Create Your Own HVLP Spray Booth for only $125

The following video will show you how to build
an effective spray booth with minimal supplies. First, hang painter’s plastic in your spray
area using painter’s tape. This traps overspray to keep your area clean. Next, install wall
mounted hooks to the wall to hang additional painter’s plastic. Use dry wall anchors
and screws to ensure a strong hold. Depending on your spray booth area, you may
need more than one hook. When the hook is installed, slide a piece of PVC pipe onto
it. This will allow you to enclose your entire spray area when adding more plastic. Since
painter’s plastic is lightweight, durable, and inexpensive, it is a great choice for
this application. After that, grab a sheet of pegboard to place
your print on. Use binder clips or clamps to hold your prints firmly in place. If you
don’t have sufficient overhead lighting, use an additional lamp to light your area. Although Breathing Color’s Timeless and
Glamour II varnishes are non-toxic and non-hazardous, we recommend wearing a mask and safety goggles
when spraying. For the novice sprayer, we recommend the Wagner Control Spray Plus High
Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun. No compressor is needed and cleanup is as simple as running
warm water through it. This can hold enough coating to coat an entire
roll of canvas. It’s easy to set up and very easy to use. Add up all the supplies
used in this video, and the total cost is only about $125. So if you’ve been looking
into spray coating your prints, this type of set up can be done with minimal time, space,
and investment.


  • sqwid

    video sucks as it shows no ventilation only plastic

  • Toastalicious

    i guess thats why the channel is called "breathing color" lol

  • Ngadhnjim Fetiu


  • Šeki Enterijer

    Is this some kind a joke? Who the hell paints a picture with a spray guy what the hell

  • c smith

    Šeki Enterijer: This is a popular method of preserving photos and paintings with a UV resistant coating.


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