Creating a Painterly Photograph in Adobe Photoshop

When I first started Story Art, one of my first projects was to create a painterly image A Story Art piece that was based on a painting so my idea was to reproduce a painting in photography form but make it look like it was still a painting and it’s this one here It’s the ‘Pears Soap piece that is still one of my favorites this one includes my daughter my son, and my little puppy at the time, Buddy Now when I did this one I was first really starting out and I just wanted to learn how to do it How to make it look painterly So used a few different techniques Since then I found a whole lot more that you can do to create an image that looks painterly And I’ve made it easy for you in this tutorial I have included a LUT that will help give you the look that you’re after I’ve included textures that I have hand-painted with oil paints for you And I have taken you step-by-step through how you can take a normal, plain photo And turn into a painting or a painterly image


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