte. And so we’re going to be
working with this picture. Now when you bring in a photograph or any other type of image, it will give you the option to crop. So once we have this in, it
will select it as a 2D image. And let’s go ahead and select Crop. And this makes our document the
same size as the photograph. So the first thing I want to do is, let’s go ahead and bring
in some 3D elements. I want to start off with,
say, a birthday cake. So I’m going to go into my Remix 3D menu, and let’s go ahead and just search. I’m going to type in the word Cake, and let’s see what comes up. Well, down here I have one from Microsoft called Birthday Cake with Candles. And I’m going to go ahead and select that. And as you can see, it’s a very nice cake. So let’s go ahead and just
place that in our project. So I’m going to go ahead
and click right there. And it goes ahead and loads the cake. And as you can see, it
comes in a little bit big, but we can size it down
to Charlotte’s size. So I’m going to go ahead and rotate it so my candles are the way that I want. And then I’m going to rotate it again to get the perspective right. And now, I’m just going to
place this in here temporarily. We’ve got a few more things to do, so I don’t want to completely
finish this just yet. Now because Charlotte
is the birthday girl, let’s go ahead and place a
birthday crown on her head. So again, I’m going to go into Remix 3D. And when we’re in there, let’s go ahead and just
type in another term. We’re going to type in the word Crown. And a whole bunch of
different crowns show up. And the one I like is this one here. Now of course, you can
choose any one that you want, but I’m going to select this one. It seems to match the cake. And let’s go ahead and
again place this in project. Now when we do, it again comes in. And I will need to scale this down. And let’s go ahead and try to get this onto Charlotte’s head. Now, the problem with this is that Charlotte is still a 2D image. She’s locked to the canvas of the scene. So if we view this in 3D, you’ll see that well, my
crown and my birthday cake are actually in front of the scene, and Charlotte’s really just a flat image. In order to get the crown
to fully sit on her head, I need to kind of place
it partially behind her so that she kind of
cuts it down the middle. So we can do that using Magic Select. So I’m going to go ahead and
select the crown and the cake, and let’s just move these off
to the side just for a bit. So that way, we can focus
on cutting Charlotte out from the background. So I’m going to start off
by going into my Art Tools and going into Select. And we’re just going to draw
a simple box around Charlotte. Now, what we want to do is
do a Magic Select of her so we can bring her out
from the background. So I’m going to press
the Magic Select button. And when I do, you can see
that it darkens the background and then gives me a cyan-colored line around what it thinks I wanted to select. Now, it pretty much got everything we want except for these two little spaces. But we can fix that by
using the Add and Remove to refine this cutout. So I’m going to go ahead into Remove. And let’s go ahead and
just left-click and drag, and draw a rough outline
around the edge of her body. Now this doesn’t have to be perfect, because Paint 3D does find the edges. And when we let go, as you can see it found the edges very nicely. Now down here towards the bottom, you can see that we want to
get under her armpit here, but we still want to get her feet. So I’m going to go ahead
and draw this here, and then kind of cut around
her little foot there, get to her belly, and again
cut around her toes there. And again, we’re removing
this part of the equation. Now I didn’t quite get her feet, so I’m going to go ahead and
add that in just a little bit. And there we go. So now I’ve got Charlotte’s
body pretty much isolated. And so once we’ve got
this, we can select Done. And when we do, it turns
her into a 3D object. Now, we can see this by
going into View in 3D. And as you can see, it’s cut
her out from the background. And this is great because
now we can place the crown the way that we want. So I’m going to go ahead
and select my crown, tilt it back just a little bit, and let’s go ahead and place it there. And we can move it back now and forward so that it sits on her head. And again, I’m going to
go ahead and adjust this, maybe scale it down a little bit. Do a little bit of a rotation here, get a bit of an angle on it. And as you can see, when we go into 3D, the crown is basically
halfway in back of her and halfway in front of her. And that gives us that illusion that the crown is actually on her head, even though she’s only a 2D cutout. So I’m going to go ahead
and move my cake back. And let’s go ahead and do one more thing. Let’s go ahead and add in Happy Birthday. So I’m going to select my Text menu. And I want my Happy Birthday to be in a fairly bold
font that’s fairly bright, that will stick out
against the background. And I want it to be in 3D, so that way I can manipulate
it a little bit more. So I’m going to select 3D Text. And let’s go ahead and
find a font that we like. Now, my font list may be
a little bit different than what you have, but I’m using a font
called Showcard Gothic. I’m going to make the font
fairly big, let’s make it 72. And I’m going to center it. And then I’m also going to select a color. So I want to select a
fairly bright color here. So I’m going to select a green color. And let’s go ahead and
click and type Happy. And when I left-click off of that, it is now a 3D object. Now if I want it to be
a little bit bigger, I can certainly do that. I can angle it however I want. Another thing I can do is
I can tilt it a little bit. Because this is a 3D
font, I get that edge. And that might help this pop a little bit more from the background. And I’ve got it running into
this crown a little bit, so I’m going to go ahead and push it back so that it’s slightly behind the crown and that we can still read it. So we’ve got a little bit of overlap, but we can still read the text. Now let’s do the same thing for Birthday. Now, I’m going to go ahead
and select this again. And this time, let’s give
it kind of a light blue or a cyan sort of color. And let’s type in the word Birthday, and let’s add an exclamation point. And again, click off of it,
turns it into a 3D object. And again, we can scale this
up or down however we want. We can tilt it forward or back so that it has a little bit of a relief. If we wanted to, we could
also rotate it this way, straighten it up, and scale it up or down to give it a little bit
more or less thickness. I’m going to go ahead
and move that into place. And as you can see,
it’s on top of the cake, so we need to move it so
it is in front of the cake. And again, I want to make sure
I have a nice positioning here. And there we go. So now that we have this, we can play a little bit more with this by adding in some effects. So I’m going to go ahead over to Effects. And we can add in a filter. Now, some of these filters don’t look exactly the way that we want. But we can always use the default filter and still change the lightning. Now, notice how the lighting
changes on the objects. So if we want, we can adjust the light so that way certain
parts of the scene pop. Now, one thing I’m also noticing is that this crown is
still a little bit dark. But we can change that
by using the Art Tools. So I’m going to go over into Art Tools, and let’s go ahead and select
a brighter color yellow. And I’m going to select my Fill tool, and let’s hover over the
crown and paste it in. So there we go. We’ve got a nice birthday card with some 3D elements as well as 3D text.


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